Robert Fisk and The Mullahs

In the recent weeks, Robert Fisk, a famous British journalist, and the Independent’s reporter, was in Tehran. Some know him as an independent and free journalists, but his reports from Tehran showed us the depth of his stupidity and charlatanism. In one of his dreadful reports, on June 27, 2011, Fisk said : “Mr. shit may be forced to resign in the coming weeks as a political crisis far greater than the massive street violence in 2009 [!!!] threatens to overwhelm him and his court favourites in the government”. He added: “Some compare AN’s predicament to that of Ayatollah Montazeri [!!] , the man Khomeini chose as his successor as Supreme Leader – and then abruptly dismissed when Montazeri’s son-in-law was seen to have too much power over him [!!]”. The stupid reporter. Such a big lie. All Iranians know that only the stupid Robert Fisk think in this stupid way ! The story of AN is like Banisadr’s story, not Montazeri’s. The Montazeri’s story is totally different. The stupid Fisk added: “”But Mr. shit maintained his popular support [!!!] by touring hundreds of villages, small towns and cities, from Isfahan and Mashad to Tabriz, in order to create the profile of a “people’s representative” [!!!] rather than that of a distant father-figure. “It was like a US president heading off to town hall meetings in New Hampshire every week [!!!!] ,” one of his supporters told me”[!]” The shameless British bastard. The stupid Fisk pretends ignorance. He knows the truth; He knows how much Iranians hate AN (Mr. shit) and Khamenei. But as Iranians say: “Zendegi Kharj Dare !” [The life needs money; You need to accept the bribe]” . The shameless stupid Fisk added: “Another of the president’s supporters said: “I voted for AN because he stood up for the underclass [!!!] unlike Moussavi’s comrade Mohamed Khatemi who always seemed to be drinking English tea with Jack Straw [!!!] ” The stupid Fish, the British bastard, think that others are as stupid as him and his British friends. The majority of Iranians know that who is the British puppet in Iran, and who drinks English tea with English bastards. Iranians know about the love story of the Mullahs and the BBC. The majority of Iranians know about the love story of Khamenei and the UK; The story of Larijani family – a pro-UK family – and Larijani brothers . The stupid Fisk and other British bastards in the British mass media try to deceive non-Iranians and distort the facts. Some say: “If this sort of journalism and the stupid Robert Fisk, are the symbol of “Free Journalism” or “Western Journalism”, then we certainly would shit on this stupid charlatanism that is called “Journalism”. It shows how pitiful most modern journalism is.”

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