Noam Chomsky’s True Color

In the recent days, The stupid Noam Chomsky tried to criticize his beloved tyrant ‘Hugo Chavez’ , but now he denies his criticism. As we said before, the stupid Guardian said: Noam Chomsky criticizes old friend Hugo Chavez for assault on democracy. But some wise people said: Reading the whole transcript, wed say Chomskys position is much more nuanced than denounces old friend implies . Now the stupid Noam Chomsky confesses, and reveals his true color. In a new interview with a stupid left, Noam Chomsky says: “The Guardian/Observer version [of my interview about Chavez], as I anticipated, is quite deceptive … Q: Do you think Venezuela is less democratic a society today than when Chavez was first elected in 1998? The impression given by the Carroll article is that you believe that the concentration of executive power that has taken place under Chavez has made it less democratic than 13 years ago. CHOMSKY: I dont think so, and never suggested it [!!!]… Q: The way she was treated convinced you of [Venezuelan Judge] Afiuni’s innocence? Chomsky: The letter says nothing about guilt or innocence [!!!] [stupid liars]. It does not address that issue [!!]. Personally, I consider the charges rather weak, but neither I nor the Carr Center are able to evaluate the evidence [!!!]…. It says she has suffered enough violence and humiliation and should receive clemency [!!!]… I should add that criticism made by the US is absurd [!!!]. At this point, for example, Bradley Manning, who has not been convicted, is imprisoned for almost a year, mostly in solitary confinement, which amounts to torture … I know about the president’s health and hope for his full and speedy recovery [!] … In 2009, I spent a couple of hours with him … It was very interesting and informative [!!] … Q: As a defender of Chavez and other leftist governments in Latin America, do situations like this let you down? Chomsky: To say that I am an defender of them is somewhat misleading [!!!]. I am a defender of Latin American independence [!!], [and an enemy of their freedom and democracy] … For the first time in 500 years there have been movements in Latin America [blah blah] …I think that’s very good, and I certainly defend that [!!!]. I think the developments in South America in the last decade are probably the most exciting in the world [!!!!] … Q: In Venezuela, your expectations have been disappointed? Chomsky: I have no particular expectations [!]. I follow with interest what happens [!!] ..I hope they show mercy in the case of the judge [!!!] [who needs Chavez’s mercy and Chomsky’s sympathy?!!] … Was the U.S. was a fascist dictatorship under Franklin Delano Roosevelt? [!!!] He served four terms. Term limits can be debated to be good or bad [!!!], but there are no strong arguments [!!!] ” The stupid bastard, who call you intellectual?


Noam Chomsky is a stupid defender of tyranny and dictatorship. Public opinion should ask him to go and live in Venezuela or Iran. He loves Chavez, Khamenei and their regime, Ok, but why he lives in the US ? Why he lives there and talks nonsense about the f-u-c-k-i-ng situations in Venezuela or Iran? Chomsky should be forced to live in Venezuela or Iran, and then maybe he would be able to understand the real meaning of his bullshits. He behaves and lies like the politicians. Who calls this stupid bastard, Noam Chomsky, an intellectual ? He is a stupid Marxist, and his stupid fans are among the most stupid people in the world. They should be forced to live in Iran or Venezuela. Living in Iran or Venezuela would cure them of their dreadful delusions. It’s so obvious that the US has many serious problems and the American democracy has many serious illnesses and needs serious improvements, but compared to Iran or Venezuela, the US is Paradise. The bastard Chomsky pretends ignorance of the Roosevelt’s case and stupidly compares it with Chavez’s case [1]. And about the Bradley Manning’s case he behaves like Khamenei. Manning’s case is so embarrassing, but we should not forget that Manning was a military man and his case is a military case, not a civil case. Do you know what happens to some one like Manning in Iran or Venezuela ? [2]. All reports about the dreadful conditions of the Mullah’s prison, is about the civil prisons, not the military prisons. In Iran, the military prisoners have not any right, and even the western media don’t speak about them. Using the Manning’s case for justifying the brutality of Chavez or Khamenei is charlatanism . Compared to Iran’s judiciary system or Venezuela’s judiciary system, the U.S. military courts are free, and the U.S. civil courts are Paradise. Noam Chomsky and his fans don’t deserve to live in the US. They should be forced to live in Venezuela or Iran. You should not forget that If the U.S. conditions were like Venezuela’s or Iran’s, Chomsky would be jailed, exiled, or executed. He lives in the US without any serious problem. He can publish his stupid books, can give stupid interviews, can talk nonsense, etc but Iranians should dice with death to write or talk about everything. Many Iranians, including us, ask: “Why he should be free, but we have not any kind of freedom? Why he can freely bullshit us, but we should dice with death to write about his bullshits?” And the Iranian intellects say: “The World has many dreadful problems, but do you know why? It’s not because of its hypocrite politicians, i.e. some one like Obama, Bush, Blair, Sarkozy, Cameron, etc. It’s a common mistake. The World has many dreadful problems because its intellectuals are some one like Noam Chomsky. He and his stupid fans are the fake intellects and the real enemy of Freedom. These psychotic people who think that Chavez, Khamenei, Gaddafi, Assad, etc are hero, because they are the enemy of the US, are like the ultra-stupid lefts in 1930s and later decades, who defended Stalin, Hitler, Nazism, Fascism, and Stalinism against the American Imperialism.” Shame on them all.

[1]The bastard Chomsky doesn’t say anything about the Chavez’s military coup in 1992, and the fact that Chavez is a military man like Mubarak, who wants to be a dictator and a lifelong president/leader like Mubarak, Assad, Bin Ali, Gaddafi, Khamenei, etc . Chomsky pretends ignorance of Roosevelt’s case. Roosevelt was a historical exception in the US history. Roosevelt was elected in a free election, in World War II’s era, and before and after him no American president has had more than 2 terms. But for avoiding any possible problem, after the war the U.S. Constitution changed and the 22nd Constitutional Amendment said: “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice“. In fact, in more than two centuries, members of Congress have proposed thousands of amendments, and 27 have made it all the way to ratification. It’s like a dream for Iranians. The first 12, including the Bill of Rights, were in place by 1804. After the civil war, the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments ratified. The 13th abolished slavery. The 15th gave blacks the right to vote, though it was not widely enforced until the 1960s. The 14th Amendment has often been called a second constitutional revolution because it shifted power from the states to the federal government. Several later amendments dealt with the right to vote. The 19th Amendment said: “Women have the right to vote”. Some amendments were really interesting. The 18th Amendment in 1919, was the ban on alcohol known as Prohibition. But in 1933, the 21st Amendment repealed it. It’s the real meaning of “correcting mistakes in a democratic way”. It’s like a dream for Iranians and many other nations.

[2] As we said before, The condition of Bradley Manning in the military jail is like our condition in Iran. The inhumane conditions of Bradley Mannings detention is so embarrassing and ridiculous . But comparing a civil case with a military case for justifying the Chavez’s tyranny is charlatanism. The Iranian version of Bradley Manning’s case is the 1988 massacre in the Mullah’s prisons . Of course many of the Iranian prisoners were not like Bradley Manning. They were not military men, and their crime was distributing pamphlet or being member of the atheist group. Noam Chomsky insults Manning by using his case for justifying the tyranny. Does Manning defend a tyrant like Chavez? Noam Chomsky shows that he is a real bastard, a real charlatan.

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