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The outside world knows nothing about Iranian actors and actresses. Iran is isolated by the Mullahs and their Western supporters, and is not part of the International community. It has caused a lot problems for all Iranians, including Iranian actors. As we said before, the Iranian female film stars and all Iranian actors had their own weak and strong points. They could be global film stars if the Mullah regime is toppled, but the number of Iranian celebrities who are not Khayemal (ass-licker) are really small, and the majority of this tiny minority are women. Now lets take a quick look at the most famous Iranian actors.

Reza Golzar

Reza Golzar, is the star of 2000s. His fans think that he is a super star. Golzar is not a very bad actor, but his films, like almost all Iranian films in the recent years, are really cheap and nasty. Of course, he and Mahnaz Afshar have some movies with each other that are not as dreadful as other Iranian movies.


Bahram Radan

His fans think that he is “Iranian Leo Dicaprio” !! He and Mahnaz Afshar began their works at the same time and by a very cheap film. But after that Radan tried to learn something. He wanted to become a real actor, but he was not very successful, although he has some movies that are a bit better than his first shitty films.


Actors like Parviz Parastouie, Reza Kianan, Akbar Abdi, Ezzat Entezami, Farhad Aslani, Reza Attaran, Hamid Farokhnejad, Amin Hayaei (8 below pictures), Mehdi Hashemi, etc are good actors but the majority of them are Khayemal (ass-licker). Some of them, like Akbar Abdi and Amin Hayaei, are very stupid and Khayemal, and some of them like Kianian and Entezami are Khayemal, but less than others. And some of them are like Attaran, who was arrested in July 2009, in front of Ghoba Square. He was one of the Iranian protesters in that day.


While many American actors are civil activist or political activist, the Iranian actors are very conservative. In fact, the majority of them are really stupid and uneducated, and others prefer to be silent and are frightened of being arrested. Of course, remaining silent is understandable, but unfortunately many of Iranian actors are opportunists and try to kiss the Mullahs’ ass and think that the people would forget or forgive their shameful acts.


Some of young Iranian actors have been arrested during the Iranian protests. Ramin Parchami is one of them that still is in the prison. And in the recent days, Pegah Ahangarani, a young female actor, has been arrested. Prior to her arrest, Ahangarani had been expected to report on the 2011 Womens World Cup for Germanys Deutsche Welle.


As we said before, the majority of Iranian celebrities have not talked publicly about the Mullah coup and the people movement. And a considerable number of them have kissed the Mullahs’ ass. It’s really shameful. Of course a minority of Iranian celebrities, including some film directors, some theater directors, some play writers, etc have defended the Iranian movement, and some of them have paid its price. It’s so obvious that when the majority of Iranian film makers are stupid and Khayemal, then the Mullah cinema should be bankrupted. In fact, the average number of Iranian cinema goers has reduced to about 250,000 per month !, i.e. less than 0.3% of Iran’s population ! And an Iranian film is seen by about 50,000 viewers ! (the average number of viewers) It’s really one of the Mullah’s miracles and a clear sign of the Islamists’ bankruptcy in Iran.

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