Western Analyst and Syrian Dictatorship

It’s rare to find a westerner activist/journalist that writes about the fake fight between the West and their fake enemies. It’s really a rare event. Barry Rubin in “ The Obama Administrations Favorite Murderous Dictatorship ” writes: ” the Syrian regime has been killing and repressing its people every day for many weeks now. There has been more brutality in Syria in the last two months than in Egypt during decades . Yet the Obama Administration continues to protect the Syrian dictator and do the minimum to criticize him … the latest State Department statement sounds impressive, But in diplomatic context it is nothing: 1. No demand for Assad to leave power. Remember Mubarak? Leave power, now, yesterday was too late to do so . 2. No statement saying: We condemn Syrias government. Instead we get -after so much bloodshed – just deeply concerned !! 3. No specific steps being taken to undermine, weaken, or punish the regime. 4. No link between Syrias repression and its status as Irans ally; Hamas and Hizballahs patron. In other words, theres no strategic perspective or sense of U.S. interests other than purely humanitarian concern.” Obama said Tuesday that Assad was “losing legitimacy in the eyes of his people,” and had missed “opportunity after opportunity” [!] to present genuine reforms. But Obama stopped short of explicitly calling on him to step down.


And in “ Syrian Regime Flak Calls for Mass Murder; West Does Nothing ” Rubin writes: “”The regime in Damascus is carrying out mass murder and calling for more killing yet Western governments still stand by and not only do nothing, they say nothing. Meanwhile, despite an international military assault on Libya, dictator Gaddafi is still there, another sign of Western impotence. Hizballah was allowed to defeat the West by returning to southern Lebanon and smuggling in all the weapons it wanted from Syria. Iran zips along toward nuclear weapon … The fascinating question here is how far things will go and how many people will be dead before there is the beginning of some comprehension that Obama and his advisors are dead wrong while most of the mass media has no idea what its talking about .” Barry Rubin introduces himself as: “director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal”. And for introducing his website, he says: “CrethiPlethi is a non-profit, non-partisan (citizen media) website based in the Netherlands. The purpose of this site is to be a factual information site on Middle East Affairs”.

We are happy that at least some people in the West can see the truth and try to fight against the lie and deception. If more people can see the truth and try to fight against the lie and deception, the fake enemies would not be able to deceive the people as before.

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