Gaddafi’s secret deal with France

July 13, 2011

A day after Gaddafi’s son’s interview about secret talks with France, , Frances Foreign Minister Alain Juppe finally confessed: ‘There are contacts but its not a negotiation proper at this stage [!!!]’ Diplomatic sources said yesterday envoys from Paris and Tripoli have met in Paris, Brussels and Tunisia in recent weeks . They said: “France wants a speedy conclusion to the conflict”. What this really means is that “ Paris is also willing to accept a divided Libya. In fact, Gaddafi tries to stay in power in the Western Libya“, said some western analysts. It can show us that apparently Gaddafi has succeeded in bribing the West. And that huge bribe, that $20 billion, has had its own impact and effect It can show us why NATO was killing the innocent Libyan people and did not allowed the rebels to finish their job. “If we get the order from Nato we can go. We can capture Tarhuga (a town to the east) in two hours. We should move, we want to move. But Nato told us we must stay here” an opposition leader said. Sham on NATO and all western bastards who are the real supporter and friend of the savage dictators. The poor Libyans want to get rid of the savage Gaddafi and to take their fight all the way without negotiating with the savage dictator, but the West tries to impose a dreadful solution on them.


Some analysts say Gaddafi will step down only if he is left with no other options , but appeals for negotiations and secret deals, could be regarded in Tripoli as a clear sign the West’s resolve is weakening, and encourage the savage Gaddafi to hold on longer. In an interview with Le Figaro newspaper on Tuesday, the Libyan prime minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi said “You don’t create democracy under bombs [!] … it doesn’t work like that [!!!]”. After killing about 15,000 to 20,000 Libyans, Mr. savage bastard talks nonsense about democracy and the hypocrite media publish these bullshits. Shame on France, and French media that think the people are as stupid and blind as them. In the recent weeks, Gaddafi’s son has revealed many secrets about the Western hypocrisy. Gaddafi’s son said that Nato wants deal, and now we knew that he was right. The corrupt Western politicians have gained at least $20 billion, because Gaddafi bribed them, and now they try to deceive the people. They think that the world and the people are as stupid as the stupid lefts and their stupid leader Noam Chomsky, and they can deceive the people by using their hypocrite mass media. But the main question is : “Can they succeed in deceiving the people in the information age, the age of internet and digital media ?” We, all, should try to fight against their systematical lies, distortion and misinformation, and their shameful propaganda.

Internet speed in Iran & World

July 13, 2011

In the recent days, the Mullahs are trying to change their filtering system, and the internet speed in Iran is really horrible. The new Mullah filtering system is still new. Not enough data is available. Some people said they try to upgrade their Nokia-Siemens system, and some others said that they try to test a new Chinese system. But their plan and goal is clear: They try to have more control over HTTPS protocol. As we said before, The regime makes use of DPI technology, i.e. Deep Packet Inspection, traffic analysis, eavesdropping (by fake digital certificates, etc), etc to track and trace the users and their activities. And Tor project is really unsafe in Iran . The regime tries to have more control over Tor, VPN, and other encrypted connections. Of course, the new change in the Mullah filtering system is a clear sign of their failure. They have not been able to control more than 40 million internet users in Iran, even by spending multi billions dollar on their filtering system. In addition to using the filtering system, the Mullahs tries to reduce the Internet speed. They have issued an order forbidding ISPs from providing Internet connectivity to homes and public access points that exceeded 128kb/sec. In fact, the speed of the Mullah ADSL service is really horrible; The download speed is between 10kb/sec to 20kb/sec, and the upload speed is between 1kb/sec to 5kb/sec. The report of about the average internet speed in 128 countries shows that the Iran’s rank is 115, less than Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, China, etc

Rank Country Download Speed Upload Speed
1 Switzerland 1057kb/sec 169kb/sec
2 Netherlands 1042kb/sec 238kb/sec
4 USA 1009kb/sec 211kb/sec
5 Germany 955kb/sec 132kb/sec
6 Denmark 877kb/sec 169kb/sec
10 Canada 807kb/sec 106kb/sec (!)
14 France 748kb/sec 128kb/sec
15 UK 715kb/sec 111kb/sec (!)
18 S. Korea 630kb/sec 313kb/sec
24 Japan 540kb/sec 203kb/sec
31 Italy 485kb/sec 57kb/sec (!)
40 Spain 437kb/sec 75kb/sec
44 Thailand 399kb/sec 47kb/sec (!)
49 UAE 346kb/sec 73kb/sec
61 Turkey 263kb/sec 92kb/sec
64 Lebanon 248kb/sec 11kb/sec (!!)
70 China 219kb/sec 110kb/sec
76 Bahrain 204kb/sec 40kb/sec
80 Saudi Arabia 189kb/sec 36kb/sec
87 Tunisia 155kb/sec 55kb/sec
89 Iraq 154kb/sec 56kb/sec
95 Sudan 126kb/sec 21kb/sec (!)
101 Pakistan 106kb/sec 30kb/sec
104 India 98kb/sec 39kb/sec
105 Egypt 95kb/sec 20kb/sec (!)
111 Syria 86kb/sec 43kb/sec
115 Iran 74kb/sec 28kb/sec
121 Maldives 52kb/sec 32kb/sec
128 Cameroon 34kb/sec 16kb/sec

As you see in the above table, says that the average download speed in Iran is 74 kb/sec and the average upload speed is 28kb/sec, but it’s not precise, and is overestimated. The average Internet speed for different services in Iran, with their average monthly price, are as follows :

Service Download Speed Upload Speed Price
Dialup 5kb/sec 1kb/sec 20$ *
64k 7kb/sec 2kb/sec 30$
128K 15kb/sec 3kb/sec 50$
256K 25kb/sec 5kb/sec 80$
512K 40kb/sec 8kb/sec 120$
1000K 64kb/sec 15kb/sec 500$ +

*: for about 50 hours per month. +: the ordinary people can not use this service, and the price is negotiable.

The majority of Iranian internet users experience a very slow internet speed. Their average download speed is about 10 to 20 kb/sec and their upload speed is about 1 to 5 kb/sec, but they should pay a very high price for these stupid services. Whit the money that Iranians pay for these stupid internet services in Iran, the non-Iranians can buy the internet services that are at least 10 to 20 times faster ! and 100 times safer!, without the damn filtering system. It’s just one of the Mullah miracles in Iran. When your salary is 4 to 5 times less than the international salary, the prices are equal to and more than the International prices, the inflation rate is near 50% , and the Mullah solution for the dreadful economic situation is: “omitting four zeros from the national currency !” i.e. reducing its value 10,000 times, then you should be happy that your situation has only deteriorated 10,000 times after the Islamic revolution. You should be very happy that your Freedom, your economic situation, your international respect, and all aspects of your life have deteriorated 10,000 times. You should be happy that South Korea’s situation in 1970s was worse than Iran, and Iran was more developed than South Korea, and when Iran had the car industry, South Korea played with its balls, but the Mullahs f-u-c-k-e-d the Iranians’ situation 10,000 times. But it’s just the God’s mercy that the rate is 10,000 times, not 10,000,000 times. The Mullah miracles in the past 30 years imply that it should be 10,000,000 times. So, You should thank God and be happy.

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