USA, Syrian Dictator, and Syrians

Yesterday, the Western media reported: “Opposition leaders boycotted a “national dialogue” conference on reform with Syria’s ruling Ba’ath party on Sunday, vowing not to meet the regime while protesters were still being killed in the streets. A call for nationwide demonstrations against participation in the dialogue brought hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets on Friday, that the opponents called ‘No Dialogue Friday’ “. Security forces killed at least 15 people and arrested more than 200 during Friday’s demonstrations against the dialogue , activists said. The world should not forget that Obama’s called for Mubarak to go, but he refuses to do the same against Assad, or Khamenei. Some Western analysts say: “No one in the Obama administration has offered a logical explanation for this tongue-twisting policy , either on record or on background”. As we said before, the US supports Bastard Assad, and presses for opposition dialogue with Assad. And the reasons for this shameful act are not very unclear and ambiguous . The World, wake up ! Wake up and see the shameful paradox. Wake up and see the fake war and the fake fight between the fake enemies. The world Wake up and see the depth of Western hypocrisy, Western stupidity, and Western charlatanism. The world wake up! Wake up!

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