Iran in 1960s and 1970s

As you know Iran has experienced a medieval religious tyranny since 1979, but from 1920s to 1979 Iran was a secular tyranny.The British authorities appointed Reza Shah, who was an illiterate soldier. Reza Shah was a stupid secular dictator, but he could change Iran. He reduced the Mullahs’ influence, and forced the women to remove their Hejab. In 1920s, the majority of Iranian women were illiterate and wore burka. But Reza Shah did not focus on the literacy issue, and instead, he banned women form wearing Hejab, and imposed it by force! The first schools, the first universities, the first railroad, the first standard roads, the first national banks, the first modern cinema, the first modern army, the first modern cities, the first radio station, and many other first things were made in the Reza Shah’s era. But Reza Shah was a brutal and illiterate dictator. Reza Shah and his son, i.e. Pahlavi I and Pahlavi II, were not able to understand that they had to change Iran by focusing on the education and literacy issue. Today, when the Iranian youths see the pictures of those days, they say: “How nice was the university atmosphere in the Pahlavi’s era. The boys and girls were free. It’s so cool ! Why there were so stupid and followed the reactionary stupid Mullahs?! etc” But they should not forget that the majority of the people were illiterate and poor in the Pahlavi’s era, under the Pahlavi’s secular tyranny.


Changing the Islamic culture by force was the biggest mistake of Reza Shah. Instead of forbidding Hejab, he had to focus on the mandatory education for boys and girls in all parts of Iran. If all Iranian kids, who were born in 1920s, had become literate, Iran would have changed radically and constantly. The literacy rate in Reza Shah’s era changed form about 1% to about 10%, but more than 90% of the people remained totally ignorant and illiterate. Reza Shah’s son was not able to understand the importance of literacy/education and sustainable development, too. If in 1960s the stupid Pahlavi had focused on mandatory education for all Iranian kids, Iran would have changed dramatically. The literacy rate in the Pahlavi II’s era was about 25% to 40% (the exact number is not clear), and the majority of Iranians were illiterate and ignorant. The stupid Pahlavi family did not know that the best way for fighting against the Mullahs and their reactionary Islam was “increasing the literacy level”. The Iranian society in 1960s and 1970s, was not able to understand the importance of the modernism, and the Pahlvi’s modernism was a stupid superficial modernism . They had created a little Paris and London within the northern Tehran and some other parts of Iran, but the rest of Iran was really undeveloped and the majority of Iranians were illiterate.


The Pahlavi II was as stupid as the Pahlavi I. He was not an illiterate and uneducated tyrant like his father, but he was a stupid secular dictator, who stupidly thought that he is an intellectual ! The stupid Pahlavi II, like his father, was appointed by the British authorities, and in 1953, after the American-British Military Coup in Iran, he became an American puppet. After the coup, Pahlavi II became a real dictator, who congratulated himself from morning to night . A small minority, about 10% to 25%, kissed his ass and were agreed with him, his modernism, and his dictatorship. And the majority of Iranians were illiterate, ignorant, , religious fanatic or stupid lefts. The majority of them were the followers of the Mullahs. And the stupid Pahlavi had underestimated the power of the Mullahs. The number of Iranians who wanted to be modern or tried to be modern, was really small. In 1970s, the Iranian beaches were as modern as the western beaches, and the northern Tehran was like Paris and London, but other parts of Tehran, and other parts of Iran were like a hell, like the rest of the undeveloped world .


In 1970s, Iran’s population reached to 30 million, but the number of university students was near 100 to 200 thousands, i.e. less than 1%. And the number of university-educated people was about 3%, i.e. near 1 million. (Now in 2010s, Iran’s population is 75 million, the number of university students is 4 to 5 million, i.e. near 7%, and the number of university-educated people is more than 30%). In the best cast, only 25% of the Iranians enjoyed the Pahlavi’s modernism, and the rest was poor and fanatic. The gap between the rich and the poor was really unbelievable. The rich lived like their counterparts in the west, and the poor lived in the hell. If you compare 1970s with 2010s, the result is very interesting. The women’s right and s-e-x-u-a-l freedom in 1970s were really better our current situation, but the freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of thought, political freedom, etc were like 2010s. In fact, the modern dictatorship of the Shah needed reform, unlike the reactionary regime of the Mullahs that is a medieval religious tyranny.


In 1970s, Iran was a member of the international community, and enjoyed social freedom, international respect, some sort of modernism, etc. But the Iranian intellectuals were really dumb. As the stupid Masoud Behnoud confessed: “Iranian intellectuals were the main responsible for 1979 revolution. In 1963, the ordinary people and the intellectuals supported the Shah and his reforms … But in 1978, the majority of Iranian intellectuals had become frustrated with Shah and his regime; they hated the Shah, not the people who were neutral … It’s not true that we say: ‘the ordinary people created the protests’ … In fact, the intellectuals created the protests and then the people and [unknown] Khomeini joined them … the intellects learn the people who is the oppressor, who is the corrupt” It’s really true. The Islamic revolution was the main result of the Iranian intellects’ stupidity. The secular tyranny of Shah was not as reactionary as the Mullah tyranny. The stupid intellects had to focus on reforming it, not changing it, and replacing it with the most reactionary regime of the world .


In 1970s, the school, the university, the beach, the cinema, and many other public places in Iran were like their western counterparts, and the Iranian women were encouraged to be modern and remove their Hejab. But the number of girls that wanted to be free and modern was really small. The stupid Shah was a modern coward tyrant and a stupid puppet of Britain and USA. As we said before, In his last years, the Shah wanted to be independent. And affter 1974, the West saw Shah as an ambitious man who did not obey them as before. So, they wanted to get rid of him. The West considered the Shah as a threat to the economic stability of the world and the responsible of the inflation and economic crisis of 1970s. And finally the US asked the Shah to leave Iran, like the cases of Mubarak and Ben Ali in 2011. . The stupid Behnoud confessed: “In 1974, the Shah was in London and said: ‘the Jews manage the world … the blue eyes (the Westerners) have exploited our resources … we want to get rid of them … we want to manage the world’ “. In 1979, the West supported the Mullahs and tried to topple the Shah’s regime. And now, i.e. from 2009 until now, the West has strongly supported the Mullahs and their reactionary regime, and tries to keep the Islamic regime safe. But it’s now the whole story.


The known Iranian intellects and journalists showed the depth of their stupidity in 1979 and 2009. Unfortunately the majority of them always have been mercenary. The stupid Behnoud confessed : “In 1979, when the journalists wanted to break their strike, I said to Ayatollah Beheshti : “It’s better that Khomeini commands us to break the strike; it strengthens his position”. And when Bakhtiar, the then PM who had granted the (unconditional) freedom of press, heard about it, he told me: “I wish you, the journalists, were your own master, but unfortunately you want to be a slave of a new ‘Agha Balasar’, a new ‘Sare Khare’ (a new Big Brother)” . What Behnoud and others did in 1979, was like what they did in 2009 and 2011. But were they only some stupid/ignorant jerks or … ? It’s not very clear, but now we can be sure that they are mercenary. Who are the main responsible for the death of Green Movement and the current situation in Iran? These bastards, who are fake intellectuals, but unfortunately the world knows them as the Iranian intellects and the symbol of the Iranian intellectualism! Last year, after the Ashoura day, they discouraged the people and saved the beloved Islamic regime. Now they are so disgraced and their sell-by date have been passed. 2010s is not like 1970s. Now Iran has about 15 to 20 million university-educated people and thousands of unknown real intellects. These young unknown intellects have not any voice or media now, but the future belongs to them. They certainly will change the Mullah’s regime, establish a pure Republic, and throw the fake Iranian intellects in the trash can of the history.

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