Iranian Toilet vs Western Toilet

In “18 Tir”, It’s better that we write about a related topic: “Iranian toilet”! Iranian toilet or “squat toilet” -also known as an Arabic, French, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Turkish or Natural-Position toilet- is a toilet used by squatting, rather than sitting. There are several types of squat toilets, but they all consist essentially of a hole in the ground. It is very common in Iran and prevalent throughout mainland China, India, Southeast Asia and South Asia. It is also prevalent in Turkey and can still be found in some public buildings and at motorway services in France, Italy, Uruguay, Balkans etc. In Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia, squat toilets can be found. It is also used in the Middle East and can be found in rural areas of Greece and Italy. The main benefit of using squat toilets is: “It does not involve any contact between the butt and the shit or the pee! or thighs with a potentially unsanitary surface. And It is also easier to clean, maintain, and use ” The Iranian toilet has its own problems, but it’s one of the most clean toilet in the world. As some funny Iranians say: “Iranians have the cleanest ass in the world. When you see the ass of non-Iranians, it’s really dirty (shitty!) Only when they take a bath and wash their ass with a lot of water and soap, their ass is as clean as Iranian ass ! ” There are many different ways to clean oneself after using the toilet. It depends on national mores and local resources. The most common choice in the Western world is toilet paper. In Iran, the custom is to use water, either with or without toilet paper. Of course, the majority of Lady’s toilets/restrooms in Iran have toilet paper, and the majority of young Iranian women use toilet paper with or without water.


Some Iranians try to make a fool, or kid the Western tourists about the Iranian toilet. But the tourists believe the jokes and write in their travel blogs some thing like this: “While squatting over the Iranian toilet you try to aim to get your droppings in the hole [!!!]” or “because there is no soap [!!!] the left hand doesnt feel too clean” Apparently these bloggers are fooled by nasty Iranians! The Westerners think that cleaning with water and soap is not clean, but some Iranians ask: “Don’t they wash their ass, even in the bath ?!! How they wash it? with their hands and then they wash their hands. The same thing is true about Iranian toilet . You had a water tap and a hose or a jar, with an endless supply of water, plus a flush and/or toilet paper in the majority of toilets in the urban areas”. Having access to water in the restroom is really very vital ! Iranians have many problems with the Western Toilet, or as Iranians call “Farangi Toilet”, especially when they can not find any water resource inside the restroom. Some Iranian expats say: “Cleaning with toilet paper is not enough for many Iranians, and when they are outside Iran, they should take a shower each time the go to the toilet !” Some times the Western toilets in the public restrooms are really dirty and unacceptable.


Some Westerners say: “We have to admit that We avoid public restrooms” or “We never sit on a public toilet seat” or “the toilets in most public houses are disgusting, pee all over, stinking, dirty toilet seat, etc”. or “Why are our public toilets still so dirty and messy?” And some Iranian expats say: “Poor toilet condition is a worldwide problem, but direct contact with germs, shits, pees, etc, is really shitty. In Iran, at least you and your skin don’t have any contact with any germs, shits, etc ” And some Westerners say: “We’ve been to all manner of different public toilets from motorway service stations and train stations to pubs and nightclubs. You can be pretty certain that half of them will have a cubicle containing a yellow stained dripping bum seat at some point “. The Japanese toilet has a similarity with Iranian toilet, and some Westerners say: “”While traveling in Japan, I experienced the Japanese style toilet -a long, narrow trough at floor level requiring the user to squat – Odd, yes, but quite sanitary “. It’s really right, squat toilets are quite sanitary. But the Japanese culture has some funny difference with Iranian one, as some Westerners say: “Japanese men in three-piece suits will pee into street in full view of the passing public. Many restrooms are uni-s-e-x- [!], so women have to file past the line of men peeing at urinals [!!]. ‘We are trained not to look’ our Japanese friend told us” Many Iranians think that the Western people don’t care about sanitation and cleanness; They say: “The Westerners go to the toilet with their shoes, and then with that dirty shoes go to their bed, their sofa, their living rooms, etc. It’s really disgusting and dirty . But Iranians leave their shoes behind the doors.” But it’s not the whole story, and many western toilets are clean and funny.


Public toilets in all around the world have been associated with graffiti, often of a transgressive or low-brow humorous nature. In Iran and in the West, we can see the same situation. Of course in Iranian public toilets, the political/satirical graffiti is more than any other place of the world. Some Iranians say: “In Iran, the most free public place is the public toilet !, and it shows the level of freedom in Iran under the Mullah regime “. Some Western toilet graffiti says: “Here I lie in stinky vapor, Because some bastard stole the toilet paper, Shall I lie, or shall I linger, Or shall I be forced to use my finger ! (without any water) … I came here To shit and stink But all I do Is sit and think … But I come here to scratch my balls, And read the bullshit on the walls … Fart loud if you love Jesus! … Everybody pisses on the floor. Be a hero and shit on the ceiling! ” And some Iranian toilet graffiti says: “Only for the Mullahs … Don’t push too much, your ass is “made in Iran”, so it’s torn very easily … the Mullahs should eat this … I came here only because I wanted to see Mr. shit … I came here only because I wanted to see the real face of the Mullahs, especially Khatami … Welcome to Khatami’s house … Here, we serve Khatami’s food … Khatami it’s for you. We had to do it in 1999, but now the toilets of this university can provide your foods, and all your friends’ foods, until your death. Eat shit man, Eat shit”. For seeing more pictures of Iranian toilet and finding more information about it, you can check here and here .

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