Iranian Boys and Girls

In the recent days, a psychotic boy killed a girl in Tehran, and this horrible event shocked many Iranians. The poor girl has been knifed to death by her classmate, because she had said no to the psychotic boy and had not wanted to marry him or being his girlfriend. This sort of events are global, and stupid psychotic boys and girls are found every where, but the case of Iran has some special characteristics. The majority of Iranian boys and girls fight against the Mullahs and their Islamic
laws/restrictions, and only less than 1% of the youth are as psychotic as that stupid brutal boy, but the Islamic laws have had its special side effects on Iran and Iranian youths. The Iranian boys and girls are separated from each other since the school age (until the end of high school). The Mullahs and their Islamic laws don’t allow the boys and girls to know each other since their childhood, so they are obsessed about each other . The boys don’t know the girls, and vice versa. Any relation between them is illegal and has serious legal punishment. But the majority of Iranian boys and girls ignore the Islamic laws and have relationship with each other, since the high school age. But the unhealthy/unsafe relationships are a serious problem, because all laws, all media, the education system, all education stuffs, etc, are against the normal relationships. It’s so obvious that the charlatans and psychotic people are every where, and in Iran the number of the people who are obsessed with s-e-x is really considerable, and the relationships in many places, especially in the work places, between male employers and female employees are really unhealthy. The inexperienced youth should be smart and learn from the available experiences or try to fight against censorship and learn about the basic matters.


The Iranian society still experiences “a transition from traditionalism to modernism ” that we call it “Iranian transition “. Since 1900s until know, i.e. more than 100 years, Iranian society has been involved in the process of Iranian transition . The process has been extremely painful, and Iranians have paid a very high price for it. The process has had its own ups and downs, but now many believes that Iran is in the last phase of the process. Now the Iranian families want to be modern, but they don’t know how. They don’t know how they can help their boys and girls, and keep them safe -safe from charlatans and psychotics . They don’t have any related first hand experience or knowledge, too. They need education, like any other society . The Mullahs and their reactionary system, deliberately try to mislead and misinform the people and only say: “Being modern is very dangerous”. But in the recent decade, the age of Internet and Information has helped Iranians a lot . They try to fight against censorship and learn what they need, by reading about the human history and the human experience. The majority of educated Iranian boys and girls try to know each other by talking to each other, by touching each other, etc, or even by living with each other.


The younger generation of Iranians experience some things that many non-Iranians can not believe it. In Iran and under the savage Islamic regime, with their reactionary Islamic laws and punishments, many Iranian boys and girls live with each other without any marriage and any legal certificate. They are friend and their families know that they have not married with each other, and have accepted it. It’s like a miracle for the Muslim countries. It’s part of the Iranian transition, and has started since the early 2000s. The rate of “Khane Mojaradi” (bachelor house) for GF/BF couples has increased dramatically. Now the majority of boys marry when they are 30+ and the majority of girls marry when they are near 30. And before that the majority of them experience some long/short relationships with the opposite gender. Now seeing the scene of kissing couples in the parks, in the cars, and in the coffee shops, etc, are not surprising and almost all Iranians have seen such scenes or they have been part of the scenes !


In 1980s, the Mullahs and the Islamists desperately tried to stop the Iranian transition . The Basiji thugs brutally suppressed the young boys and girls. The censorship and suppression were really unbelievable. Video, music, love, joy, relationship, free speech, free thought, etc had been banned. But the Mullahs could not stop the Iranian transition, and ironically accelerated it. After the Islamic revolution and the baby boom, the rate of literacy and especially female literacy increased, and in late 1990s, the majority of young Iranians, who were educated or literate, wanted change. It’s so obvious when the majority want some thing and fight for it, then no power can prevent them from reaching their goals. Since then, the Mullahs only fight for controlling the speed of change. They are sure that they can not change the situation, but they want to intimidate the people and decrease the speech of the Iranian transition. In fact, the process of the Iranian transition, is the natural dying process of the Mullahs in Iran. The majority of Iranians fight against the Mullahs and their Islamic laws, and that’s why the Mullahs are so hopeless and desperate. Now the majority of Iranians know that The Islamic Republic of Rapists has reached the end of the line. In the recent weeks, the Mullahs said that they want to separate boys and girls in the universities, but suddenly they retreated and confessed: “It’s only “playing with fire”; We don’t need any new riot”


Chalquz (bird shit!), i.e. local staffs (park police, etc) or other reactionary mercenaries who try to arrest the young couples, are like Basiji and Moral police. Many Iranians have seen a scene like the above and below pictures, i.e. when a Chalquz tries to arrest a young couple. Many Iranian boys and girls try to bribe the Chalquz to free them, and this has becom part of the Iranian life under the Mullah regime. As we said before, The Islamic Republic of Rapists has ‘Moral Police’, ‘Basij’, ‘Chalquz’, etc for controlling and arresting the young boys and girls, but many of these Islamist bastards, are Islamist rapists who try to rape their victims . In 1980s, the situation was really horrible and the punishments were really serious. “Persepolise (2007)” movie, by Marjane Satrapi, tries to show the situation of 1980s, and is worth seeing. In 1980s, the Islamists Rapists raped the arrested women and virgin girls, and sooner or later an Iranians will make a film about this great tragedy. The Islamist Rapists are among the most reactionary savage humans in our planet earth, but the good news is that they are becoming extinct in Iran, and in the near future they will just a dreadful tragic history.


The Islamists the Basiji and the Chalquz only have polluted the Iranian society. They kill, rape, and torture the ordinary Iranians, and try to stop the Iranian transition, that is in its last phase. In the near future they will be in their cage inside the Iranian Zoo for the Islamist Animals.

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