Noam Chomsky and Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez has long considered Noam Chomsky one of his best friends in the west. He turned one of Chomsky’s books into an overnight bestseller after brandishing it during a UN speech. He hosted Chomsky in Caracas with smiles and pomp. Earlier this year Chavez even suggested Washington make Chomsky the US ambassador to Venezuela ! Hugo Chavez has been highly and widely praised by the stupid Noam Chomsky. In fact, Naive Chomsky is an expert in praising the dictators and tyrants, who are the Chomsky’s lovers. Now the case of Jude Afiuni, that is only one of the Hugo Chavez’s brutalities, has disgraced Chomsky, and he tries to improve his image. Judge Afiuni earned Chavez’s ire in December 2009 by freeing a prominent banker facing corruption charges. Chavez called the judge a criminal and demanded she be jailed for 30 years. “That judge has to pay for what she has done.” Venezuelan judge, Maria Lourdes Afiuni, 47, a single mother with cancer, without any trial spent over a year in jail, where she was assaulted by other prisoners. Now the stupid Chomsky reveals he has lobbied Chavez behind the scenes since late last year for freeing Afiuni. The Guardian published a transcript of its interview with Noam Chomsky, on July 4, 2011. The stupid Guardian said: “Noam Chomsky criticizes old friend Hugo Chavez for assault on democracy”. But some wise people said: “Reading the whole transcript, we’d say Chomsky’s position is much more nuanced than “denounces old friend” implies ” Now, Lets take a look that what he has said: “Well as far as I’m aware she’s not receiving any trial at all. I rather doubt, I’d be sceptical about whether she could receive a fair trial … My suspicion is that the judiciary is not as independent as it should be. We may compare it to Colombia next door. Colombia’s human rights record is incomparably worse … It’s obviously improper for the executive to intervene and impose a jail sentence without a trial. And I should say that the United States is in no position to complain about this [!!] … The executive intervention in a case of severe violation of civil liberties … doesn’t change the judgment about Venezuela [!!!!] …Venezuela has come under vicious, unremitting attack by the US and the west generally, … so, I think it’s natural that the leftwing commentators won’t want to join in it [!!!] In 2009, I said that there are steps towards a better world in Venezuela and as far as I know that’s true [!!!]


The stupid Chomsky added: “Venezuela has played a significant role in very important developments in South America and Latin America [!!!] … So yes I think these are positive initiatives which have to be balanced against other things [!!!] I think what’s happened in Latin America in the past 10 years is probably the most exciting and positive development to take place in the world [!!!] … In Venezuela, It’s a trend which has developed towards the centralisation of power in the executive which I don’t think is a healthy development [!!!] … Concentration of executive power, unless it’s very temporary and for specific circumstances [!] , it’s an assault on democracy … About Venezuela, as I said you can debate whether circumstances require it [!!!] -both internal circumstances and the external threat of attack and so on, so that’s a legitimate debate [!!!] ” When you read his stupid interview and his stupid defense of Hugo motherf-u-c-ke-r Chavez, you can be sure that Noam Chomsky is a real stupid bastard, his fans are among one of the most stupid people in the world. In his open letter, Chomsky said: “With this public letter I want to express my open support of the liberty of judge María Lourdes Afiuni, detained in Venezuela since December 2009 … The way she was detained, the inadequate conditions of her imprisonment, the degrading treatment she suffered … the dramatic erosion of her health and the cruelty displayed against her, all duly documented, left me greatly worried about her physical and psychological wellbeing, as well as about her personal safety … However, judge Afiuni has suffered enough. She has been subject to acts of violence and humiliations to undermine her human dignity. I am convinced that she must be set free, not only due to her physical and psychological health conditions, but in conformance with the human dignity the Bolivarian revolution presents as a goal [!!!!] … I shall keep high hopes that President Chavez will consider a humanitarian act that will end the judge’s detention [!!!]” Now some people ask the stupid Chomsky: “Mr. stupid, Hasn’t it been clear that Chavez cares more about power than about justice or democracy?” And some wise people say: “Chomsky is a stupid Marxist who can not understand the essential difference between a liberal democracy like the USA and a totalitarian country like Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, etc. He opposes the USA and Cuba or Iran. But he stupidly thinks they are equally oppressive. The liberal position is that Chomsky refuses to choose freedom over tyranny, and therefore all his nuance is for nothing ” In fact, Mr. stupid f-u-c-ks the freedom in the name of independence, and in this way, he becomes the number one enemy of the suppressed people, especially Iranians who are brutally suppressed by the Mullah regime. Mr. stupid, Chomsky, and his stupid fans are as dangerous as Capitalism and Imperialism for the world and the people . Shame on them all.

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