Masoud Behnoud & All Mullah’s Men

These days the Iranians see the depth of Islamist-Reformists’ charlatanism. Now Iranians know that the Islamist-Reformists are “the Mullah’s Men”, i.e. Khamenei’s men. The dumb and dumber, i.e. the leaders of the Islamist-Reformists and the Monarchists , have some difference with each other, but both are among “the Mullah’s men”. Khamenei and his strategists know that they should have a very weak, very stupid, and very disgraced opposition , if they want to prevent their regime form falling down. And who is better than “the dumb and dumber, i.e. Khatami and Reza Pahlavi. The regime’s strategists think: “When the opposition groups as hateful as Khamenei and his regime, Khamenei and his Western supporters can keep the Islamic regime safe .” But as we said before, the real nightmare of the Islamic regime is not the current stupid opposition groups. As the young Iranians say: ‘We are not like our stupid parents. We are your nightmare, the stupid Mullahs. We are your nightmare, not Rafsanjanis mercenaries and Khatamists. We are your nightmare, not the stupid fake intellectuals, not the ultra-stupid Monarchists, not the ultra-stupid Rajavists; We are your nightmare, not the ultra-stupid older generation of Iranians.’ . In the recent days, the god father of the stupid Iranian journalists, Masoud Behnoud, said that 60% of Iranians will participate in the next election !! After that Iranians took shit on his empty head, and when he saw the people’s backlashes, He compared himself with a doctor and said: “What I said about the regime and the election is like what a doctor says about a patient and his disease [!!], It’s what the patient doesn’t want to hear” It’s a good joke when you know that the stupid Behnoud has only a high school diploma and as Iranian say is a “Bilmaz” i.e. an uneducated man. He added:” In the past elections the regime had been able to deceive 50% of the people and they attended the elections … Now deceiving 10% of the people is not very hard [!!!] “. It’s not a joke, it’s what this motherf-u-c-k-er stupid charlatan wrote in his new article . But what he says is the biggest possible lie. Even in the past elections, the rate and number of the people who unconditionally participated in the election was less than 20%, but now after the greatest possible fraud, and after mass rape, torture, and kill, the bastard Behnoud says that 50% + 10% will participate in the next Mullah’s election !! He thinks that the people are as stupid as him, or as Iranians say the people have eaten Maghz Khar (donkey’s brain) like him. In fact, the regime’s mercenaries, including bastard Behnoud, desperately try to say that the regime have the support of 50% of the people !! . In the recent years they said that the regime has the support of 90% of the people, and now have reached to 50% !! But as we said before, Iran’s population tells the truth. And this article can show us the depth of Behnoud’s stupidity . You can ask yourself: “Why is the Mullah regime frightened to death of a free Referendum? Why are the regime’s mercenaries frightened to death of a free Referendum?” Some Iranians say: “In a free referendum, under the watchful eyes of the international community, If less than 80% of Iranians vote against the Mullahs and their Islam, we would allow the Mullahs to rule for the another 30 years in Iran !! “. In fact, what we said about the structure of the Iranian eligible voters, should be read again . It shows the depth of Behnoud’s charlatanism. But who is this bastard, Masould Behound ? He is a BBC’s commentator, and one of the main traitors after the Ashoura Day . As we said before, Madhi was an unknown person. And the real Khamenei’s diamond for deceit is Masoud Behound, Nabai, Abdi, Mohajerani, Amir-Arjmand, etc, i.e. All the Mullah’s Men , that now they are really disgraced, and Iranians treat them like the dead little monkeys. They have passed their sell-by date.


The bastard Behound, who lives in London and is one of the god fathers of the Iranian news websites outside Iran and also a member of the traitors’ circles in London and Paris , makes use of a funny tactic for distorting the fact and misinforming and misleading the people (especially non-Iranians). He says: “If less than 60% of the people participate in the election, I simply would say that I was wrong [!!] and it was my personal opinion [!!] .. I don’t want this 60% participation [!!], but it’s a bitter truth and I only told the truth [!!!] … When a bank teller tells you that you are bankrupt, does he wants your bankruptcy? [!!!!]” He is really ultra-stupid and bastard. He distorts the fact, misinforms and misleads the people (non-Iranians and Iranian expats), and then stupidly shows the depth of his stupid paradox; at first he says: “I’m against what I said, I don’t like it, I’m like a bank teller”, and after a while he says: “I has always participated in all elections [show] in the Islamic regime. I really believe in participating in the Islamic elections [show], under any
(i.e. I’m not against what I said)”, And after the election show he want to say: “These shitty paradox was my personal opinion, and I was wrong !” It’s a really funny. The bastard Behound is full of shit and shitty paradox and contradiction. He tries to pretend that he is an anti-Mullah and says: “I’m against what I says!, like a bank teller !!”, but he adds: “I strongly believe in the Mullah regime, their elections [show], and participating in their elections [show]”. He confesses: “Once I was in Frankfurt, and I said to the opposition groups: “You think each person that tells you the truth, tells you that the regime is strong, is a regime’s mercenary’ … and when I went to Iran, Saeed Emami interrogated me for that sentence”. It’s a funny confession. The story of Behnoud and Saeed Emami, the deputy of Mullah’s intelligence service, is very funny. Faraj Sarkouhi, who was arrested by Emami’s groups, worked for Behnoud and has a lot of stories about him. But even Behnoud, himslef, wrote some articles about his special interviews with Emami and other dogs of the Mullah’s intelligence service, in Hotel Laleh and other places. Emami and others told him what he had to do, and what he did not have to do. Behound’s story is the same as the story of “All the Mullah’s men” . When they were in Iran, they worked for the Mullah dogs, and now they work with/for the Mullah agents and Mullah Mafia in the US and Europe. Behnoud works with Mohajenari and Rafsanjani’s son in London. He has implemented their plans, especially after the Ashoura day. But now the majority of Iranians know him. Now he is so disgraced, and that’s why he says: “Don’t be angry with me. I’m just a doctor that tell you the truth [!!!!] … the majority of Iranians are ignorant, and you should try to inform the people about boycotting the election, and then the people would not participate in the next election [!!!!]” It’s not a joke, it’s what this little monkey, who has always defended the Mullahs and the Mullah’s election shows, has said. He pretends that the people are as stupid and ignorant as him and his friends. Yes, the ordinary Iranians are stupid and have many problems and weak points, like other ordinary people around the world, but their understanding is much more than Behnoud and his friends . Unfortunately many Iranians think that “Iran is a hell, because the people are ignorant and illiterate”. But it’s just a big lie and an old stupid cliche for deceiving the people. The truth about Iran in 21st century is :” Iran is a hell, because its journalists are someone like Behnoud, and its reformists are someone like Khatami. Iran is a hell, because 99% of its intellects and journalists, who have a reputation, are mercenary, Khayemal, and charlatan. Iran is a hell, because of its fake intellects and its Khayemal journalists [ass-licker journalists] “. In fact, in the past 100 years Iran had two major problems: (1) People illiteracy and ignorance (2) The ultra-stupid intellects and journalists that the majority of them were mercenary. Now, in 2011, the first problem has been solved, but the second problem has remained or even has been deteriorated. But the younger generation of unknown intellects would solve the second problem, and you can be sure that they will put Behnoud and other Mullah’s mercenaries in the trash can of the history. These bastards, i.e. All the Mullah’s men, have been dead and buried inside Iran.

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