U.S. supports Bastard Assad

In the recent days, some Western media said: “The US is pushing the Syrian opposition to maintain dialogue with Bastard Assad’s regime as details emerge of a controversial “ROADMAP” for reforms that would leave him in power for now despite demands for his overthrow during the country’s bloody three-month uprising ” Robert Ford, the US ambassador, has been urging opposition figures to talk to the regime, said Radwan Ziadeh, a Syrian opposition. “They are asking Assad to lead the transition !! and this is not acceptable to the protesters,” he said. “It is too late.” the US has not called openly for Assad’s overthrow. It’s exactly like their position about Khamenei. A state department spokesman said: “We are encouraging genuine dialogue between the opposition and the regime but we are not promoting anything” The US politicians are really so shameless, and the American lefts are really stupid and think that the US is the enemy of Syria or Iran. These stupids can not understand that the US needs some fake and straw enemies, for justifying wasting money on the stupid plans, reactionary goals, etc . Which fake enemy could be better than Assad and Khamenei ? They are weak, without any national support, without any people support . So, they are the best candidate for making a straw “bogeyman”. The stupid straw bogeyman works for the American interests, and is useful for deceiving lunatic lefts, lunatic rights, and stupid fake intellects. The shameful support of Bastard Assad’s regime and Khamenei’s regime is an indelible stain on the name of American politicians and American lefts. Shame on Obama and American politicians, and Shome on Navie Chomsky and his stupid followers.

The Syrian opposition says at least 1,500 people have been killed since mid-March. It’s so obvious that Bastard Assad is trying to buy time, and the US and the West help him very much. It’s exactly like our situation in Iran. “This roadmap would leave the regime in place,” warned one opposition figure. “It makes the west happy, but how can they give legitimacy to Bastard Assad, when there are a million people on the streets demanding he be removed? “, he added. The US and the Zionists are the real friend of Bastard Assad and Khamenei, and they can only deceive a bunch of stupid westerners who are so naive and ignorant. Why Bush and Christian fanatics, who naturally should be the enemy of the fanatic Jews, supported I-s-r-a-e-l ? the answer is very important and informative. As we said before, the Apocalyptic Politics is part of the answer The evangelical Christian Zionist, like the fanatic Jews and the Islamists-Mahvadists in Iran, are not content to wait for the Second Coming of Christ/Mahdi. They think that the arrival of the End of Times should be prodded, advanced and cajoled. And all of them work for the End of Times. And of course, they are very charlatan and hypocrite and know that if the people, in the all around the world, had real freedom and democracy, then they should go and die. In fact, if there is no continuous crisis, war, and hate, then they and their reactionary thoughts can not live, and will become extinct very soon . The religious fanatics hate each other, but they support each other, because all of them have the same goal. But It’s a part of the whole story. The British and Western charlatans work for their own short-term benefits, too. They are blind and opportunist and can not see or don’t want to see their own long-term benefits. They can not understand that supporting the dictatorship and tyranny is like supporting the slavery. This is as stupid and fruitless as that, and their destiny is not better than the slaveholders’ destiny.

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