Gaddafi’s son: Nato wants deal

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi says International Crime Court (ICC) charges over killing thousands of protesters may be dropped in return for secret peace deal. The son of savage Gaddafi said that Nato has offered the regime an “under the table” deal that would see the international arrest warrants against both men dropped . “Under the table they are trying to negotiate with us a deal : If you accept this deal, we will take care of the court.’ What does it mean? It means the court is controlled by those countries which are attacking us every day. It is just to put a psychological and political pressure on us.” We know that Gaddafi tries to bribe the West and the secret deals between the savage Gaffadi and the Western bastards is not a new thing. But apparently they could not reach an agreement, and Gaddafi’s confession is a new historical scandal for the hypocrite West and Western Bastards who support Bastard Assad, and Khamenei. Shame on them all.

Shame on Nato Shame on stupid Western bastards. Sham on stupid Nato, who kill innocent Libyan protesters, and pretend ignorance.

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