Dumb and Dumber: Khatami & Pahlavi

Reza Pahlavi (Shazdeh) and Khatami (Mullah) are dead opposition’s leaders. In the past years, many Iranians think that Khatami is a little better than the ultra-stupid Pahlavi, but in the past months, the stupid Khatami showed us that he is a jerk like Pahlavi. Both of them try to support dictatorship and tyranny, Islamic or secular, in the name of democracy. Pahlavi is a stupid jerk that is not worthy of any attention. Shazdeh is one the greatest bastards who only has the support of some US Republicans, and a bunch of ultra-stupid Monarchists in LA. As we said before, the Monarchists are like the Basijis , and both of them are “Iranian Fascists”. Basijis are religious/Islamist Fascists, and Monarchists are secular/atheist Fascists. Both of them die for a Big Brother, or as Iranians say for a “Sar-e Khar” (head of donkey) and try to impose a brutal religious or secular dictatorship on Iran. They are the enemies of Freedom and Democracy. But like other savage dictators in the recent decades, both of them shamelessly pretend that they support freedom and democracy. Their tactics are exactly the same as Nazis’ tactics and Fascists’ tactics in Germany and Italy in 1930s. Khomeini used the same tactics in 1979. Khomeini said: “Velayate Faqih (theocracy) is real democracy, and the Islamic leader/king is not a dictator, he is the real enemy of dictatorship !”. And know the Iranian jerks, that 90% of them are over 50 years old, repeat Khomeini’s bullshits. As we said before, in the recent months, the West has defended the reactionary Iranians, Iranian jerks, especially the Rajavists and the Monarchists. . As we said before, VOA, the official media of US authorities, defends the Monarchists . In fact, the American bastards have always defended and supported Iranian jerks, i.e. Iranian axis of Evil . VOA Farsi and BBC persian are the media of Iranian axis of Evil. And an US-based popular website, Balatarin.com, is an Iranian jerks’ media, i.e. a media for the Monarchists, Rajavists, and Islamists . But the younger generation of Iranians inside Iran, hate the older generation of Iranians (accursed generation), who are really dumb and should be called ‘Disaster Makers’ . The majority of ultra-stupid Iranian expats, are among the older generation of Iranians. Their dreadful thoughts and plans, like the stupid conference of Iranian expats in Toronto, can show us how dumb and bastard are they. Khamenei and his dogs really want to have an opposition like the Khatamists and the Monarchists. When the opposition’s leaders are the “Dumb and Dumber”, Khamenei can be sure that the people hate the opposition, as they hate him and his regime, so he can save his regime from the imminent fall.


In the recent weeks, the stupid Khatami showed his true color again . And in the recent days, the stupid Khatami repeated his bullshits about his beloved leader, Khamenei. Khatami could deceive Iranians for near 6 years, from 1997 to 2003, but now he is a dead monkey for almost all Iranians. Khatami and his mercenaries, i.e. the Khatamists, can not deceive and change the history. Khatami is only a new Shah Soltan Hossein for Iran . And Khatami’s reputation and legacy is not better than Shah Soltan Hoessin’s. Khatami’s foolishness and spineless is not a “personal matter”, as Khatamists say. He betrayed the people’s hope and the people’s trust, and lost the best opportunity for changing the Mullah’s regime in a peaceful way. Now the Iranians know that Khatami and the Islamist-Reformists used the opportunity of 8 year presidency and being in Parliament, only for stuffing their pockets. Now the people say: “ they are charlatan and hypocrite and want to save their beloved Islamic regime, i.e. the regime of the killers and rapists. They are traitor and opportunist. “. Some stupid jerks, like Abbas Abdi, could deceive some stupid Iranians in the past years, but now many Iranians know that Abbas Abdi, is one of the great traitor and criminal, who should be tried for his crimes in 1980s, and his betrayals in 2009 until now. . Unfortunately the Western media tries to work with Iranian jerks, i.e. someone like Abbas Abdi Bouzineh. . In fact, the Iranian jerks like Shazdeh and RajabAli Bouzineh (the Baboon of Islamist-Reformists) are special guests of VOA, BBC, Washington Post, Spiegel, etc. But the majority of Iranians, i.e. the young Iranians, strongly support something like Iranian Declaration of Independence . They want to get rid of both religious and secular dictatorship. The Monarchists and Basijis are dead for Iranians inside Iran. As we said before, Iranians become dumb outside Iran , and the majority of Iranian expats are really dumber than ordinary Iranians inside Iran. The Iranian expats and Iranian jerks try to hijack the Iranian movement, but the ordinary Iranians are not as stupid as them, and many unknown Iranian intellects inside Iran, don’t allow them to hijack the Iranian revolution. The reactionary Iranian expats have not any place in Iran, and as Iranians inside Iran say: “they should stay outside Iran and die in exile, if they want to restore Monarchy or other kind of dictatorship in Iran.” We know that some Iranians can become dumb, like when Intellectuals become dumb , and say: “the secular fascists, i.e. the Monarchists, should be free and have their own party and work for their fascist goals”. But even the ordinary Iranians know that the Islamist fascists and the secular fascists are two side of the same coin. In fact, both of them are like the Italian fascists and German Nazis. But Iran in 2010s, is not like Italy and Germany in 1930s. Iranians don’t allow the Iranian fascists to destroy freedom and democracy in the name of freedom and democracy. In 1979, and the 1980s, when the majority of Iranians were illiterate and Islamist, Iran experienced the greatest possible tragedies, i.e. the real meaning of what Karl Popper and other real intellects said about “the Open Society and its Enemies”. You can be sure that Iranians will not repeat their dreadful mistakes, again. The Age of Rapists, Islamists, Monarchists, Fascists, Rajavists, etc has been over in Iran.

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