Shame on Nikahang Kosar

In the recent days, the stupid Nikahang Kosar, an Iranian
journalist/cartoonist who live in the US and Canada, had an interview with Reza Pahlavi, shazdeh bouzineh (the baboon prince; the prince of baboons!), who is leader of the ultra-stupid Monarchists. In fact, Nikahang and his stupid website,, has become a propaganda machine for the reactionary Monarchist. Shame on you, stupid Nikahang. Shame on you man. Shame on you. The stupid Nikahang Kosar can only show us how Iranians become dumb outside Iran. Nikahang Kosar was one of the Islamist-Reformist Iranian Journalists that attended the stupid “Secular-Monarchist” conference in Toronto. He has fled to Canada as an Islamist-Reformist, but recently has become a Monarchist; Such a backward progress ! . The stupid Nikahang was a stupid Muslim/Islamist and is really full of shitty paradoxes, and now he and his stupid website,, have become Shazdeh’s mercenary. Now he tries to be Khayemal and kiss and lick Shazdeh’s ass. But If he wanted to kiss and lick a dictator’s ass, it was better that he kissed and licked the Mullahs’ ass and remained in Iran, and stopped ‘Chos Naleh’ (pathetic moaning) about Ghame Ghorbat (home sick) . It’s very shameful and pathetic that he got political asylum and went to Canada, but there he became a mercenary/Monarchist. Shame on him and all Iranian expats, who are like Nikahang and have become a mercenary after leaving Iran. The ordinary Iranians have a funny old saying that is used for stupid Nikahang Kosar and his Monarchist friends in the USA: “Agar Boye Kabab Shenidid, Bedoonid Kabab Nist, Darim Khar Dagh Mikonim” that means “If you smell the delicious smell of Kebab, you should know that it’s not Kebab, we are branding the donkeys; We are branding the ultra-stupid Iranian expats with the donkey’s logo !; We are trying to find the ultra-stupid people, and that’s all !” In the recent days, the story of Nikahang Kosar and Alireza Nourizadeh showed that all the Iranian journalists who have fled to the West, are a bunch of Khoskhol (asshole/cunt). Now it’s better understood why we said: Shame on Iranian Journalists; Shame on them all .

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