100% Price Increase in Public Transport

In the recent days, the price of public transport, including metro and bus, increased by 100% in Tehran. The dreadful price increases in the public transport -from 1000 Rials to 2000 Rials, from 1750 Rirals to 3000 Rials, etc – has a funny story. Some months ago, before cutting subsidies, the Mullah said: “We cut the subsidies on gasoline for developing the public transport, for making a cheaper and better public transport.” But now the people have understood that the Mullahs have cut the subsidies on gasoline, foods, vital services, etc only for stuffing more money in their pockets. In fact, the subsidies, like the oil money, are in the Mullahs’ pocket now. In the past years the Mullahs increased the public transport’s price every now and than. In the early 1990s, the price of bus ticket was 10 Rials . Then the Mullahs increased it from 10 Rials to 50 Rials. In those days, the people set some buses on fire and protested, and some protesters were killed by the Mullahs in Tehran and other cities. Then the Mullahs changed their tactic. They fixed the ticket’s price, but the bus drivers got two or three or four tickets from the passengers ! After some years, the Mullahs increased the ticket’s price from 50 Rials to 100 Rials, and after a while, from 100 Rials to 200 Rials ; But they used the tactic of two or three ticket, as before ! In the recent years, they said: “Our buses have no facility, no air condition, no curtain, nothing, and in the summers (+105F /+40C) and in the winters ( 20F/ -5C) the passengers have many problems. We should increase the quality of the buses, and of course, the price of our new service !”. They used many of the old f-u-c-k-ing buses and some new ones for their new service, that its price was 1000 Rials , without any ticket. Gradually the old service, the ticket-based with 200 Rials ticket, became extinct. Now many buses have no air condition, and no facility, as usual, but the price has increased 1000%, i.e. from 200 Rials to 2000 Rials! . In fact, in less than 18 years, the price has increased 20000% !!, from 10 Rials to 2000 Rials !! It’s the meaning of the Mullah Miracle.

Now the Mullahs have removed subsidies on basic foods (bread, milk, flour, wheat, etc), fuel, public transport, utility (Water, electricity, gas, etc), vital services (post, transport, etc), and everything. And in this way, they really have dug their own grave. As Iranians say, these days are “Aramesh Qabl as Tufan” i.e. “the calm before the storm “. The people are really angry. The economic climate is really stormy. The Islamic-Reformists have been dead and buried because of their betrayals. The Big Bang is near. The people should only prepare and organize themselves. Their urgent need is Alternative groups and a strong media/website for the silent majority . The people should know that the vultures, i.e. the reactionary Iranians (Monarchists, Rajavists, etc) and their Western supporters have lurked behind the walls .The vultures stalking their prey, and the people should be very careful. If the people, the silent majority, have their own media and their own voice, then the vultures should go and f-u-c-k themselves and their Western supporters/masters . The vultures will succeed in hijacking the Iranian revolution, only if the people, the silent majority, have not their own media and their own voice. The Iranians should take the urgent needs, i.e. making the alternative groups and the people media, very serious. The vultures’ media and websites, such as BBC Persian, VOA Farsi, Balatarin.com, etc, should be boycotted and the people media/websites should be created. After that, the vultures and their Western supporters will have only one way : “They should f-u-c-k and eat each other; It’s the ancient tradition of the vultures and the politicians !”

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