British Media, British Censorship

Finally after more than 50 days, the Guardian published parts of Mahmoudian’s letter, on June 24, 2011. As we said before, Mahmoudian published a letter about rape and sodomy in Iran’s prisons, in the early May . As we said before, the Guardian and British Media’s reactions to the Spanish and Greek protests, were like their reactions to Iranian protests, and could be called “British Censorship”. They ignore and censor the main events and the main news, and then after some months, publish some stupid reports about them. It’s British Censorship. Of course, all Western mass media suffer from censorship, but the story of British media and British Censorship is very funny. So, if you want to have the latest news of Iran, Spain, Greece, and the whole world, you can read the Guardian and watch the BBC. In this way, you can be sure that you know nothing about what really happens in the world .

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