June 2011: Islamists in deep Shit

In these days, some people ask: “What’s happened in these days? What’s happened to the Iranian movement? What’s happened to the Islamists? etc” June 2011, i.e. 2 years after the coup, almost all Iranians inside Iran, even the most stupid people, are sure of one thing: “All Islamists of Iran are in deep Shit”. The Islamists, i.e. Khamenei’s dogs/thugs and Islamist-Reformists (Islamist-Nationalists, Khatamists, Rafsanjani’s mercenaries, etc), are really in deep shit, and the people don’t give a shit about them and what they do. In these days, all the people, even the most stupid people, have understood one thing: ‘ The Islamist-Reformists were dead and buried in Iran’ After the stupid, pointless, and senseless call for a silent demonstration on June 12, the people sent a very big “Bilakh” (a very big “No”, or a big middle finger) for the Islamist-Reformists, by rejecting the call. In fact, only some thousands accepted the call; But the Islamist bastards were too stupid and did not understand the people message, and again called for a demonstration on June 15 and June 16. This time the people sent the biggest “Bilakh” (the biggest middle finger) for the Islamist-Reformists, and only some hundreds accepted the call. And in the recent days, some of them, that are in the prisons, went on hunger strike and the stupid bastards called for a protest on the roof tops, but this time the people sent the biggest possible “Bilakh” (the biggest possible middle finger) for the Islamist-Reformists, and only a dozen accepted the call. In fact, it clearly proved that the Islamist-Reformists, i.e. the mercenaries, traitors, and bastards, were dead and buried in Iran (if Mr. shit had called for any protesting rally in June 2011, more people attended the rally !!) . It’s the best possible news for the Iranians. And it completed what the people had done with the Islamist-Reformists in 2003, after their stupid sit-down strike in the Majlis 6th. We would write more about it later. From1997 to 2003, and then from 2003 to 2011, the Islamist-Reformists proved one thing: “The Islamic regime is unchangeable, and they are the regime’s mercenaries”


But the death of Islamist-Reformists in Iran is the worst possible news for the Mullahs and all Islamists in Iran. The Mullahs, and their leader, Khamenei, want to get rid of Mr. shit, and then deceive the people by their old dirty tricks. But the people, the majority of Iranians, peed and crapped on the head of all Islamists in Iran, and said “Khar Khodetudin” that means “You are the donkey; you are the most stupid people, not us”. In these days, Khamenei’s regime is really fighting for survival. They have arrested one of the assistance of Mr. shit and Mashaee (Malekzadeh) and prepared for arresting or killing Mashaee and then Mr. shit. In these days, Khamenei and all his dogs/thugs treat Mr. shit like shit ! But all Iranians know that Khamenei and his dogs are fighting for their own survival. They want to say that Mr. shit is the bad guy. But the people know who is the real bad guy. They know that all the Mullahs and Islamists are criminals and Khamenei is their leader. Khamenei and his Western supporters, especial British Mullah Makers, have tried to say that Mr. shit is the bad guy. As we said before -a lot of times in the articles of March and April (check the archive)- the British media tried to distorted the facts about what Iranians want. They stupidly said that the Iranians chant against Mr. shit, not Khamenei, and it was a big lie. In fact, the British Mullah Makers and all Western supporters of Khamenei try use their media, their propaganda machine, to help Khamenei and his regime to victimize Mr. shit and save the Islamic regime from the imminent fall. But Iranians say: “Khar Khodetudin” that means “You are the donkey; you are the most stupid people, not us”

Now even the most stupid people know that what the baby Godzilla said was a shit, and nothing happened in Khordad . Now even the most stupid people are sure that the baby Godzilla, Khazali, and all Islamist-Reformists, i.e. the traitors and mercenaries, are like “Madhi”. Now, it has become clear that all baby Godzillas are worried about the imminent fall of their beloved Islamic regime. Now, even the most stupid people are sure that Khamenei wants to get rid of Mr. shit and after that Khamenei would say: “I was wrong about Mr. shit. He was a CIA agent. He was a killer and a rapist. He killed and tortured you, not me. He f-uc-k-e-d your life, not me. He f-u-c-k-ed your economics, not me. He cut your subsidies, not me. Mr. shit is the bad guy, and he stole your votes and killed you in the streets. I am innocent and I apologize for my mistake about Mr. shit. I ate shit, I ate extra shit, please forgive me“. But who cares about Mr. shit. All Iranians know that who is the main responsible of all the disasters. Now the Iranians say to Khameni: “Yes, you ate extra shit in the past years, but now if you eat the biggest shit of the world, i.e. Mr. shit, and jail or kill him, it changes nothing, and we know that you are the master and commander of all Islamist rapists and killers. We know that your secret agents and your mercenaries, i.e. the Islamist-Reformists, were dead and buried in Iran. We express our condolence to you.”

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