Mullahs and International Bludgeon Award

Ayatollah Mohseni Ejei, Prosecutor of Mullah’s regime, was chosen as the winner of the International Bludgeon Award of the Womans Link worldwide as the most anti-woman judge in the world . In their announcement, the organization who awards the number one pro-women and anti-women judges in the world every year, said: the Bludgeon went to a decision of the Supreme Court of Iran … This decision was nominated by Shadi Sadr from Justice for Iran”. “On June 2, 2011, in a ceremony in Madrid, the jury awarded Mohseni Ejei to be the winner of the International Bludgeon award of this year.

Mohseni Ejei was born in 1956 in Ejeyeh of Isfahan Province. After the revolution, for 14 years he held different judicial and intelligence related posts. Some of his posts include: head of the selection office of the ministry of Intelligence between 1984-1985 , representative of the Judiciary in the ministry of Intelligence from the second half of 1985 to 1988 , head of the Special Court for Economic issues in 1989 and 1990, representative of the Judiciary in the Ministry of Intelligence and some protection offices between 1991 and 1994, prosecutor of the Special Court for the Clergy between 1985 and 1987. Further, according to testimony of political prisoners, he was a member of a committee known as Death Committee by whose decision thousands of political prisoners were killed in 1988. Akbar Ganji said that Eje’i issued the fatwa for assassination of some modern thinkers and writers during the chain murders . In the recent years, he was the representative of the judiciary in the committee to supervise published press, a committee who issued the closure order for hundreds of newspapers and magazines.

Mullah Mohseni Ejei should be chosen as the winner of some other International Awards, like : – The winner of the International Wolf’s Tooth Award (because he officially bit a Reformist (SaharKhiz) in an official meeting) – The winner of the International Holy Assassin Award (because he issued many fatwas for assassination) -The winner of the International Newspapers’ killer Award (because he closed many newspapers in Iran)

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