The Islamic Republic of Rapists

In the recent days, the people reporters reported some brutal cases of rape. The story of Islamic regime is the darkest black comedy in the history of Iran. The Mullahs and their Basiji thugs/dogs, who arrested young women for Hijab, raped hundreds of Iranian men and women in 2009. Since then, the people call the Islamic regime “The Islamic Republic of Rapists”. In fact, we could call the Mullah Age “The Age of the Islamist Rapists “. As we said before, in 2009 the majority of Iranians understood that the Mullahs’ legacy is ‘Rape for all’ , while before that, they thought the Mullah’s legacy is ‘Hijab for all’ . Indeed, in 2009 they understood that Hijab and Rape are two side of the same coin in the Mullah’s regime. In 2009, the young Iranians learned and read more about the tragic stories of rapes and tortures in the 30 years of the Islamic regime. They understood that the Islamists want to stay in power at any price, even by raping men and women. They understood that the Islamists have many s-e-x-u-al complexes and obsessions, and they suffer from some sort of Oedipus complex, that we call it ‘Basiji complex’ ! .


The Basiji and Mullah rapists, have Basiji complex. They rape the women and men in all places, but they arrest and torture bad Hijab women ! and their judiciary system punishes the victim of rape, not the rapists. In the recent days, the people reporters said that more than 10 Basiji rapists in Khomeini-Shahr (the city of Khomeini !) raped more than 5 women in a garden . Apparently a dozen men and women, family and friends, had a private party in the garden. They were like many young Iranians and wanted to had joy without Islamic Hijab. They were like many young Iranians and wanted to protest against the reactionary Islam and Muslims and f-u-c-k the Mullahs and their regime by being happy. But after some hours, a dozen Basiji Rapists came and said that they are “Moral Police” and the poor youth had to know that dance and joy is a great sin in Islam. So they arrested the poor youths, the sinners. Then they locked all men in a room at the back of the garden. And after that they came and raped the poor girls !, even a young pregnant woman that his husband was in the locked room ! Now the rapists are free !, but the Mullahs have arrested the poor victims, and a people reporter, who reported the rape ! It’s the meaning of Mullah’s Islam. In the Mullah’s Islam seeing women’s hair, dancing, drinking, seeing women’s body, touching any part of the women’s body, etc are a great sin, but raping the prisoners, and raping the young women in the private party are not sin, but it’s a part of the Islamic duties !! In 1980s, the Mullahs arrested the young girls of the opposition groups, and then executed them in the prisons. But before the execution, the Basiji and Sepahi rapists that were prison guards, raped the virgin girls. These systematical rapes, that could be called “Holy Rape”, had an Islamic reason: “the Mullahs believed that if a girl died while she is a virgin, then she goes to the heaven; But the opponents of the Mullahs had to go to the hell, so the Mullahs ordered that the Basiji rapists raped the poor girls before the execution .” We would write more about it later.


The Basiji and Mullah rapists, rape the women and men in all places. In the recent days, After the Khomenei-shahr’s scandal, the people reporters reported that more than 10 Basiji Rapists raped a poor woman in Kashmar. The Mullah of Kashmar, the head of Khamenei’s thug in Kashmar, said: “We don’t arrest the rapists, because there is not any complaint [!!], and no one has complained of the rapists“. It’s not a joke, it’s what the Mullah rapist said. But now, after some days and when the Mullahs saw the people’s backlash, the Mullah of Kashmar says: “The woman, the victim of rape, has complained and we have arrested both the women (i.e. the victim of rape !!), and the rapists !! ” And it’s not a joke, too. Before her arrest, the poor woman said: “My husband is a drug addict … I have two children and many problems … Some time ago, I met a decent man and he helped me a lot … Some days ago, we were in his car and talked to each other … But suddenly 5 to 6 Basijis came … they had motorcycle … They beat my friend (the man) … And then all of them raped me in front of each other … after that they called their friends, and then a bunch of their friends came and raped me again ” It’s the real story of Islam and Muslims in Iran. The Basiji rapists, i.e. the Khamenei’s dogs/thugs raped men and women, but the Mullahs arrested the victims of rape and punished them. The Mullahs could stone the poor woman, the victim of rape, because their Islamic laws say: ‘A woman that has a husband and a boyfriend at the same time, should be stoned to death. But a man not only can have 4 wives, but he can have many girlfriends that are called ‘concubine (Siqeh)’ ! or ‘female slave (Kaniz)’. The female slaves could be the arrested women, i.e. the poor victims of rape or Bad Hijab women !!


The Basiji and Mullah rapists, rape the women and men in all places. Today, the people reporters said that a dozen of Basiji thugs have raped two young women, two female doctors/students, in Golestan. In the recent weeks, we also had a news about a female student in Mashhad, who was raped by Basiji students. And some years ago, in Zanjan university, a Basiji professor, wanted to rape a famale student in his room ! This is the real meaning of Mullah’s Islam, the religion of rape, torture and kill. Now the Mullahs say: “If the victims of rape had Hijab, the rapists did not rape them !!!” And the stupid Mullahs in the Mullah’s judiciary system say: “We should not focus on the current cases of rape. There are hundreds of the same cases, the rape cases, and the judiciary system handles them in the silence ” It’s a good confession. There are thousands of the reported rape cases, and millions of the unreported rape cases in Iran, and no one know nothing about the poor victims of Islamic rape in Iran . The majority of rapists are Basiji and Islamist rapists. But we should not forget that the Mullahs and their Islam have polluted many people, especially the youths. Because of the Hijab and the Islamic laws, the young men and young women are obsessed about each other, and they suffer from many mental diseases, and their minds have been polluted. This is the legacy of Islamists in Iran. Of course many young and educated Iranians try to be free and have fun and joy and f-u-c-k all kind of Mullah’s laws, but the Mullahs arrest and threaten them just for Hijab or for attending a party, etc. And as you saw, after the arrest, the Mullahs and Basiji rapists, rape the arrested people ! It’s the darkest black comedy in the whole world.

Shame on the stupid Islamist-Reformists, who want to save the Islamic regime of rapists. Shame on Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries, and all Iranian fake intellects and shameless journalists, who betrayed the people and still are jerk and asshole. Shame on the stupid Iranian expats, who are so stupid and so reactionary (Unfortunately the majority of Iranian expats are reactionary, ignorant, or coward). All of Them are the main responsible of the death of 2009 movement and discouraging and disappointing the people. All of Them are the main responsible of the current f-u-c-k-i-ng situation in Iran, Shame on them all .

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