IMF = Lovers of the Mullahs

International Monetary Fund (IMF) loves the Mullahs. In the recent days, the Western media said: “Economists have reacted with scepticism to an IMF statement that praises the economic policies of Mullah’s president, Mr. shit” The IMF said it has revised its previous figures on Iran’s economy after a brief visit to the country [!!], expressing admiration for some of the dreadful plans (cutting subsidies and plundering national wealth by the corrupt Mullahs) introduced by Khamenei and Mr. shit. A mission led by Dominique Guillaume, a deputy division chief at the IMF, which traveled to Iran for two weeks in May and June this year, concluded that the Mullahs had been successful ‘in reducing inequalities, improving living standards and supporting domestic demand’ [!!!] .” It’s not a joke, it’s what the IMF, the Mullah’s lovers, has said.

Some Iranian economists said: “The IMF has completely contradicted its own previous views and has ignored independent views such as those expressed by the World Energy Outlook. In Iran, independent economists have been silenced and some, such as Saeed Laylaz and Fariborz Raeis-Dana, have been detained ” The world and all Iranians and non-Iranians should know that IMF and the Western Capitalism are the real lovers of the Mullahs. The Mullahs are Islamic Capitalists , who plunder the people money and the national wealth in a very harsh way. It’s so obvious that IMF, the Western Capitalists should support the Mullahs, the Islamic Capitalists. But some stupid Western intellects, stupidly think that the Mullahs and IMF are enemy of each other, or the Mullahs are independent and fight against IMF and Capitalism !! They are really untlra-stupid.

The IMF previously predicted that Iran’s economy would suffer zero growth in 2011, like 2010 and 2009 that Iran suffered zero growth , but now says: “the positive growth momentum continued in 2010/11” !! It also said inflation had been brought down from 25.4% to 12.4% !!!, bastard liars. The Mullah state-run media said the IMF had “corrected” itself . Yes, IMF corrected itself, after being bribed. Some Western media said: “Independent experts raised doubts over the IMF’s latest conclusions and questioned its support for Mr. shit’s policy of removing subsidies on fuel, food and other daily essentials, implemented last December … The IMF has long advocated the abolition of food and energy subsidies in Iran. Yet, what is hard to digest is the basis for its suggestions about improvements in living standards and greater equality due to this program … official data about Iran’s economy such as inflation and unemployment rates are not correct, and often disputed both internally and externally .” In fact, the Mullahs are expert in forgery and making fake graphs and fake data.

The special relationship between the Mullahs and IMF is very interesting. When the stupid Islamist-Reformists held the power in the government and the parliament, and wanted to implement some IMF’s plans in a long term program. Those plans were not so bad -for instance, they said that the price of a battle of gasoline should not be equal to the price of a battle of water, and the unbalanced prices should be improved- but the Khmenei’s thugs/dogs, including Mr. shit, said that we should reject all IMF’s plans and IMF is a very dangerous tool of the imperialism. When the people boycotted the stupid Islamist-Reformists in the 6th Majlis (Parliament), Khamenei’s dogs/thugs went to the 7th Majlish and said: “We don’t need any plan for cutting subsidies. We have Gas and Oil resources and the Iranians should enjoy their oil money; We should fixed all prices and don’t change them in any long term or short term plan” But now when the Khamenei’s dogs/thugs hold the monopoly power, the situation has changed.

In 2005 election, the Khamenei’s puppet, Mr. shit said: “The oil money is the people money, and we should give the people their share of the oil money”, but now in 2011, not only the oil money is in the Mullahs’ pockets, but the Mullahs said that IMF is our best friend and we should implement all IMF’s plans. Khamenei and Mr. shit f-u-c-k-ed the Iran’s economy from 2005 to 2010, and then they implemented the stupid IMF’s plan for cutting all subsidies, i.e.. the plan that they were disagreed with a very weaker version of it in the past years . The stupid Islamist-Reformists wanted to cut subsidies in 10 to 20 years, but Khamenei and Mr. shit said: “we have the oil and we are not follower of IMF”. Now Khamenei and Mr. shit have cut the subsidies in one night !!, and fucked all aspects of Iranians life, more than before. Now IMF has become a very close friend for the hypocrite Mullahs, who think that the people are as blind and stupid as them.

Shame on IMF, and Shame on all stupid Western Intellects who defend the Mullah regime in the name of the independence. They are really unltra-stupid.

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