About Vancouver Riot & Kiss

The identity and story of the kissing couple of Vancouver revealed. The Australian man, 29, says he was just trying to calm his Canadian girlfriend down after they both had been hit by Vancouver police. And some people say: “He tried to help her”. But some people ask: “Just looking at the photos, why is his arm halfway down her skirt and between her legs ?”


And some people answer: “Because he’s Australian. Maybe he thinks that she is a sheep !!” But some others say: “What rubbish, look at his leg! He’s not in a position of picking her up. This is typical of the morons in Vancouver … I think its evidence that men are really nice, the women has taken a nasty fall and the man is attempting to take her mind off it by trying to give her joy through manual stimulation. Im glad to see times have changed, twenty years ago I did a similar thing when a women slipped in McDonalds and I got 18 months …This seems like a modern day version of Blow Up; although I’m sure a 1000 times more interesting than that film”.


His mother told NineMSN: “I knew it was him because he doesn’t have a lot of clothes with him and he always puts on the same thing.” Apparently the mother is as cool as the son. The stupid story of the kissing couple that now have got global publicity, can be the story of some Hollywood movies like: “How to Calm down a Girl in 10 Seconds“, “Vancouver, I Love you“, “The King of Riot”, “S-e-x, Riot, and Video tape”, “How to Help Girls in a Riot“, “The Purple Panties of Vancouver“, “A Streetcar Named Canadian Riot”, “Canadian Pie: Vancouver Riot”, “Canadian Riot & the Art of Love”, “Harold & Kumar go to Vancouver”, “The Curious Case of Canadian Riot”.

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