When Iranians Boycott Celebrities

The state TV, the Khamenei propaganda machine, aired a program about a movie called “Thesis”, that is about the coup or the huge election fraud of 2009. In the recent weeks, some Iranian bloggers launched a campaign for boycotting the cast and crew of the stupid Movie. As we said before, many of Iranian celebrities are mercenary and Khayemal (who kiss the dictator’s balls or ass). The stupid Khamenei propaganda machine spent the people’s money, the oil money, on making this movie, but many actors rejected their generous offers only because they were frightened of the people backlash, and just a bunch of rats worked for them.


But who is these rats? Are they Basiji or Islamist? No, they are just opportunist and Khayemal. They are not believer; They are just ass-licker, and it really shows us the depth of the Islamists’ bankruptcy in Iran. When the supporters of a system are only a bunch of opportunists and ass-licker, then we can be sure about the imminent fall of the system . The Mullah regime even has not a dozen supporters among the artists. The rats that work with Mullahs are hypocrite charlatans, who want to make a deal with the Mullahs to ignore their non-Islamic behaviors. The rats don’t care about Mullahs, Islam and Muslims. They only disgrace themselves and the Islamic regime, and are a sign of the imminent fall of the Islamic regime. The celebrities that work with the Mullahs, become notorious and the people boycott them. The story of the singers and athletes who licked the dictator’s ass, is another version of the Iranian ‘Crime and Punishment’

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