Guardian Reporters: Stupid or Charlatan ?

Yesterday, one of the Guardian reporters wrote about a Basiji blogger. The report, “The day after..”, was about a Basiji website that wrote about the impact of an Iranian nuclear test, and it propagated by an IRGC-sponsored aggregator, on the Gerdab website that run by the Sepah (IRGC or Revolutionary Guards). Apparentely Saeed Kamali Dehghan, an Iranian reporter of the Guardian, has worked with Julian Borger, the stupid author of the report. Since 2009 until now, the Guardian reporters, including Dehghan, showed us how stupid and charlatan they are.

The stupid Julian Borger asked a Basiji rapist who posted a comment under his article: “What about the reposting by Gerdab. Is that also non-noteworthy? How is Gerdab seen within Iran? ” It shows that Borger and Dehghan, are either stupid or charlatan. How can they work there for the Guardian, while they are too stupid and too ignorant? Some Iranians said: “Who cares about Gerdab, idiot. Who even knows Gerdab? Who knows that Gerdab is a news website? Of course except you, the British bastards, and your Basiji friends in Qom” In fact, the stupid Guardian report advertised for an unknown Basiji blog, and introduced its Basiji writer with a translation of his own sentences: “I want to say that we exist too [!], on the eve of the second anniversary of the election [the coup /the huge election fraud] …We, the supporters of the Islamic Republic, we exist on-line too [!!!] [And your British friends advertise for you, the Basiji rapists] … Many of us, including me, do not agree with what some people in the establishment did during or after the election [!!!]. and we distance ourselves from them [!!!]. But all of us [, including the British friends of the Mullahs in the Guardian, the BBC, etc ] have rallied around the Islamic Republic to defend it [!!!!]

Shame on you, the stupid British Mullah Makers, that advertise for Basiji killers and Basiji rapists. You, the stupid British Mullah Makers, think that the young Iranians are as stupid as you or their parents. No, they know you well. The young educated Iranian intellects know the British media very well. They know the depth of stupidity and charlatanism of the British media. The Guardian and the BBC are the icons of Western media Charlatanism in 2009 and 2011. Now many of Iranians and non-Iranians know the Guardian and the BBC, and their tactics. Now many people know that the British media are real friends of Basijis and Mullahs. Shame on you, the Guardian, that advertised for Basiji killers and Basiji rapists.

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