Washington Post and Iranian Jerk

Yesterday, the stupid Washington Post had a very bad and weak report about Iran and Iranian protesters . In this dreadful and unreal report, the stupid Washington Post reporter in Tehran !!, Thomas Erdbrink, had an interview with Abbas Abdi, an Iranian jerk and one of the most stupid Islamist-Reformists . In fact, as Iranians say, if you want to have “Tokhmitarin Tahlil-ha az Iran” (the most stupid analysis of Iran), you should have Abbas Abdi, the stupid jerk. Now lets take a look at the stupid report (our comments are in parentheses): “Instead of marching in the streets, the same doctors, artists and students who led the demonstrations in 2009 are playing Internet games such as FarmVille (But he doesn’t write about the reason. When his resource is Abbas Abdi, it means he is really ultra-stupid and knows nothing about the reason) … In 2009, Dozens of protesters were killed, hundreds were arrested (motherf-u-c-k-er liar reporter, all Iranians know, and are sure, that at least hundreds were killed and thousands were arrested) … the bulk of the 2009 protesters is still too comfortable to risk it all in the kind of game-changing protests that have rocked other Middle Eastern nations in recent months (hahahaha, “is still too comfortable !!!” … motherf-u-c-k-er stupid reporter, it’s what Abbas Abdi said to you) … People see no viable alternative to the current leaders, and their stomachs are still full, said Abbas Abdi, They are trying to live their lives” (hahahah … “stomachs that are full !!!” Iranians should know the Iranian jerk, Abbas motherf-u-c-k-e-r Abdi, better)”

Reading this dreadful stupid report, reminds us of Mullah Mafia and American Baboon. Reading this dreadful stupid report, reminds us of Madhi’s scandal. The Washington Post doesn’t tell the truth about the current situation in Iran, and how Iranians hate the Islamist-Reformists and Iranian mercenaries, like Abbas Abdi, who betrayed the people’s movement. Abbas Abadi is another Madhi, and in fact, worse than Madhi. Abbas Abdi is a mercenary and works for the Mullah’s intelligence services, and tries to hide the truth. As we said before, the truths and lies about Iranian protests are very important, and Abbas Abdi and all regime mercenaries try to hide the truths and spread the lies : “We should not forget what the great Howard Zinn said : We in USA, think it requires a lot of courage just to speak your mind. Im not going to be executed. I’m not even going to be given a long jail sentence. I may be thrown into jail for a day or two , and that has happened to me eight to nine times. I may be fired, I may get a salary decrease, but these are pitiful things compared to what happens to people in the world somebody says: Are you willing to risk your job? Are you willing to risk a salary cut? Are you willing to risk that you wont get tenure? these are pitiful risks compared to the risks that people have taken in the world . We should not forget what a young Spaniard said: I dont want to risk spending the night in jail for a group that isnt even sure what it stands for. Just calling for change isnt enough. There have to be concrete goals and a plan of action or change means nothing . In fact, the Western people dont want to risk spending one night in jail, but Iranian should risk killing and being raped. But despite this great risk, they went to the streets in million. The Green movement, its leaders, and its goals were much more ambiguous than its Spanish counterpart. There were no concrete goals and no plan of action, and the Mullahs killed and raped the protesters. But despite this lack of clarity, the Iranians were in the streets for near 9 months. And its really more than a miracle“. The regime’s mercenaries and their Western supporters try to disappoint and discourage the people, and unfortunately some stupid Iranians repeat their bullshits.

Iranians are not as stupid as Abbas Abdi and his friends. Andas Iranians say: “In these says, Iranians try to send a big “Bilakh” (big “No”) to the Islamist-Reformists”. That’s why Iranians don’t go to the streets. Why they should go to the streets? for the stupid plans and stupid goals of the Islamist-Reformists ?! Why they should go to the streets? for the stupid and reactionary goals of the stupid Iranian expats, i.e. the stupid Monarchists and the stupid Rajavists ?!! Why they should go to the streets, when they have no media, and no voice? When the Western media, from BBC and VOA to Washington post and Guardian, are Mullah’s lover and try to tell lie about Iran and the reality of the Iranian protests, and when the Iranian oppositions’ websites, are websites of traitors and mercenaries, then the majority of unknown Iranian intellects should try to inform the people and say to the majority of Iranians that they should remain in their houses, and should not work for the reactionary and stupid goals of Iranian bastards . In these days, remaining in the houses, and not going to the streets, is a sign of wisdom and honor. the people are not foolish enough to kill themselves for keeping the Islamic regime safe, i.e. what the stupid Islamist-Reformists want, or for reviving and establishing a stupid Monarchy system, as the stupid reactionary Monarchists want. But the majority of Iranians should try to build a strong media for themselves. It’s an urgent need. They should get rid of the stupid Facebook, Balatarin.com, etc, and build a strong people media, for organizing the silent majority, who are too uncomfortable and frustrated.

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