Syrian Girl and British Fraudster

Do you know the Syrian Girl: Amina Arraf ? Who said that she is a half-American lesbian journalist, and wrote a blog called “A Gay Girl in Damascus,”? Who her cousin, Rania Ismail, said Arraf was last seen Monday being bundled into a car by three men in civilian clothes. And then many people around the world react to her arrest. Now, they said that the identity and the blog, and the story, all was a hoax ! but who is behind this shameful act? some British bastards! We know that Bastard Assad’s wife is a Brit and now live in London, because Syria is not safe enough for her !! Shame on British bastards who played with the people for more than 10 days. The British bastards, a man and his wife, that some one said they are American or British-American, wrote in : Without doubt, these British bastards are criminal and should be brought to trial. These British bastards tried to discredit the poor Syrians and the poor victims of Bastard Assad, who are killed and tortured in the Bastard Assad’s prisons and in the streets. But still one question remains: who is this girl in the below picture that the people know her as Amina Arraf ? Did Bastard Assad’s thugs arrest her or not ?


The paradox of Guy Girl, a stupid Muslim gay !, was funny. Guy Girl wrote: “Some people tell me I am foolish for what I believe. Maybe I am. But I have no problem stating with full cognizance that I am a Muslim, I am a Sunni Muslim. The why of it is not so difficult to explain but I will anyway. I was born to Sunni Muslim parents but that is not the full reason nor even most of it … I believe that there is a creator of the universe, a First force, a God of the Universe, who set the rules that make this world … I believe in a God who sends messages and messengers to humanity to steer us towards what is right [!!!] and place the keys of our natural religion , the natural religion of the universe, in our grasp … I believe in the Messengers of God and their teachings … That may seem crazy but that is what I believe ” Yes, it’s really crazy !, stupid British bastards. But what you did in the past weeks, was not crazy, it was a crime. You disgrace the poor Syrian protesters, who bravely fight against Bastard Assad’s regime, and more than 1300 of them were brutally killed. You are criminal.

Yesterday, the British bastard wrote: “I am the sole author of the blog and have always been so. Any and all posts on the blog are by me. Before I say anything else, I want to apologize to anyone I may have hurt or harmed in any way …I betrayed the trust of a great many people, the friendship that was honestly and openly offered to me, and played with the emotions of others unfairly. I have distracted the worlds attention from important issues of real people in real places. I have potentially compromised the safety of real people. I have helped lend credence to the lies of the regimes. ” Yes, you are so mean, so bastard. But saying” I’m sorry” is not enough. It’s so obvious that this British bastard is either a mercenary or a stupid jerk and asshole. But in both cases, he at least should spend some months in the jail, especially in the conditions like the Syrian jails. Shame on you British bastard.

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  1. Esther says:

    ..just a small correction. The Blogger you refer to was from the US, who is studying in Scotland.

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