for stupid Iranian Intellects

Today, an ordinary Iranian, a funny Rashti said: “Mamlekat, Tu Bega Man Bega ye” ! that means: “the country is like this: You f-u-c-k, I f-u-c-k” (i.e. all the people f-u-c-k each other in this country; all the people f-u-c-k this country) . It’s the best and the shortest sentence about the current situation in Iran. The Iranian jerks and assholes that call themselves “Intellectuals” should be ashamed of themselves and should learn from the ordinary Iranians. In fact, in a country that the intellects are more stupid than the ordinary people, and the majority of the intellects are Khayemal (who kiss the dictator’s balls or ass), and betray the people’s trust, it’s so obvious that all the people f-u-c-k each other . In Iran, the majority of intellects, writers, journalists, etc are mercenary or as Iranians say: “a member of “the Wind party” (i.e. they go where the wind is blowing). The ordinary Iranians’ wisdom is really more than the Iranian jerks and assholes that call themselves “Intellectuals”, who are fake intellects. So, under these conditions, what that ordinary Iranian said was the shortest and the most meaningful sentence about the dreadful situation in Iran: “Mamlekat, Tu Bega Man Bega ye ” !!

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