Iranian “Crime and Punishment”

Yesterday, Hoda Saber, a member of stupid Islamist-Nationalists was killed in the Khamenei’s prison. Apparently Hoda Saber went on hunger strike, after the tragic death of Haleh Sahabi, the daughter of Ezzat Sahabi, the chief baboon of Islamist-Nationalists. Apparently he has died of a heart attack after spending 10 days on hunger strike. We don’t know Hoda Saber, but he was a lover and follower of stupid Ezzat Sahabi, so he could be at least as stupid as the chief baboon of Islamist-Nationalists. It’s so tragic that a person dies in Khamenei’s prison, but it’s not the first time that a prisoner dies in Khamenei’s prisons (for instance, Akbar Mohammadi died in Khamenei’s prisons of a hunger strike). The story of Islamist-Nationalists, and their stupid mistakes in 1979 and 1980s, and their betrayal in 2009, and seeing the natural reaction of the people in these days, reminds us of Dostoyevsky’s book and its title: “Crime and Punishment”.

We certainly defend Hoda Saber’s human rights. The tragic death of Hoda Saber is really a sign of brutality of Mullah’s Islam. It’s so obvious that Hoda Saber had right to live -live with his stupid friends, the stupid Islamist-Nationalists. But he and his stupid friends had not right to betray the people’s movement and the people’s blood after the Ashoura Day. Islamist-Nationalists/Reformists and Iranian journalists have not right to be Rafsanjani’s mercenaries and betray the people . They should know that there is always a payback time. Hoda Saber is a stupid victim of the Islamic regime and Khamenei. When his master, Ezzat Sahabi betrayed the people and said: “we should not chant against Khamenei, we should not chant against the Islamic regime”, Hoda Saber and his stupid friends, who were followers of stupid Sahabi, had to know that payback time is near. Now the people don’t care about him, Sahabi and other traitors and mercenaries. It’s an Iranian “Crime and Punishment”. The tragic deaths of Haleh Sahabi and Hoda Saber should be a lesson for all Iranian traitors and mercenaries. These days, are payback time for the stupid Islamist-Nationalists, who betrayed the people’s movement after the Ashoura Day. Shame on them all .

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