BigBrotherBook = Facebook

In the recent days, Facebook users in Iran and other parts of the world, had some bad news. Facebook, i.e. Big Brother’s book, has come under fire for quietly expanding the availability of technology to automatically identify people in photos , renewing concerns about its privacy practices. Marc Rotenberg, president of the non-profit privacy advocacy group Electronic Privacy Information Center, said the system raised questions about which personally identifiable information, such as email addresses, would become associated with the photos in Facebook’s database. “Yet again, it feels like Facebook is eroding the online privacy of its users by stealth,” commented Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos. Last year the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint about Facebook’s privacy practices with the US Federal Trade Commission, which Rotenberg said was still pending. He noted that he planned to take a close look at Facebook’s new announcement involving facial recognition technology. Now Facebook has more than 500 million users.

The stupid Facebook users in Iran should be very careful, not only about face recognition feature of Facebook, but about other dangerous aspects of using Facebook in Iran. In the recent days, The RFERL (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) had a bad report about Facebook users in Iran But this bad report has some good parts that say : “When Houshang Fanaian joined Facebook last year, little did he expect it would land him in an Iranian prison … In late May, the 47-year-old Iranain (Baha’i) had one year tacked on to a larger prison sentence due to his activities on the social-networking site, Facebook … Fanaian’s case and others indicate that Iranian authorities are keeping a closer eye on Iranians’ Facebook activities … The case highlights the Iranian regime’s attempts to gain control of citizens’ online activities, which have continued despite warnings, harassment, and surveillance efforts … Facebook allows gatherings to take place in cyberspace between people who share the same ideas. Iranian officials don’t want these intergroup relations to take shape … Several student activists -suggesting the involvement of Iranian intelligence bodies- recall examples in which individuals with spurious identities have tried to “friend” them on Facebook … [An Iranian protester] says he has documented cases of students who have come under pressure at universities over their Facebook pages”

The comments of some non-Iranian users of Facebook about the privacy of this Big Brother’s tool were interesting: “Big Brother can’t believe his luck. All our info giving willingly; and we’re paying for it … your smartphone will know where you are, so it can track your location through an app should you allow it. Most camera phones these days store metadata about when and where the photo was taken. Here is a collection of 500 million profiles, linked to real world names, locations, associations, email and IP address data … and photos in which the account holder has been ID’d by associates or smartphones … One day soon not only will the computer recognize you it will have developed enough to say you look a bit rough today. Last thing the human race wants, a cheeky bloody computer. At that point I reserve the right to get the hammer out and give it a re-programming it will never forget … I’m not a FB user, but I am already in the Facebook database because several stupid friends have tried to get me to join through what I suspect is a handy button that lets users email Facebook sign up information to other people. So already, Facebook has information about me that I have not given them permission to have … It always makes me laugh well I see Facebook politely tells me that it won’t store my passwords. But it has just stored all my friends email addresses ! … Facebook is the biggest collector of data on individuals which government agencies can and will use . I don’t have Facebook or any of social networking media, I stay away from it.”

In Iran and other countries, only the naive people work with Facebook or are a member of Facebook. So, don’t be Naive ! Sooner or later, FB becomes FBI !

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