June 2009: The Election Day

June 12, 2009, or 22 Khordad 1388, was the election day. Khamenei’s thugs and Western charlatans like the American Baboon, say that “there was no election fraud”, but it’s the biggest lie of the 21st century. Iranians inside Iran know how big is this blatant lie. As you probably know, Iran has one of the most unreliable and unfair election system in the world. There is not registration for voters and many pro-regime voters vote more than once, by using fake ID cards or ID cards of dead people ! Iran has not any independent election committee, and Khamenei’s thugs/dogs in the Guardian Council manage and monitor the election and handle all complaints !! The Mullahs of the Guardian Council, especially the head of it, (Ayatollah) Janati, are the main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran and in 2009 they openly supported Mr. shit. In fact, the Guardian Council manage the election fraud, not the election !. We know that a non-partisan electoral management body is the key to an impartial electoral process, but there is not any non-partisan electoral management body in Iran. In fact, all election officers, from the officers who are responsible for a whole electoral district, to poll clerks who help voters, are not politically neutral; they are Khamenei’s thugs/dogs and are appointed by Janati, the number one enemy of freedom and democracy in Iran.

The Janati’s commissioners receive complaints (against themselves) and allegations of wrongdoing, and determine whether it’s right or wrong !! In fact, the Judiciary system and courts are out of the election process in Iran, and only Janati and the Guardian Council decide about the election and complaints. Indeed, they are both the judge and the guilty at the same time ! When the American Baboon talks nonsense about 2009 election and compares it with U.S. 2000 election, it’s really funny and beyond any joke. In Iran, Janati and the Guardian Council manage the election process, count the votes, handle the complaints, and decide about the complaints ! -that are against themselves !- And it’s really one of the most tragic-comic situation in the world But the American Baboon compares Iran with the US ! The Mullah’s authorities officially said that about 2 million ID cards of dead people have not been revoked yet !!, but the real number is near 5 million. In fact, in almost all previous elections we had about 6 to 7 million fake votes, that the majority of them were votes of the dead people or unborn people !, and in this way Janati and the regime controlled the election results. But the story of 2009 election was different. Before the election, the Islamist-Reformists told the people: “If you, the people, don’t boycott the election, then Janati and the regime can not use their 6 to 7 million fake votes and selects Mr. shit for us !” But in the 2009 election, Janati and the regime did not make use of fake ID cards’ tactic ! They used a new dirty trick. This time, they ignored all votes and did not count the votes. Instead, they invented and fabricated their own numbers for each candidate’s votes. These numbers only had one message: “the Mullahs officially declare that the people and their votes have not any meaning in the Islamic regime”. They said that the number of Karoubi’s votes is near 300 thousands !! while only in Tehran he had at least 1 million vote ! or in his own province, Lorestan, he had near 1 million vote ! In fact, the number of Karoubi’s votes in 2005 election was near 4 million, while at that time the majority of the people laughed at Kharoubi and the number of his supports were much less than 2009. The number of Karoubi’s votes is the key for any analysts. In fact, 300 thousands votes is the real number of Mr. shit’s votes in Iran, without the miracle of dead people’s ID Card ! .

In the election day, Khamenei and Janati’s team surprised Mousavi. Khamenei ordered that the SMS service should be blocked, and officially declared it in the early morning. And then all politically aware people got his message. Khamenei had fooled Mousavi. Mousavi campaign had a SMS based system for reporting any wrongdoing, and Mousavi said that Khamenei and Janati promised him that the SMS service will not be blocked in the election day and certainly his campaign could use the system for monitoring the election and election fraud. But Mosavi forgot one thing: Taqiyya: the Islamic deceit and holy hypocrisy . And after the election day, Mousavi confessed that he was too optimistic about Khamenei and Janati. The naive Mousavi could do nothing about the election fraud. Mousavi’s representatives were kicked out of many voting centers, and SMS service was blocked, and Khamenei and Janati did whatever they wanted to do. But Mousavi and his stupid team could focus on a simple plan for the day after the election day; A plan for “General strike and remaining in the streets until the defeat of the enemy of the people”. The story of election day was very funny. For the first time in the history of Islamic regime, the Khamenei’s TV did not show any serious footage of voting centers, and the long lines of Green voters. Then in 4p.m. to 5p.m., the military coup began . Apparently before that, Larijani and some other Mullahs had congratulated Mousavi and the regime had become sure that Mousavi wins the election with an unprecedented victory. In fact, it was not a hidden fact, and almost all people knew it and could see it in the voting centers and in the long lines of the Green voters in almost every city of Iran . In that afternoon, Khamenei’s thugs/dogs attacked Mousavi campaign’s offices, and arrested dozens. They broke the windows and hit the people with batons, chains, etc.

Then the first people protests began at 8p.m., near the Interior ministry’s building in Fatemi street and the neighborhood. But Mousavi and his campaign said that the people should be patient and the regime did not commit suicide with the huge election fraud . Near 10p.m. we and some others were in the headquarters of Mousavi campaign and said to them that they should organize the people for general strike and remaining in the streets. But his stupid team said that Khamenei will accept Mousavi’s victory, and respects the people’s votes. It was a sign of the depth of their stupidity. They thought that they could negotiate with Khamenei, the chief commander of the electoral/military coup. At 10p.m., June 12, 2009, it had become so clear that Mousavi and his team are so stupid and don’t want to organize the people for any effective protest. Around 10p.m., Mousavi and Karoubi’s delegations were kicked out of the interior ministry building, where the votes were counted. In fact, for the first time in the history of Islamic regime, and against their own laws, the Islamist-Reformists had not any representative in the site of vote counting. So, at 11p.m., Mousavi held a news conference and said that all people knew he is the elected president and no one can change the result. But he was wrong. Because tomorrow, when the people woke up, they heard the stupid Khamenei’s statement, that officially declared the Mr. shit’s victory. In fact, for the first time in the history of Islamic regime, Khamenei even did not respect to his own stupid laws, and against the law and before the legal time, officially declared his puppet’s victory. Two months later, Mousavi confessed that he was too stupid and thought he could reach to an agreement with Khamenei. Mousavi and his stupid team not only wasted the golden times of the two first months after the coup, but even after that, in the next months and until the Ashoura Day, they did not organize the people for any efficient protests. And in the Ashoura Day, the majority of the Iranian protesters abandoned Mousavi and his stupid team completely, and changed their path. In fact, after the Ashoura Day the Green movement died, and a new movement was born .

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