Legacy of Mullahs: Rape for All

Yesterday, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, released video testimony from a young female detainee describing in detail her severe torture and repeated rape after her arbitrary arrest The story of unknown victims of Mullahs are very tragic. The world only knows Neda Agha Soltan well, but they know nothing about victims of rape and torture. They know nothing about the comic-tragic paradox of Islamic regime, and how the Mullahs impose Islamic Hijab on women and men, and who the Mullahs rape women and men in the prisons. The PBS has published the transcript of the video testimony , Here are excerpts of the both reports:

“The Campaign is releasing a 28-minute segment from an original 100-minute video interview with the young woman who was detained, tortured and raped in the summer of 2009 … The young woman, Leyla, in the video vividly describes being groped by a boy in the service of security forces during her arrest , along with several other women and held in a secret location that she describes as a warehouse. She spent days in a cramped cell, blindfolded, and deprived of water, food, and toilet privileges. She was then transferred to another secret detention center and held in solitary confinement. “When Neda died, all of Iran and the rest of the world knew. But when they were raping and torturing me, and putting out cigarettes on my body, nobody knew ” she said. “When they arrested us and threw us in a van and beat us with clubs, they kept hitting us, and they verbally abused us. They took us somewhere. I didn’t know where it was. The windows of the van were tinted … When the male guard was shaving my hair, [ In Islam only women must shave women’s hair !] I wasn’t sitting in a chair He was holding me from behind and rubbing himself against me … First thing he did was lick my face … He started to pull my clothes off … I started crying. He shouted shut up whore! Then he started. Opened my bra and took my clothes off. He was stroking and hitting me at the same time, saying I will do something to you that youll never forget, Ill make it so you never leave your house again, anytime you hear my name you will tremble, Ill drive you insane. And he did. He raped me … After he raped me, he urinated on me, on my whole body …”


“Then he untied my hands and he started caressing my arm like a lover. I felt something burning me just for a second. I screamed and he slapped me. He put out his cigarette on my left hand. He put out another cigarette on my knee. I was still lost in the first and second pain when I felt another cigarette on my chest, another cigarette on back of my feet, another, another, and another, a pack of 20 cigarettes put out on my body … I don’t know how many times a day I was raped. It wasn’t just one person. There were different people. I dont know how much time passed. One week, two weeks. Every other day it was the same routine. They would take me into the room, they would beat me, rape me The whole time I was there, I was telling myself, be strong, be calm. The end of this is death, and death will only take a moment. Death was like a desire for me. I wanted to die ” Layla was released on several hundred thousand dollars bail, a price so high, that her parents had to sell the family business. She was never formally charged with a crime, and the secret police continue to monitor her. Rape was routinely practiced as a matter of policy to intimidate young ordinary people from ever coming out to protest again. The Mullah’s Parliament admitted that almost 100 cases of rape were filed … On 29 July 2009, Mehdi Karroubi wrote a letter to Rafsanjani, saying, Some of the detainees have reported that female detainees have been severely raped, resulting in serious injuries to the s-e-x-u-al organs. On the other hand, some of the young male detainees have been violently raped such that they have developed serious psychological and physical complications, suffering from deep depression


Karroubi made this letter public on 9 August 2009 and demanded a parliamentary investigation … On 7 and 8 September 2009, security forces attacked and shut down three groups collecting testimony from rape and torture victims … Shortly after these attempts by officials to cover up evidence of rape and torture, two male victims, Ebrahim Mehtari and Ebrahim Sharifi, fled Iran and provided their testimonies to the Campaign and other international human rights organizations.” The history will not forget the regime of Islamic rapists, an Islamic regime that killed, raped and tortured the Iranians in the name of Islam. The history will not forget the comic-tragic situation of Islam and the Islamic regime, with its mandatory Hijab even for non-Muslims and tourists, and its systematic rape in the prisons. In the near future, not only the Islamic regime that will go to hell and the trash can of the history, but the Islam and Muslims that supported this brutal Islamic regime, will go to the hell, as well. There is no doubt about it; No doubt. The Age of Islam and Islamic Middle Age has ended in Iran .

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