Legacy of Mullahs: Hijab for All

In the recent days, the Mullah Police has announced they will heighten the enforcement of dress-code laws all across Iran. The news agencies of the Mullahs quote Ahmadreza Radan, the deputy commander of the security forces, saying: Those with a history of violating the Hijab (Islamic veil, Islamic dress code) and the manufacturers of inappropriate clothing will be dealt with. Tight clothing for men or women, head scarves that do not properly cover the hair, short and inappropriate outfits, and symbols of deviant movements and satanic groups will be targeted by the officials ,Even the distributors of inappropriate clothing will be pursued !!, he said. Tehrans police chief has also recently announced the creation of local security centers to address public dress-code violations by both women and men !! . He added that tourists are not exempt from these regulations, and travel agencies are responsible for informing their clients about Islamic laws .


It’s exactly the meaning of Mullah’s paradox, and Mullah’s charlatanism. Hijab and Rape is two side on the same coin in the Islamic regime. Do we forget the story of young women, who had been virgin, but their captors brutally raped, beat and humiliated them in 2009 ?. A young woman said: First thing that Basiji did was lick my face. I felt my life drained. He started to pull my clothes off. I started crying. He shouted shut up whore! Then he started. Opened my bra and took my clothes off. He was stroking and hitting me at the same time, saying I will do something to you that youll never forget, Ill make it so you never leave your house again, anytime you hear my name you will tremble And he did. He raped me . I dont know how much time passed. One week, two weeks. Every other day it was the same routine. They would take me into the room, they would beat me, rape me Rape and torture continued for several weeks until her release, after which she suffered a urinary tract infection and other injuries.


Do the history forget what Mehdi Karoubi wrote in 2009: ” Some of the detainees have reported that female detainees have been severely raped, resulting in serious injuries to the s-e-x-u-al organs. On the other hand, some of the young male detainees have been violently raped such that they have developed serious psychological and physical complications, suffering from deep depression ” It’s the legacy of Mullahs and their Islam in Iran.

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