June 2009: Rafsanjani’s letter to Khamenei

Following the presidential debates between Mr. shit, Mousavi and others, Mr. shit put the entire system of the Islamic regime under question . The stupid Mr. shit said that Mullah’s regime is corrupt, and he was really right. In fact, it was the first and last right thing that Mr. shit said ! But the people knew that : -Mr. shit a part of this corrupt system, and even is one of the most corrupt people in the system -Khamenei is the most corrupt Mullah -Mr. shit is Khamenei’s puppet -Khamenei and Mr. shit have fucked all aspect of life (economy, culture, freedom, etc) more than before -Mousavi is the enemy of Khamenei and Mr. shit stupidly admitted it in his debate. The real war and power struggle in the corrupt system of Mullahs was between Rafsanjani and Khamenei, and it was the best case for the people. When the people saw how they fought against each other, they said: “Please f-u-c-k each other more ! We want to know more about the achievements, i.e. the crimes, of your Islamic regime in the past decades !” A week after the televised debate between Mr. shit and Mousavi, on June 10, 2009, Rafsanjani wrote a historical open letter to Khamenei. It is rare for him, and senior Mullahs to publicly criticize Khamenei. This letter is a historical document and shows the reality of power struggle in the last years of the Islamic regime. Here are excerpts of the letter:

“Unfortunately, the untrue and irresponsible statements of Mr. shit during his debate with Mr. Mousavi, the statements and events before and after that, remind us of what the hypocrites (Mojahedin) and
counterrevolutionary groups said and did in the first few years after the Revolution, as well as the accusations during the 2005 presidential elections, the elections for the 6th Majles [during which Rafsanjani was strongly attacked by the reformists] … Since some of the allegations had already been printed in the government-controlled media and had been repeated in the Mr. shit’s speech in the holy city of Mashhad, the claim that he might have been influenced by the debate’s atmosphere and the attacks were unplanned is not acceptable. This is apparently an attempt to distract people’s attention from the many documented reports by the Government Accounting Office that $1 billion is missing and that thousands of other unlawful acts have been committed with respect to the misuse of the national budget; or it could be that he feels that his main competitor is all heroes of quarter of century of the Islamic Revolution ! Millions of people in the country and outside watched as he lied and violated laws against religion, morality and fairness, and as he had targeted the achievements of our Islamic system . … Mr. shit disgraced all of us, and discredited the Islamic republic and Imam’s Golden era, a era that you were the president and finally became leader … He targeted you, because as the leader, you strongly supported all governments [i.e. you are the main responsible of all corruptions] … You, Beheshti, and I, were called “three Khomeini’s assistants” and we could successfully topple Bani Sadr’s government … I am not saying that the present government is similar to Bani Sadr’s, nor am I advocating the same fate for it [In the vocabulary of Rafsanjani, this means “I want the same fate for him”] … I saw Mr. shit at Imam’s anniversary, and told him that his false claims against me, the Islamic republic, and Imam’s golden era, are totally wrong and he should withdraw his claims … I also asked the state TV to dedicate a time for me to defend myself”

Rafsanjani added: “ but these two suggestions were rejected, and you preferred to remain silent … for more than five years, I were silent and had unlimited patience … but my friends and families always asked me to do something … The accusation that the candidates are [my] puppets is unjust and insulting, and cannot be justified … It should be noted that it is possible that the government agents are aware of my view that the continuation of the present state of affairs is not in the interest of our Islamic regime and the country , and you yourself know this view of mine very well as I have told you my reasons for it, but I have never talked to the media about it … Even if I patiently continue my policy, part of political groups and the people will undoubtedly not accept this situation, and the volcanoes that are fueled by anger and frustration will form in society, many examples of which can be seen in the election demonstrations on the streets … If the system cannot or does not want to confront such ugly and sin-infected phenomena as insults, lies and false allegations made in that debate, how can we consider ourselves followers of the sacred Islamic system? … Dear leader, now after the death of our great Imam and our dear friend, Beheshti, only you, myself and a small number of old friends remain … One expects your eminence, given your position, responsibility and personality, to take effective measures as you see fit to resolve this problem, eliminate dangerous plots and Put out the fire whose smoke is already visible and prevent its flames from rising and spreading through the elections and beyond You can stop the bubbling of a spring with just a shovel, but when the water gathers up, you can’t stop it even with an elephant [i.e. any amount of force] . (it’s an old Persian poem/saying) ”

Now, in 2011, the fire whose smoke was visible in 2009, has spread through the country. Now the water has gather up, and no one can stop it even with an elephant [i.e. any amount of force] . Now the game has been over.

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