Mullah Mafia and American Baboon

Many Iranians and many Americans don’t know anything about “Flynt Leverett”, that we call him “American Baboon”. The story of “Flynt Leverett” is very important and informative. In the recent days, he has repeated his bullshits and said : “There was no election fraud in Iran … the majority of Iranians love the Islamic republic and support it … they don’t want a secular system”. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Flynt Leverett, the American Baboon, earned a bachelors degree from Texas Christian University, earned a doctorate in politics from Princeton, honed his Arabic-language skills in Damascus, and joined the CIA during a period when the agency was not especially known for running agents, or paying much attention to Iran . The story of Flynt Leverett, the American Baboon, who is a CIA agent, can show us how the American authorities and CIA, or at least part of them, love Khamenei’s regime and support it by big blatant lies. In June 2009, after the huge election fraud, and when the Iranians were in the streets and killed by the Islamic regime, Flynt Leverett, the American Baboon wrote : “Americans ignore the fact that ANs 62 percent of the vote in the election is essentially the same as the 61 percent he received in 2005 election [!!]. The shock of the Iran experts over Fridays results is entirely self-generated, based on their preferred assumptions and wishful thinking [!!!] … Manipulation has always been there, as it is in many other countries [!!]… American Iran experts missed how AN was perceived by most Iranians [!!!!] as having won the nationally televised debates with his three opponents [!!!] especially his debate with Mousavi [!!!] … Before the debates, both Mousavi and AN campaign aides indicated privately that they perceived a surge of support for Mousavi; after the debates, the same aides concluded that ANs provocatively impressive performance and Mousavis desultory one had boosted the incumbents standing [!!!]. ANs charge that Mousavi was supported by Rafsanjanis sons seemed to play well with voters [!!!]… one poll conducted before Fridays election by a Western organization [!!!] -a telephone poll carried out by the Washington-based Terror-Free Tomorrow (TFT) from May 11 to 20- [!!!!!] found AN running 20 points ahead of Mousavi [!!!!!] . This poll was conducted before the televised debates in which, as noted above, AN was perceived to have done well while Mousavi did poorly [!!!] … And, while many Iranians complain about inflation, the TFT poll found that most Iranian voters do not hold AN responsible [!!!!!!]” It’s not a joke, it’s exactly what this motherf-u-c-k-er American sponger said. Compared to Flynt Leverett, the American Baboon, Mr shit is not a liar, but he seems like a honest saint! The shameful and embarrassing story of some Western Polling organizations is very important and we would write more about it later.


Returning to the CIA briefly before retiring from government service in the spring of 2003, Flynt Leverett, the American Baboon, moved on to the Brookings Institution, and then the New America Foundation, as he began to reinvent himself as an Iran expert [!!] with the help of his wife. Hillary Mann Leverett claimed that after rotating back to the State Department from the White House in April 2003 she had received a fax from a Swiss diplomat acting as an intermediary on behalf of the Iranians, offering what the Leveretts would come to call the Grand Bargain. According to the Swiss fax, she said, the Islamic regime would cease support for terrorist organizations, terminate its nuclear program, and recognize I-s-r-a-e-l if the US would in turn guarantee that it had no designs to topple the regime. In an interview with Spiegel in June 2009, Flynt Leverett, the American Baboon, said: “There was an extraordinary amount of wishful thinking on the part of American and Western policymakers …That is a dangerous assumption. Fact is: AN won [!!!!] . He is even prepared for a dialogue with Washington under the right circumstances, as he stated earlier [!]. But he is empowered now [!!!]… Look at the irregularities Mousavi is citing now: that they ran out of ballot paper in some polling precincts, that they did not keep some polls open long enough. There is no way such things could change the overall outcome which is clearly in favor of AN. If you compare this to the flaws of the presidential election in Florida in 2000, it seems very insignificant [!!!]” Shame on you American Baboon; you are not an ultra-stupid or an ignorant American, you are a member of Mullah Mafia in the US. All Iranians know what happened in the election day, and there is no doubt about huge election fraud, and Iran’s case in 2009 is not like the US’s case in 2000. There are a lot of important evidences about the huge election fraud -that the Western media censored them- and we would write about it later. All Iranians know who won the debate; They know who was the great loser of the debate; Iranians know that the stupid debate was a total failure for Khamenei and his regime, and a detonator for the Iranians protests . The people’s response to the embarrassing debate was very clear. In 18 Khordad, and other days after the stupid debate, Iranians showed how angry they were, and how they hated the Mullah’s regime and Mr. shit . In fact, Flynt Leverett, the American Baboon, is not ignorant, but he is a CIA agent that works for supporting the Mullah’s regime, and he should talk nonsense about Iran and Iranians. Flynt Leverett also is a friend of Mohamed Marandi, a disgraced member of Mullah Mafia in the US. We would write more about Mohamed Marandi later. But in 2010, Flynt Leverett, the American Baboon, was invited to Iran, by Mohamed Marandi and the Sepah (Revolutionary Guard), because he publicly justified Mullah’s brutal suppression and the huge election fraud. After the huge election fraud, Marandi, Leverett and some other mercenaries and secret agents were the Mr shits key spokespersons in the English-language media.

Shame on American Baboons and American authorities who supported, and still support, the Islamic regime, the regime of Islamist rapists, which is the enemy of Iranians, but a friend of the West and the US. I hope all of you can see the depth of the American paradox and the West’s paradox in the story of Flynt Leverett, the American Baboon.

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