Madhi’s Scandal = Best News

Today, the Khamenei’s regime started a new stupid project, that the Khamenei’s TV called it “A Diamond for Deceit” ! It’s the Madhi’s Scandal and we call it “ Another sign of the Holy Islamic deceit, the Holy Hypocrisy “. But what is this childish stupid project ? A project that can only show us the depth of Khamenei’s regime bankruptcy. A project that is a clear sign of the imminent fall of the Islamic regime. Who is Madhi ? and What is Madhi’s Scandal ?

“Mommad Reza Madhi”, a high rank official of the Mullah’s intelligence Service, and a high rank Khamenei’s dog, fled to the West in 2009, after the beginning of Iranian protests. In fact, he pretended that he has fled to the West and he is one of the protesters !, while he was Khamenei’s secret agent. But he could deceive only a few stupid Iranian expats, including Nourizadeh, Makhmalbaf,,, etc and some of the stupid Western media, like the Guardian . He said : “I’m against Khamenei; I’m not Khamenei’s agent, I want to topple his regime !; I’m a member of Iranian protesters inside Iran !” But the majority of Iranians inside Iran said: “Who is this stupid Bastard? He is a secret agent of the regime.” It’s very funny that some Iranians used an old saying and said: “Madhi dige Sage Kie”, that means “Madhi is Mr. nobody; Madhi is a little dog of Mr. nobody”. In fact, the Iranians inside Iran know the real face of Mullahs and their holy hypocrisy, aka the Islamic deceit, very well. Even in 2009, some Iranians published Madhi’s shameful resume, and revealed that he is one of the most savage Khamenei’s dogs. So, “Mohammad Reza Madhi” and his stupid friends in the Mullah’s intelligence service, were only a bunch of dead pieces, from the beginning of their stupid game. It’s very funny that today he said : “I was the head of Iranian protesters outside Iran !! … I was the boss … I was a member of transitional government outside Iran !!!” It’s really a funny joke.

Who cared about this little piece of dog shit, Madhi ?!! Who even knew him ?!! Now he calls himself the boss !! yes, you were the boss, idiot; but the boss of your psychotic delusions ! Who cared about you, idiot. Madhi is only a little piece of dog shit, but Madhi’s scandal is very important. Madhi was only one of the regime’s agents outside Iran. The Islamist-Reformists, aka Islamist Baboons, that now live in the West and are the manager of the Iranian oppositions’ websites outside Iran, are are exactly like “Madhi”. The Khamenei’s Diamond of Deceit was not Madhi, it’s Rafsanjani’s mercenaries and Khatamists outside Iran, who betrayed the people’s movement after the Ashoura Day. We Know who betrayed the people, i.e. mercenaries like Attaollah Mohajerani, Mohsen Kadivar, Jamileh Kadivar, Ebrahim Nabavi, Masoud Behnoud,, etc. They are the main traitors and the main mercenaries. But now the majority of Iranians know who are the Rafsanjani’s mercenaries and Khatamists outside Iran. In fact, RajabAli Bouzineh (RajabAli the Baboon!), the ex-member of Mullah’s intelligence service,, Medhi Yahyanejad, etc are exactly a copy of Madhi. Now the Iranians know that Madhi and his stupid game is only a small part of the Invisible Hands . Madhi was only a small part of Mullah Mafia in the West, and we have written about it in “Mullah Mafia” Category.

When we said: ‘Shame on the Iranian Journalists’ , it had a real meaning, and now the Madhi’s scandal shows you the truth. The Madhi’s scandal is the best news for the people’s movement. It’s really the best news in the past 2 years. Now every body, even the most stupid people, can see who is the regime’s mercenary and who is on the people’s side. The Rafsanjani’s mercenaries and Khatamists, i.e. the Ashoura’s traitors, were and are the main obstacle of the people movement and now all of them are discredited and disgraced like Madhi , who has fled to Iran !! and now he is in Tehran. The sooner or later Madhi and all regime’s mercenaries, including Rafsanjani’s mercenaries and Khatamists, would be brought to the trial and then would be sent to their cages in the Islamists’ Zoo in Iran ! The childish stupid project of Madhi is nothing except a clear sign of the depth of the regime’s bankruptcy . Today we saw only one thing in the state TV : “ the sign of a imminent fall, i.e. the imminent fall of the Islamic regime. ” The Madhi’s scandal is very important and we would write more about it later.

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