June 2009: A Great Day, 18 Khordad

18 Khordad 1388 (June 8, 2009), 4 days before the election day, was a historical day. It was the first day of Iranian protests and the first day of the mass demonstrations. In fact, the debate between Mr. shit and Mousavi worked as a detonator and detonated the people Bomb. The televised debates were the first greatest mistake of a stupid dictator, who thought he is very very subtle. His second greatest mistake was a huge election fraud, when the people were in the streets, and his stupid detonator had detonated the people Bomb. In fact, He poured gasoline on the fire. Khordad is a third month in the Iranian Calendar, which means
. And in the past decade, the most perfect and memorable days of Iranian protests were Khordad’s days. In 1997, Khordard was the people’ month and people shocked the the Islamic regime. But a bigger version of 1997 Khordad, repeated in 2009. This time the people, who were aware that without active protests and going to the streets, there is no reform and reform means nothing inside the framework of the Islamic regime , went to the streets and created some historical days, that the greatest ones was 18 Khordad 1388 (June 8, 2009). millions of the people were in the Valiasr street, the longest street of Iran with about 15km lenght, and created a miracle that shocked both of the Khamenei’s regime and the Islamist-Reformists. Mousavi, who was really shocked, said: “18 Khordad can show us the truth about the people’s wishes; 18 Khordad shows us what the people want”. And he was really right


On 18 Khordad 1388 (June 8, 2009), people were really happy and full of joy. Their chants were really funny or meaningful. They chanted: “(Telling) Lie is banned”, “What happened to the Oil Money, It’s spent on Basijis, the spongers“, “Ahmadi bye bye, Ahmadi bye bye” [Ahmadi =AN=Mr shit], “The poor Ahmadi, No one like him”, “In the case of Election Fraud, We will see the Judgment Day in Iran “, “In the case of no election fraud, Ahmadi’s rank will be five among the four !” [the number of presidential candidates were four !], “Two multiply two, Equal to Ten, not four ” [for Ahmadi], “Ahmadi the liar, says Black is White !”, “Tonight Ahmadi’s Harem is empty, He has not any fans, no fans ” [it mocked one of Islamic chants in Ashoura “Emshab Harame x, Yar Nadarad” ], “Basiji, the sponger, leave our country alone“, “Everyone who is illiterate and stupid, is Ahmadi’s fan !” , “Shame on Ahmadi, the liar”, “Crow? will be gone, Lie? will be gone, Corruption? will be gone, Ahmadi? will be gone” [like the Traditional Iranian game “Kalagh Par” (Crow fly)] , “Death to the dictator, whether it’s Shah or Doctor”. An Iranian protester says: ” The 18 Khordad showed us that If the people can see each other and can see how large is their number, then we can see the people miracle, a miracle without any serious cost. I have not forgotten 18 Khordad 1388. When the people saw each other, when they saw millions of Iranians in the Valiasr street, many of them told each other what I said to my friends: “I’m very happy that I can see many people like myself, many educated and open-minded Iranians, many intellects. Where were they, before that ?! “. Even I could saw some ones in 18 Khordad, that you know, before that I never thought they could live in Iran, such a modern and open-minded people! In fact, the silent people, the silent majority were in their houses, they were silent, but in 18 Khordad, some of them went to the streets and saw each other and then they became very happy, full of hope, full of joy, and full of confidence .” And it’s really the reality of Khordad 1388.


Khamenei was really stupid. He thought that his British and American friends and their media, the BBC Persian and the VOA farsi, could save him and could deceive the people. But he and his western friends were totally wrong. The history showed us that the BBC and the VOA, which ignored and censored the 18 Khordad’s demonstration and neither BBC nor VOA said nothing, absolutely nothing about 18 Khordad and its news, tried to deceived the people and make doubt, fear, passiveness, etc, among the people, but the people were not as stupid as the western friends of Khamenei. “The power of the people is unlimited, and they can change anything without serious cost.” And it’s what 18 Khordad showed us. But the people, the silent majority, need media and organization. Without doubt, a strong and efficient media that can be the people’s voice, the silent majority’s voice, can organize the people. If the people organize themselves, no one and nothing, absolutely nothing, can stop them. And it’s exactly what scares the regime, the stupid Islamists, the stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavists, and of course their foreign masters, i.e. the f-u-c-k-ing Western powers, who support these reactionary Iranian bastards. The reactionary Iranians, i.e. the Islamists, the Monarchists, and the Rajavists, that are less than 10% of Iran’s population, can impose their reactionary views on Iranians, only when the majority has no media and no voice. Without media and without organization, the people should not go to the streets. And they know it. The Iranian common sense really works great. The majority knows that they should not work for the reactionary Iranians’ goals. They now that without clear and acceptable goals, without progressive goals, they should only pay the highest price without any outcome, and the situation can only become worse. The silent majority hates all reactionary Iranians, i.e. the Islamists, the Monarchists, he Rajavists, etc. They know that Khamenei = the Islamists = the Monarchists = the Rajavists. So they don’t want to f-u-c-k themselves like 1979. The younger generation of Iranians, i.e. the silent majority, are not stupid and as Iranians say: “They have not eaten Maghze Khar (Donkey’s brain !)”. The silent majority need a media and an organizer. We can be sure that, sooner or later, Iranians finally would build a new strong media, that would be the people’s voice and would organize the people.

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