June 2009: a Debate, a Detonator

The televised debate between Mousavai and Mr. shit, on 13 Khordad 1388 (June 3, 2009) , was a historical debate. It disgraced and discredited the whole corrupt system, the corrupt regime of Islamist rapists. The debate was a detonator for the Iranian protests. Here are the last part of excerpts of the debate:

Mr. shit : I feel sorry for you, Mr. Mousavi. Your questions shows that youre misinformed … Some people come together, get around you and support you. We do the same thing, people get around us. Yesterday I was in Mashhad, there were thousands of people [!]. Arent they the people from this country? [!!] Why do you think people who support you theyre the only human beings, and they are the people of Iran? [!!] …Mr. Mousavi, you have been Prime Minister for eight years, and there was only one newspaper to criticize you, only one newspaper [Khamenei’s newspaper, Resalat]. And once or twice a week they criticize you economically. And the statistics that I have here affirm all of those criticisms. I won’t talk about them now. But what atmosphere did you create at that time? You yourself, how many times you talked against that newspaper? I have all your lectures against that newspaper. You should remember all this. This is recorded … You pressure, and they stopped writing those reports and articles … During Mr. Rafsanjani, it was the same story … There was only one newspaper criticizing Rafsanjani’s government policies. The president himself adopted a position himself against that newspaper and finally silenced that newspaper … After nationalization of oil, nobody drew a caricature of a cleric, but they drew a caricature of a cleric in Khatami era [!!!] … When I mentioned the fact that Mr. Mousavi, Khatami and Mr. Rafsanjani, this is right … In a meeting where your wife and Mr. Khatami [were] present, Rafsanjani’s daughter said that, the time of reform is a continuation of the time of construction …You said that you are proud of Mr. Rafsanjanis support for you. What does that mean? … Do you remember the time you were in charge? Against the constitutional law, the minimum powers of the president (Khamenei) with, you stripped the president (Khamenei) of his ranks [!] You had to have your ministers confirmed, but what you did, was the late Imam had to interfere, and he appointed a group to select and to approve of the cabinet ministers. That means that the president (Khamenei) himself had no authority to deal with that because of what you did [!!]. Among the MPs, who dare talk against you? Do you remember what your friends did? Once a group of parliamentarians [Khamenei’s friends] voted against you, and it was done in secret of course, the voting was done in secret, the names were extracted, they were publicized, and they called them American Islam [Khomeini called them American Islam! ] … Regarding the file of a lady, can I talk to you about an educational record of a lady? should I say that? should I say that? Are you sure?

Mousavi: Yes, sure.

Mr. shit : Okay, when my turn comes.

Mousavi: Well, one of the problems that I have, which is one of the problems of our country is the method that we are facing in this session too, that is using fake facts, false claims, and creating fake faces for others and adventurism . We have some problems or some cases like your Interior Minister (Kordan). If your, the head of the governmentm didnt know that the Interior Minister has a fake PhD, it is short of information, otherwise, you know, it has another name When he was the Interior Minister, a contract of 10 billion dollars was discussed at his office … Then another minister (Mahsouli) is appointed who has some cases regarding a lot of problems and he has billions of [tomans] of riches, hundreds of billions, and then he is put at a place, you know, that is contrary to the criteria that Imam Khomeini set for us. … It’s said that he was involved in transit of oil and so on I am not going to touch them …You, against the law, dissolved the Monetary Council, and you know, now we have at least a 25% inflation, and one of the reasons for this inflation is the dissolution of the council. You wanted the control of all the banks and all the organizations, so as a result we just face this inflation and the dreadful economic situation, and everybody is just crying … The dissolution of the budget and planning organization is a serious problem. Im very sensitive about this organization because when I know that some people oppose to any plan, like the early days of the revolution because they said just trust in God, it’s enough, we dont need plans … I think that instead of just creating, of forging cases against others , its better to just solve the problems, to solve the difficulties of the country, to save the country from the crisis.

Mr. shit : … During Mr. Rafsanjanis government, a supporter of Mr. Mousavi, there was a wave created among managers, government workers, all of them wanted to get a [fake] doctoral degree, and the Azad University was behind this and they were issuing [fake] doctoral degrees one after another in a row, and there was a wave . Kordan was one of them …. In parliament I said: Look at his performance, forget about his degree … Regarding somebody else (Mahsouli), millions of dollars … he entered economic activity and he created some wealth … You said that they created great wealth. What are Mr. Rafsanjanis sons doing in the country? Which one of my ministers, during their time in office, possessed any mansions and created wealth, generated wealth for themselves? I have a list of the land that officials got: 40 hectares, 50, 80 hectares, 400 hectares plots of land. This happened during the transfer of ownership that started before this government. Who possessed all of these? Those who are supporting you now. The great cost of your campaign, where does it come from? I respect you, Mr. Mousavi, but where does all that money come from? One from Branch Electric Industries, without any bidding, they gave it to Mr. Kabasris wifes relatives. Everything went to them in tens of such cases. 400 hectares in Hormozgan province and people have problems on 2 hectares to create employment for their youths. And this is called lawlessness, Mr. Mousavi. Stud oil Scandal is called lawlessness. The person comes here, hes accused, convicted, and then he flees prison and is outside of everyone. Mr. Rafsanjanis sons has been after this. Lawlessness is seen in the sons of some of the people supporting you today. What about Mr. Nategh Nouris son? [Nategh Nouri works in Khamenei’s office !!! and he was and still is one of Khamenei’s right-hand man !!] How did he come to millions of dollars? How did they become rich? … I have a dossier from a lady, you know the lady [Mousavi’s wife]. She studied 2 masters degree, one in Azad university, she got PhD without attending the university entrance exam and now she is an assistant professor without having qualifications … ”

Mousavi: …. Instead of just accepting the mistakes and saying that ok we want to correct something, instead of that you only reject them. This leads to dictatorship, definitely it leads to dictatorship … you attack some people here who are not present here and then you just intermingle them with my fate and you didnt have anything on me, absolutely nothing, and you connect me to the previous two
terms/governments. They are right to be angry against you and the people will not accept this from you; Mr. Rafsanjani or Mr. Khatami have been president in this country, now you have the whole power in your hands and they cannot defend themselves; When people are watching you are mentioning the names of his family members, his sons and so on … Regarding the delegation of transferring of the hectors of land to others , if they have done so it is wrong and it has got nothing to do with me … I say every citizen is a headquarters, you know, contrary to [you] those who are using the government offices, the government facilities, public funds, the interior ministry, television, etc and they are using it for themselves and their campaign, we don’t use this sort of facilities. You know we have a very clean headquarters and there is not even a single word against it. We have very clean people and very faithful people [and] if they were corrupt I’m sure that you would name them but they are clean people, and you have nothing against them… I welcome the entire nation to support me so that I get the vote, so that I bring about the change and this is my intention and I announce it right now, I am addressing the people, if you want to see change in this situation so that others do not accuse others; You know in front of me he is just showing the photo of my wife and talking nonsense… She is the greatest female intellectuals of the country [!], she has worked for 10 years for her PhD in political science … One of the problems of the government is that the deputy president for executive affairs instead of solve the problems of the people is trying to find cases in order to just fabricate something for others so that they use it tonight … I am coming in order to change this moral, this streak … The money council has just turned the country into your backyard, it is just like the Qajar dynasty’s era … According to public organizations there is some money lost and there are many cases against your government … You forced me to say something that I didnt like to say … You are saying that the US is collapsing, I-s-r-a-e-l is collapsing, France is collapsing, and so on. On the basis of this slogan, we formulate our dreadful foreign policy which leads us to nowhere ….”

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