Google and Gmail Security is shit ?

In the recent days, the media reported “ Chinese hackers have stolen the login details of hundreds of senior US government officials !!, South Korean government officials, as well as Chinese political activists . Google said it had discovered and alerted hundreds of people who had been taken in by a carefully targeted “phishing” scam originating from Jinan, the capital of Shandong province. Hackers aimed to get complete control of users’ email accounts on the Gmail system. Google said its own systems were not affected -a contrast with the situation at the end of 2009 when Chinese hackers broke into the Google systems and are thought to have gained access to highly sensitive codes . The people using Google and Yahoo accounts are being targeted in a lot of “spear phishing” campaign, in which emails crafted to be relevant only to the recipients are sent out with malware or fake links. If the person opens the email or follows the links, they will be led to sites which will steal their email login details or silently redirect all their email to another address.”

Don’t open unknown emails. Don’t use Google and Yahoo accounts for sending and receiving serious emails.

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