Khomeini: a Philosopher-King ?!!

In 1979, the Time had an article/report about Khomeini and called the unknown Khomeini “a Philosopher-King” ! . Some Iranians think that the Western media had a sympathetic attitude towards Khomeini, and say: “When the Time called him a philosopher-king !, it meant that the Western mass media wanted to make a hero of Khomeini, who were unknown for the majority of Iranians before 1978″. When you read the time’s article, you think that you read Kheyhan, the regime’ Pravda, or watch the Khamenei’s TV. Of course, what the Time did was really beyond flattery; Even Keyhan or regime’s TV has not called Khomeini a philosopher-king !. But the philosopher-king‘s reaction towards the freedom of speech, for example his fatwa against Rushdie and his novel, was very funny. We don’t forget that in a collaboration between British authorities and their friends/agents in Iran, Khamenei, the President at that time, suggested that if Rushdie “apologizes and disowns his book, people may forgive him”; And Rushdie issued “a carefully worded statement” the next day regretting ; But Khomeini did not accept the apology. Now Lets take at look at parts of the article:

“The real seat of power in Iran is not in Tehran but at an Islamic academy called the Madresseh Faizieh in the holy city of Qum. There Ayatullah Khomeini, now 79, receives a steady stream of visitors … But Khomeini did not really create the Iranian revolution, the revolution created him (no, the West created him! ). That is the conclusion of Senior Correspondent James Bell, who first reported on Iranian politics for TIME in 1951 … Bell spent nearly two months searching out the all-but-unknown background of the remote, aging mystic who seemingly appeared from nowhere last year to oust the Shah and transform his country into an Islamic republic. Bell’s report: When asked to define the essential character of the Ayatullah Khomeini, a family friend recalls the scene at the drowning of Khomeini’s infant daughter in Qum some 35 years ago. … After a while Khomeini said quietly: “God gave me the child, and now he has taken her back.” Then he resumed his prayers. Remembers the friend: “He experienced no grief or turmoil, for he believes God is ever beside him ” !!! … Seyyed Mostafa al Moussavi, had six children, the youngest of whom was Ruhollah … Ruhollah was by all accounts a bright child ! He loved to play soccer and has retained an interest in the sport; he occasionally watched soccer matches on TV during his four-month exile in
Neauphlele-Château, outside Paris, in 1978-79. … Ruhollah also became fascinated with Aristotle and Plato !!, whose Republic provided the model for Khomeini’s concept of the Islamic republic !!!, with the philosopher-king replaced by the Islamic theologian !!! … Friends insist that in private the Ayatullah has a keen sense of humor and is a highly emotional man !! …
. He is also a populist who writes political tracts, has an earthy sense of justice and strong opinions about private property, reasonable food prices ! and the availability of water and electricity! . … He hates foreign influence, especially from the Americans. He is anti-Soviet …He is anti-I-s-r-a-e-l … Says a former politician in Tehran: “In the Islam that Khomeini thinks about, there are no borders. Geography has no role in Islamic nationality !”


“His family friends insist he has been married only once. Khomeini has said “One wife is enough,” Khomeini is known to have had six children. His wife is younger than him by several years. “I run the inside and he runs the outside, but we always consult !!! ” she has said. … Khomeini taught a course in ethics that was, in reality, a discussion of political science from an Islamic viewpoint !! … he became increasingly popular with students !!!. “As soon as classes were over, the instruction really began,” recalls one former student, Ayatollah Bahonar. “The discussions would go on for hours. He was never pleased unless you could stand up to him !! He demanded research and curiosity!! He wanted you to ask, to probe, to argue !! … In this way Khomeini trained 1,200 religious leaders who are the elite of the country today. !!!! ” …”Says Professor Mehdi Haeri, one of his students from this period: “Every weekend, He discussed ethics and morals, describing very complicated subjects simply !! …You felt the immanence of God !!; God was ever present with Khomeini !!!! “… In 1944, he acquired further recognition by being the only cleric who refused to rise when the new Shah came to visit the school !! … Khomeini had much more sympathy for the Ayatollah Kashani, who was then Mossadegh’s partner. Kashani later split with him and may even have cooperated with the CIA-backed coup that toppled Mossadegh’s government in August 1953 and enabled the Shah to return to his throne. Khomeini still identifies himself with Kashani !! … One link between Kashani and Khomeini is the Fedayan Islam, a group of fanatical Muslim nationalists… Khomeini’s first significant political activity came in November 1962, after the Shah’s government decided that a witness in court could henceforth swear by the “divine book” rather than the Koran. The new Ayatollah, Khomeini, led the clergy in a general strike, and the government backed down … ”


“By the spring of 1963, Khomeini was preaching to crowds of 100,000 in Qum, telling them that only “a flick of the finger” was necessary to sweep the Shah away. The Shah was greatly annoyed. Khomeini’s home was raided, and he was placed under house arrest. After his release a few months later, Khomeini protested even more loudly and was arrested again … Upon his second release, he was brought before Premier Hassan Mansur, who tried to convince Khomeini that he should apologize and drop his opposition to the government. Khomeini refused. In fury, Mansur slapped Khomeini’s face . The Ayatullah did not blink. Two weeks later, Hassan Mansur was assassinated on his way to parliament !. Four members of the Fedayan Islam were later executed for the murder. In the spring of 1964, Khomeini was exiled to Turkey, from where he soon moved to the Shi’ite holy city of Najaf, in Iraq. He remained there for nearly 15 years, lecturing in a Muslim academy and writing a treatise on his concept of the Islamic republic !!! (it’s a big lie, there was no Islamic republic, until 1979) … The Shah’s government then made three mistakes, the effect of which was to give Khomeini even greater prominence First, it tried to discredit him with implausible charges, such as contending that Khomeini was an Iraqi spy. Secondly in mid-1977 it asked Iraq to expel Khomeini, and Baghdad complied. … he decided to go to France, whose government took the precaution of asking the Shah whether he had any objections. The third mistake was the Shah’s answer to France: he did not care what happened to Khomeini. For the first time, the world press had easy access to him, and he to it Events in Iran now moved even more quickly than the Ayatollah himself could have expected !! Within four months of his arrival in France, Khomeini was able to make his triumphant return to Iran, where he quickly replaced the post-Shah government with a Cabinet of his own … Khomeini is 79; he tires easily and rarely works more than five hours a day. … He will surely try to do so for throughout his life he has rigidly held to his commitments. The real question is whether Iran has not become too secular over the past 50 years to submit for long to the rule of a philosopher-king !!!


Ha ha, “ the rule of a philosopher-king !!! “, how stupid and shameless was Western media. This philosopher-king showed his knowledge and wisdom in many interviews, including this interview . But the Western media was really so shameless. Of course, finally the world saw how the philosopher-king ! behave towards a writer. The stupid Salman Rushdie, good or bad, was a writer. We have not read his controversial novel, The Satanic Verses (1988), but it’s a book. Rushdie is not an intellectual, but he is a novelist, and even if he was a bad novelist, he still is writer and has the right to write whatever he wants. Apparently the title of The Satanic Verses refers to a disputed Muslim tradition/myth. According to this tradition or myth, Muhammad added verses (Ayah) to the Koran accepting three goddesses who used to be worshipped in Mecca as divine beings. According to the legend, Muhammad later revoked the verses, saying the devil tempted him to utter these lines to appease the Meccans (the phrase that Arab historians and later Muslims used to describe the incident of the withdrawn verses, was not “Satanic verses”, but gharaniq (“birds”) verses). The book also portrays prostitutes who had each the identity of one of Mohammad’s wives. On 14 February 1989, Khomeini’s fatwa issued that said: “The author of the book Satanic Verses … and those publishers who were aware of its contents, are sentenced to death. I call on all zealous Muslims to execute them quickly, where they find them, so that no one will dare to insult the Islamic sanctity. Whoever is killed on this path will be regarded as a martyr “. In a collaboration between British authorities and Khamenei, the President at that time, Khamenei suggested that if Rushdie “apologizes and disowns the book, people may forgive him”; And Rushdie issued “a carefully worded statement” the next day regretting But Khomeini did not accept the apology and his office said: “Even if Salman Rushdie repents and become the most pious man of all time, it is incumbent on every Muslim to employ everything he has got, his life and wealth, to send him to Hell”. Rushdie has reported that he still receives a “sort of Valentine’s card” from Iran each year on 14 February letting him know the country has not forgotten the vow to kill him. During the 2006 Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah declared that “ If there had been a Muslim to carry out Imam Khomeini’s fatwa against the renegade Rushdie, this rabble who insult our Prophet Mohammed in Denmark, Norway and France would not have dared to do so .” It’s the legacy of a man that the Western media called him a philosopher-king !.

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