It’s Wisdom and Honor, idiots

In these days, the regime’s mercenaries try to discourage the people and some stupid Iranians repeat their bullshits. The regime’s mercenaries and stupid Iranians, especially the stupid Iranian expats, say: “Iranians, why don’t you protest to the death of Ezzat Bi-Khaye (or “Ezzat who had no balls !” i.e. Sahabi) and his daughter? why don’t you care about Ezzat Bi-Khaye (Sahabi) ? … Iranians you are coward … Iranians have no balls”. These motherf-u-c-k-er bastards are really stupid. Don’t you know why Iranians don’t care about Ezzat Bi-Khaye (Sahabi) ? A traitor and stupid Islamist like Ezzat Bi-Khaye (Sahabi), is so worthless, or as funny Iranians say, he is not even as important as “Tokhme Asbe Hazrat Abbas” ! (the balls of saint Abbas’ horse !) for the majority of Iranians. When the stupid motherf-u-c-k-er Ezzat Bi-Khaye (Sahabi) wrote those shameful articles and letters after the Ashoura Day , he had to know that betraying the people has a very high price. Iranians are not coward and stupid, it’s Ezzat Bi-Khaye (Sahabi) and his stupid shameless friends that are ultra-coward and ultra-stupid. Iranians do their best for ignoring the traitors, like Ezzat Bi-Khaye (Sahabi). The motherf-u-c-k-er charlatans, like Ezzat Bi-Khaye (Sahabi) or RajabAli Bouzineh (or “RajabAli the Baboon !”), or Mammad Bi-Khaye (Khatami) said: “Street protests is enough … we should not chant against Khamenei … we should keep the Islamic regime safe”, and now they must shut their f-u-c-k-ing mouth and die of shame. But they and their supporters are so shameless and say : “why don’t you go to the streets and protest to the death of Ezzat Bi-Khaye’s daughter?” If Iranians want to go the streets and protests, they protests against the killing of hundreds of Iranians who brutally were killed in Ashoura Day, and against the traitors, who betrayed the people’s blood after Ashoura Day. Iranians will f-u-c-k some one like RajabAli Bouzineh, who repeated Khatami’s bullshits again, in the recent days.


Ezzat Bi-Khaye (Sahabi), Mammad Bi-Khaye (Khatami) and other little monkeys like RajabAli Bouzineh, are so worthless for Iranians, and in fact, they are dead monkeys for Iranians. “Tokhme Asbe Hazrat Abbas” ! (the balls of saint Abbas’ horse !) is more important that these stupid bastards ! Iranians certainly will go to the streets, but this time, they will have other plans and goals. Now Iranians are sure about this equation: Khamenei = Islamists = Monarchists = Rajavists = the enemy of Iran and Iranians. The total number of all these stupid bastards, is about 10% of Iran’s population . The Islamists have some sub-groups like Islamist-Reformists, Islamist-Nationalist, Khamenei’s dogs/thugs, etc. The total number of the Islamists is less than 10% of Iranians. The stupid Monarchists have two sub-groups: -Constitutionalist
-non-Constitutionalists. The total number of the stupid Monarchists is less than 1% of Iranians. The Rajavists’ story is a black comedy, they have only 5,000 members ! and 3,000 of them are jailed and f-u-c-k-ed in the Ashraf Camp by Rajavi ! These three groups can be called “the enemies of the Open Society”, “Stupid Charlatans”, “Stupid Bastards”, “Ultra-Kos-Khols” (assholes), “Iranian axis of evils “, etc. and Now Iranians, event the most stupid Iranians, know the truth.

Iranians are really wise that don’t go to the streets for the stupid Ezzat Bi-Khaye (Sahabi) and other Iranian ultra-Kos-Khols. It’s a sing of wisdom and honor. They show their deep hate. And it’s really very meaningful and important. In fact, until when the goals and plans of the protests were not clear, Iranians should not go to the streets. And the majority of Iranians understand this important fact. These days, they show how wise they are. The new wave of pretests need new organization, new goals, new plans, and new chants. The next wave of Iranian protests would be a strong protest against “Iranian axis of evils”, i.e. Islamists, Rajavists, and Monarchists Now the Iranians try to make their favorite chants for the next protests, the chants against their enemies, i.e. Khamenei, Khatami, Khomeini, Pahlavi, Rajavi, Islamist-Reformists, Monarchists, Traitors (Sahabi), Rafsanjani, Rafsanjani’s mercenaries, etc. The Iranians only need an alternative group, and an alternative media, for organizing themselves. Sooner or later they make or find the alternative. We have written about this important matter before, and would write more about it later.

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