Kordad 1388: Mousavi-AN Debate

Kordad 1388 (June 2009), was a historical month. The televised debate between Mousavai and Mr. shit, on 13 Khordad 1388 (June 3, 2009), was a historical debate. It was a very new things for Iranians, and for the first time in the Iranian history, they saw an election debate in the state TV. Khamenei thought that Mr. shit could win the confidence of uneducated people, with using the old dirty trick : “I’m Robin Hood; I steal money from the rich and give it to the poor”. But for Iranians Mr. shit was Prince Charles’ snake, not Robin Hood. After June 3, the people went to the streets, and made some historical days in the Iranian history, like 18 Khordad (8 June). It still is unclear why Khamenei agreed with this stupid televised debate. This televised debate provoked a great public anger against the Mullahs and their Islamic regime . We would write about it later, but now let’s take a look at The televised debate between Mousavai and Mr. shit , here are the first part of excerpts of the long debate :

Mr. shit :At the beginning I would like to make some complaints about some unfair, and lets call it, cruel attitude and approaches and some great lies and sabotaging against the government … Four years, I tolerated all the insults directed at me myself. I forgave it all, but I cannot allow people to be insulted, peoples choice and actually peoples understanding … I think today Mr. Mousavi is not sitting in front of me. It is not Mr. Mousavi alone. Its three consecutive governments in front of me, facing me. Its Mr. Mousavi, its Mr. Rafsanjani, and its also Mr. Khatami. The three served in previous governments … its a group of people with Mr. Rafsanjani as an axis and Mr. Khamati and Mr. Mousavi cooperating [with] him, moving against me … At the beginning of this very government, Mr. Rafsanjani sent a message to one of the king of Saudi Arabia and told them not to be worried: within six months, that this government will collapse. … Are the problems all created in the past four years? Does it mean that there was a heaven, and a utopia, and you delivered that to me, and your friends delivered that to me, and I turned it to hell ? … If I were not a candidate, what the three other candidates, what would they have to tell people? ”

Mousavi: First of all, I really wish that Mr. shit had succeeded in his endeavors, then definitely it wouldnt be necessary for me to enter into the race … I entered the race because I felt the danger … I will just discuss our main problems case by case so that it will be tangible for all. Im not going to just talk in general terms. I will give you examples. … You know, when we say that so-and-so country is collapsing, and we are going to manage the world- these are slogans, and there is no practical backing. Let me give you an example. A few examples indeed. You know, the case of British marines … In the first place we said that we have to execute them. And we created a crisis and then we decided to give them suits to wear, and then our president whose status doesnt belongs to himself, it belongs to the people, went there and arranged a ceremony that we dont even organize for the heads of other countries. Did it really preserve the dignity of our nation?… And then the head of the government had a trip to Iraq without clarifying how, he said that theyre going to kidnap me, so if theyre going to kidnap you, probably the Americans should kidnap you. The Americans, in fact, provided the fuel of the airplane that you traveled with. And then, in Iraq, we had photos with the American soldiers, and the same event happened in Italy, and then we said that they are going to kidnap us ! … And then, a number of times, we said that we believe that the US is collapsing. If it is so, why we have traveled there four times? Why have we written two letters? the Swiss president has gone there and spoken in the parliament and saying that he has been asked to give a message to Obama to talk to us before the elections, to somehow solve the problems and the relations between the two countries. Is it in the interest of our country? .

Mr. shit : Mr. Mousavi. I like you as a person, but such judgments based on false data and information, its too bad. … Mr. Blair wrote a letter in which he apologized [!!] and he said our policies regarding Iran will change those policies. This is a document at the Iranian Foreign Minister ; its there … Regarding the occupied Palestine, Mr. Mousavi should remember his own stances in the past. Mr. Mousavi announced that the Zionist regime must be wiped out … We acted outside the formulation devised by the great powers. We never accepted the Western formulations. … We have 7000 centrifuges working now. Bush, after all of this cooperation Iran had with them in Afghanistan, announced that Iran is an axis of evil. There, nothing happened to Irans dignity. He threatened Iran with military attack. But what about now? Bush, during his last days, said that we are not after toppling the Islamic establishment. And Obama also expressly said … America was after toppling the Islamic establishment in your era or in Khatami’s era … Today, they announced we are not after this. Officially they say this. … For 15 years, Europeans said we want to criticize Iran, and on the table they raised some issues that Iran is not observing human rights, But we asked two questions about Holocaust. And those two questions questioned the whole human rights system in the West [!!] . Theyre crying, theyre shouting … I have a question for you. During Mr. Rafsanjanis government, the inflation rate was 49.5%, 49 billion dollars was what we had as foreign debt at this time. Social crises were hitting many of our major cities at that time. A large number of people got killed . During the eighteenth of Tir (the student movement of 1999) there was a movement that was going to capture Tehran and move towards the government centers. They were going to have what they called velvet revolution.[!!] And you were not concerned then? … And about the issue of Holocaust … Why should we wait for Europeans to come and talk about human rights in our country? … Our Red Line is the UN Security Council? The UN Security Council had its resolutions, they had their sanctions. What happened? What can they do now? … In Tehran, they wrote articles that the helm of the late imam is gone. You kept silent. The government supported that person who wrote that article. You kept silent. Now, youre saying were deviating from the Imams path (Khomeini’s path). ”

Mousavi: : …. Our Islamic system decided to say that in order to be compatible with the international norms … regarding I-s-r-a-e-l we should say that we agree with the return of all Palestinian people, and even those who have been expelled from Palestine, and then Jews, Christians, and Muslims vote in order to determine their own fate … I bet the greatest I-s-r-a-e-l institution in the US considers your policy as an advantage for itself … You know, when we just talk about Holocaust we dont calculate the costs and the benefits …. After these issues, then your deputy says that we are friends of the I-s-r-a-e-l-i people, in order to create a balance … I dont want to talk about the Persian Gulf and going to Qatar and to UAE because they inflict heavy damages on us … the government has been negligent of the problems of the people outside Iran, and how they [Arabs] threat Iranians … You talked about Mr. Rafsanjani. Mr. Rafsanjani is a great person, and Imam talked about him … Mr. Khatami is not just an unknown person; he has been a president for 8 years; Mr. Rafsanjani too. So you can talk to them. You can just arrange a talk on the TV, and this TV is your TV and your media. the IRIB is at your disposal; you can invite them to a round table and talk to them. What are they related to me? It has nothing to do with me … Iran has been caged as a result of your economic policies and also foreign policy … Suppose that a book shop whose back is at the wall has published 30 books. Its enough to just ban four or five of the titles in the new editions, and they go bankrupt as they are. Then they feel that they are against the system. Why the artists are against the government? I believe that the artists are not much involved in political activities but they are really facing problem at national level due to these policies.”

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