Foolishness is an incurable Disease ?!

Foolishness is one of the main fatal diseases. It’s like Mad Cow disease or Alzheimer’s disease. We have had some comments from the stupid lefts, the stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavists, etc that all are related to “Foolishness Disease”, so we decide to write about it, for the first and last time. First lets write some lines for all of them: “Dear stupid people, when you think “Noam Chomsky” is a real intellectual, “Hugo Chavez” is an anti-Imperialism hero, or “Obama” is the enemy of Khamenei and his regime, and you deny that at least you can be wrong, you are in denial and refuse to admit that you suffer form “Foolishness Disease”. Please note that If you think who criticize “Noam Chomsky” is a “George Soros” lover, or who criticize “Hugo Chavez” is a “George Bush” lover, or who criticize “Monarchy and stupid Pahlavi” is a “Mullah” lover; If you think that ‘Republic’ is elitism, “Monarchy’ is better than ‘Republic’ for Iran, Freedom and free system is meaningless, democratic system is impossible, Khamenei’s TV is a press and you can work with it, etc then you -a Marxist, Monarchist, etc- suffer from both “Foolishness Disease” and “Mad Cow disease”. Your complex disease is really incurable! No one can help you. In fact, what you need is more than a miracle!

We know that the human beings have paid a very high price for “Foolishness Disease”, and the current f-u-c-k-ing world, full of corrupt politicians, fake intellects, charlatan journalists, liar media, etc, is one of the main result of “Foolishness Disease”. The stupid people always denies that they are stupid. In fact, if they didn’t deny it, then they would not be “stupid”. All countries and nations are suffering an epidemic of “Foolishness Disease”, and there is no exception. Iran is suffering an epidemic of “Foolishness Disease”, as well. But the situation of Iranian expasts, who live in the US or Europe, is very very serious. The majority of Iranian expats suffer from “Foolishness Disease”. It’s so obvious that some Iranian expats are wise or respectable people, but they are not more than 10% of Iranian expats’ population, of course in the best case . These wise or respectable Iranian expats often hate other Iranians, and prefer to be a global citizen instead of an Iranian citizen, and it’s totally understandable. Their first and simple reason is that ‘ they don’t want to be considered as a member of stupid Iranian expats’ community’. They try to have not any contact with the stupid Iranian expats and their community . They are a tiny minority of Iranian expats, who sometimes deny that they are Iranian, and when you take a look at the depth of stupidity of the majority of Iranian expats, you can understand them.

The Iranian expats who suffer from “Foolishness Disease”, always say: “You are baby; I have been reading since before you were born. I’m a Monarchist Karl Popper !, or a Marxist Karl Popper !, or an Islamist Karl Popper !, etc. ” It’s not a joke, it’s what these stupid bastards always say. These stupid people suffer form “Mad Cow disease” and “Alzheimer’s disease” as well as “Foolishness Disease”. As Iranians say, they can not even pronounce the name of “Karl Popper”, and know nothing about the life of “Karl Popper”, and how he hated Marxist, Fascist, Monarchists, etc. They know nothing about Poppers’ autobiography, Unended Quest(1976) . They know nothing about the tragedy of 1920s and 1930s, or the tragedy of Totalitarianism, Fascism, Nazism, etc. But they always say: “I was young and foolish at that time. but now I’m ‘Karl Popper’, and you should know how many books I read. I have a PhD, etc”. And we say: “Yes, reading book is important and good, but it’s not enough. If reading book was enough, then our library staff were Albert Einstein ! Having PhD is a joke, and it’s not enough at all. If it was enough, then Mr. shit and his friends were God !“. They don’t know that reading book is good when you can use your brain and think, but when you are a fanatic and closed your mind to all new things, then reading book is as helpful as chewing gum. Some of them say: “you say that ‘a free and democratic Republic and Secular system’ is minimum requirement, but it’s maximum”. They don’t know that many things remain unsolved with this minimum requirement, that accepting this minimum requirement, only means: “we are not reactionary; we are not Kos-Khol (asshole)”, and then the progressives, i.e. who are not reactionary and could be left-wing, right-wing, conservative, radical, socialist, capitalist, liberalist, feminist, etc. would discuss about the future, their solutions and their views.

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for “Foolishness Disease”. If you are 50+, and suffer from “Foolishness Disease”, then only God could save you ! What you need, is more than a miracle! But if you are young, you should not lose your hope and you can try to find a cure for your disease. If you try to find a cure for your “Foolishness Disease”, you will find your cure. So, don’t be hopeless. “Foolishness Disease” is a very serious and dangerous disease, and has caused many problems for Iranian protesters. In fact, the Iranian protesters have at least four main enemies and dreadful problems: (1) The Mullahs and their thugs/dogs (2) The majority of Iranian expats, i.e. Kos-Khols (assholes) (3) Western Powers, who support the Mullahs or the Kos-Khols (assholes) (4) Islamist-Reformists, i.e. Khatamists and Refsanjani’s mercenaries. And all these four groups suffer from “Foolishness Disease”, plus “Mad Cow disease”, plus “Alzheimer’s disease” . In fact, Iranians have different kind of ultra-Kos-Khols like: -Secular Kos-Khols(Monarchists) -Religious Kos-Khols(Islamists) -Terrorist Kos-Khols(Rajavits) -Mercenary Kos-Khols (Rafsanjani’s mercenaries). As we said before, these days the younger generation of Iranians say: “Iran would be a free county, when the older generation of Iranians, 50+, i.e. Iranian Kos-Khols, die and go to hell.” So, if you see an old Iranian, 50+, in the US or Europe, you can be sure that s/he is a super ultra-Kos-Khol (asshole). The exception is less than 1%.

We should not forget what Karl Popper truly said: “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed. We should not tolerate the intolerant .” We certainly don’t tolerate any Monarchists, Rajavists, and Islamists, i.e. the enemies of the open society, in our free Iran in the near future. 2010s is not 1970s.

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