Iranian Protest: Truths and Lies

In the recent days, the regime’s mercenaries try to disappoint and discourage the people, and some stupid Iranians repeat their bullshits. They tell lies and hide the truths, but why? Because the truth is the number one enemy of the Mullahs, and if the people know the truth -for example know that the emperor is naked, or the people are so powerful and as the stupid Nourizad said: “ If the angry people lose their patience, then nothing, no weapon, could not stop them, and they throw all of us into the trash can of the history ! ” -, then the Mullahs should say hello to the end very soon. On the other hand, some ignorant non-Iranians don’t know the truth, and think that the Mullah’s bullshits or the Western media’s bullshits are right. So, we should write about the truth. We should not forget that in the Ashoura Day (January 2010), Iranians went to the streets in million, but ‘Mousavi or the stupid Islamic reformists had not called for any demonstration and had shut their f-u-c-k-i-ng mouth. The Ashoura Day showed us the Iranians want to topple the Islamic regime and Mousavi and the stupid Islamic reformists are only a bunch of opportunists who want to control the people and keep the Islamic regime safe. The Ashoura Day and its reality show us the truth. And that’s why the motherf-u-c-k-er regime’s mercenaries try to forget the Ashoura Day !. You can see the reality of Iranian protests, by analyzing the Ashoura Day’s protests, and we would write more about it later. But now, lets talk about the Iranian protests as a whole.

Iranians showed that they are the bravest people. They fought and fight against the biggest Charlatanism in the modern world. It was a miracle that a nation without any weapon or defensive tool, with bare hand, fought against one of the most brutal regime of the history. Ten thousands of Iranians were killed, raped, and tortured, but they kept protesting and being in the streets for more than 9 months. It’s more than a miracle. But there was a very big problem, that was not the people problem. It was the politicians and journalists’ problem, who betrayed the people. We know that the media controls the people. And in 2009 and 2010, the western media (BBC Persian, VOA Farsi, etc), and the news websites of Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries, spread big lies, and discouraged the people . They told the people that general strike, sit-down strike, or daily protests and remaining in the streets are bad things. They did not cover the Iranian protests and when the people were in the streets and were killed and shot, and we clearly saw them and heard them, the BBC or VOA, or other motherf-u-k-c-er Western media said: “Today we don’t have any protests in Iran” and then aired footages of flowers and jungles! Who can forget these shameful acts? When BBC Persian, or VOA Farsi ignored the Iranians protests, we only laughed at them and how stupid and charlatan they are. But it was a real tragedy. It was the biggest tragedy and biggest paradox of the modern world. Because the motherf-u-c-k-er Western politicians say that they are the enemy of the Mullahs and some stupid non-Iranians believed this big lie, this big shit.


Iranians showed that they are the bravest people. But they are not stupid. When the westerners don’t want to risk spending one night in jail, Iranians risk their life, but they are not stupid. They don’t want to kill themselves for keeping the Islamic regime safe. They don’t want to kill themselves for the fucking goals of Islamist-Reformists. They don’t want to kill themselves for the f-u-c-k-ing goals of reactionary Iranians, like stupid Monarchists, stupid Rajavists, stupid Communists, etc, who are a tiny minority inside Iran but enjoy the full support of the f-u-c-k-i-n-g Western powers. That’s why Iranians refuse to go to the streets in the recent months. The ambiguous goals and discontinuous protests only have high price, without any outcome. Only the clear goals, and the daily and continuous protests has a meaning and could bring real change. And now the Iranians know the truth. Now they know why the Islamist-Reformists refuse to organize effective non-violence protests, like general strike and remaining in the streets. Now the people, even the most stupid people, know that they should ask for a real progressive change, “a free and democrat Republic and Secular System “. But Do you know when an idea can become the engine of change? when the most stupid people understand it. And now it has happened. Some stupid Iranians asked us: “We hate the Mullahs; We know the truth about the Islamic regime and the Mullahs. But how do you know that the other people are like us and know the truth? ” And we told them: “you know, when some stupid people like you know the truth, it easily shows us that all the people know the truth!” And it’s really what we can see inside Iran. When the most stupid people said: ‘we know the truth, but other people don’t know the truth !’ It’s very funny. It’s the biggest lie and false information that is spread by the Mullahs. But why the Mullahs spread big lies. Iranians has a good old saying that is proper for this topic. If the people know the truth, then Khamenei and his dogs “Tike Bozorg-ash Goush-e-she” that means : “[they were cut into pieces in a way that] their large part is their ear !] and it’s really a scary nightmare for the Mullahs.


We should not forget what the great Howard Zinn said : “We in USA, think it requires a lot of courage just to speak your mind. Im not going to be executed. Im not even going to be given a long jail sentence. I may be thrown into jail for a day or two , and that has happened to me eight to nine times. I may be fired, I may get a salary decrease, but these are pitiful things compared to what happens to people in the world somebody says: Are you willing to risk your job? Are you willing to risk a salary cut? Are you willing to risk that you wont get tenure? – these are pitiful risks compared to the risks that people have taken in the world.” We should not forget what a young Spaniard said: “I don’t want to risk spending the night in jail for a group that isn’t even sure what it stands for. Just calling for change isn’t enough. There have to be concrete goals and a plan of action or change means nothing .” In fact, the Western people don’t want to risk spending one night in jail, but Iranian should risk killing and being raped. But despite this great risk, they go to the streets in million. The Green movement, its leaders, and its goals was much more ambiguous than its Spanish counterpart. There were no concrete goals and no plan of action, and the Mullahs killed and raped the protesters. But despite this lack of clarity, the Iranians were in the streets for near 9 months. And it’s really a miracle. Iranians should know that they can make the biggest miracle of 21st century. The should not forget that 2011 is the best time for Iranian revolution . Khamenei and his regime are frightened to death of the people’s uprising, especially in 2011 when the whole middle east is on fire. 2011 is the best time for Iranian revolution , organize themselves and f-u-c-k the Mullahs in 2011. The Mullahs say hello to the end in 2011, only if the Iranians organize themselves, flood into the streets, and remain in the streets until a real victory.

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