British Mullah Makers and Khamenei’s TV

The British politicians really are the most hypocrite politicians in the world, exactly like the Mullahs. In fact, the Mullahs are students and puppet of British politicians. In the recent days, the British media said : “Ofcom has ruled that Iran’s state-run Press TV is responsible for a serious breach of UK broadcasting rules !!!! and could face a fine for airing an interview with Maziar Bahari, the Newsweek journalist arrested covering the Iranian presidential election in 2009, that was obtained by force while he was held in a Tehran jail”. Khamenei’s TV, Press TV, has a bureau in west London, a very large building. And it’s very funny that the stupid British politicians said that Khamenei’s TV, Press TV, work under UK broadcasting rules !!!! Shame on you, British Mullah Makers.

Some British media said: “In July 2009 Press TV, which has a bureau in west London, aired an interview with Bahari following his arrest in the previous month, days after he had filed a report to Channel 4 News and Newsweek about an attack in Tehran during a post-election demonstration. The UK media regulator has been investigating the complaint by Bahari, who spent 118 days in jail, since last summer. Bahari lodged a complaint with Ofcom in December 2009 which said the “interview” had been made “under duress”, after he was told by an interrogator that he was suspected of espionage and could face the death penalty unless he made a “televised statement about the role of the western media in the post-presidential election demonstrations” . He was interviewed by three Iranian broadcasters, including Press TV, reading answers pre-prepared by his captors from a script. The footage from the “press conference” was aired in the UK by Press TV. Simons, Muirhead & Burton, the legal firm that represented Bahari, complained to Ofcom that the he was “treated unfairly and that his privacy was unwarrantably infringed in the making and broadcast of the programme”. The complaint also said Press TV did not seek Bahari’s permission to film and air the interview !!! ” In fact, Maziar Bahari, an Iranian journalist and film maker, tortured in more than 100 days, and made some funny false confession, like “I work for MI6 and CIA, and I’m a secret agent for toppling the Islamic regime !!”

The British media and British politicians are not ignorant. They know why they should allow Khamenei’s TV, Press TV, to have its headquarter, a very large building, in London. The Khamenei’s TV, Press TV is Khamenei’s propaganda machine . They only aired big lies and big shits, i.e. Mullah’s bullshits and craps, and the stupid lefts’ bullshits and craps. Bahari’s interview is not an exception, it’s a constant rule, a Mullah’s norm. But the British authorities think that the Khamenei’s TV, Press TV, is one of their own media, and their are right. Not only because BBC are full of shits and censorship, but because the British authorities are Mullah Makers, Khamenei is their poppet, and London is mother city of Islam ! As we said before, Larijani family, a notorious pro-UK family in Iran has a very funny story; you should read it, here . The BBC Persian, aka Ayatollah BBC is very notorious in Iran. The history of relationship between Iran and the UK are so tragic, and that’s why the ordinary Iranians hate the UK and the BBC . The UK and British authorities should work with the Khamenei’s TV, Press TV , because Khamenei and Mullahs are their close friends. It does not surprise Iranians. But the new event, i.e. the activity of Khamenei’s TV in Washington, in their own studio , and recently in the White House, the Capitol, and the American streets, has a different story. Who thought that stupid Obama is so shameless and hypocrite, more than Bush.For the first time in the past 30 years, some months ago Obama allowed Khamenei’s TV to work in Washington ! When we watch the state TV, Khamenei’s TV, inside Iran and how their reporters report from Washington, and how their stupid live programs aired form Washington, we only can say : ” F-u-c-k you Obama, Fuck you stupid Obama, you are a real Khamenei’s lover, Shame on you, motherf-u-k-c-er”

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