Sahabi Died, but without Redemption

Yesterday, Ezatollah Sahabi Died. Sahabi was one of the great “Disaster Makers” in 1970s. But in 2009 and 2010, especially after the Ashoura Day, he showed us that he has not changed and still is as stupid as 1970s. Iranians have a tradition that says: “Posht-e Morde Harf Nemizanand” that means :”Don’t speak about him after his death”. We did not want to speak about him, but his friends tell big lies about him. In fact, Sahabi’s friends, i.e. Rafsanjani’s mercenaries and Khatamists, try to pretend that Sahabi is not a notorious stupid. But their stupid propaganda could not change the history. We and many other Iranians will write the story of Sahabi’s stupidity and betrayals, especially in the recent years. Sahabi should be an example for all other traitors and mercenaries; They should know : “The history will not forgive them; The history will not forget their betrayals “. In 1979, Sahabi was one of the great stupid Iranians and “Disaster Makers”, but he was like many other stupid Iranians, like the majority. But in 2009, again he was one of the great stupid Iranians, but this time he was among the minority of Iranians. In 2009, he was a real stupid bastard. The history will not forget the depth of his stupidity after Ashoura Day. He at least had to shut his fucking mouth, but he refused and preferred to betray the people’s movement. Shame on him and all Iranian traitors and mercenaries. As we said before, After the Ashoura Day, the stupid Ezzatollah Sahabi wrote: ” We should not chant against Khamenei … we should not chant against the Islamic Republic … we should chant only against Mr. shit … The Ashoura day was a revolutionary day, but the people should not lose their patience … this regime would kill one million people if they think the people want to topple them … we should be killed and tortured without asking for a revolution … we should advertise the fact that Mr. shit is the main problem of Iran, not Khamenei … We should not chant against Khamenei “. Shame on you man, Shame on you. The history will not forgive you and your stupid friends. Sahabi has his friends are beyond redemption.

P.S. Now we heard about the death of Sahabi’s daughter, 50+, Haleh Sahabi, in his father’s funeral. Unfortunately Sahabi’s family is a very coward family, and Khamenei’s dogs/thugs make use of them and their stupidity a lot. And now some stupid member of Shahabi family say Khamenei’s dogs/thugs has beaten Sahabi’s daughter to death, and some other coward members of Sahabi family say that she has died from heart attack !How tragic is the fate of this coward and stupid family. How tragic is the fate of stupid Sahabi who said: ‘We should not chant against Khamenei we should not chant against the Islamic Republic’. Sahabi and his family are and were full of dreadful contradictions and dreadful mistakes. The price of this sort of stupidity is very very high; The Mullahs put a very long stick in your ass (Choub tou Kounet mikonand) if you were too stupid and coward, like Sahabi and his family. The fate of stupid Sahabi and his family should be a historical example for all Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries. Shame on them all.

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