Iranian urgent Need: Media/website

As we said before, the first urgent need of Iranians is an Alternative , and the second one is media. In these years, the majority of Iranians have no voice, and no media. The Islamists, Monarchists, Rajavists, and other stupid reactionary Iranians, are so hateful inside Iran, but they have media. The majority of Iranians need a media. This media should be the real voice of the people inside Iran. But this media could not be built and managed from inside Iran. The reason is so obvious: the dreadful Mullah’s surveillance. So, some wise Iranian expats should build and manage this media/website, while the content and plans and other things should be provided from Inside Iran. The number of Iranian expats is near 4 million, but the main question is: Do these 4 million Iranians, who live in the US and Europe, have 4 wise people ?!! Its very ridiculous and embarrassing, but the answer is not very clear and Iranians can not be sure about the answer !! Even 4 wise and active people could create a good organizer group/website outside Iran for Iranians inside Iran. Of course the Iranian expats could be users of this media/website, too. But they should believe in or accept the Minimum Requirement of the people’s movement, that is “a free and democrat Republic and Secular System. Each group or individual that is progressive (not reactionary) and supports this minimum requirement is a member and defender of “Open Society” and could be part of the Iranian movement. It’s so obvious that “Monarchists”, “Rajavists”, and “Islamists” are very reactionary and reject the Minimum Requirement. In fact, they are “The Enemies of the Open Society”, like Fascists, Nazis, and Khamenei’s thugs/dogs .

One of the main problem of Iranian expats and many Iranians inside Iran, is what we call it “Freshman Believer’s stupidity“. Hatam Ghaderi , one of the rare real Iranian intellects, has a funny term, “Freshman Believer“, that is used for Freshman students of the “Freedom and democracy” school. We made use of his term and developed it. A “Freshman Believer” is some one : 1- who was a religious fanatic, or bigoted Monarchist, or stupid Iranian in past decades, but recently has been familiar with the concepts of “Freedom and democracy”. 2- who is very young and has read some books and has been familiar with the concepts of “Freedom and democracy” 3- who is familiar with the concepts of “Freedom and democracy”, but not for a long time (at least 10 years), and has not read many books and is not familiar with the world history, issues of the modern world, etc. One of the main problem of being a “Freshman Believer” is having “Freshman Believer’s stupidity“. In fact, Freshman Believer” is not very open-minded and has not enough experience, and hence makes a lot of mistakes. For example s/he doesn’t know “The Open Society and its Enemies”, and how these enemies want to f-u-c-k the freedom and democracy in the name of freedom and democracy. S/he stupidly thinks that even Fascists, Nazis, and Khamenei’s dogs are a part of “Open Society”. They are so naive and full of contradictions, and can not understand and accept that even the West has many problems, and even the West has not a real freedom and a real democracy. They easily lose their hope and say: “so, if the West is not free, then the Islamic regime, or a fascist regime, a Nazi system, or a Monarchy system is not very bad and can be acceptable for us !” . Their stupidity has long story, but if you think you are a “Freshman Believer“, you should treat yourself. The main cure is : “read, read, read, and read new books; learn, learn, learn, and learn new things.”

The current Iranian exapts media are belonged to the stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavists, the stupid Islamist-Reformists, or the Freshman Believers. The majority of Iranians inside Iran have no voice, absolutely nothing. Some ignorant Iranian expats think websites like “” or even “”, etc are people website. But why these Iranian exapts are ignorant? Because, in the best case,they don’t live in Iran and can not see or understand the real issues of today’s Iranian society, a very young and dynamic society . Of course, in the worst or normal case, the reason is a different thing. In fact, as some funny Iranians say, the majority of Iranian expats are totally Kos-Khol (asshole) !!, Because before leaving Iran, they were members of two groups: 1- totally Kos-Khol (asshole), like Monarchists, Rajavists, Islamists, Communists, etc. 2- partially Kos-Khol (asshole), like Islamist-Reformists, fake intellects, hypocrites, cowards, liars, etc . So, when these two groups left Iran, they froze the pictures of Iran in their mind, and became fossil and “totally Kos-Khol (asshole)”. Now some groups of Iranian expats live in 1979, some groups live in 1980s, some groups live in 1990s, and some groups live in 2000s. But Iran changes very very quickly, because the Iranian society and the majority of Iranians are very young and very dynamic . Each year in Iran is like a decade in the West. And in the past 30 years Iran have passed 300 years in the evolution path. So, the stupid Iranian expats who live in 1979 or 1980s outside Iran, are real strangers, real Kos-Khol (asshole).

The Iranians who are not Freshman Believer, know why
“”, “”, etc are not people media, and are so shitty and unacceptable. “” revealed its shits and its true colors very soon. Even Iranians who did not know Mehdi Yahyanejad or other stupid Islamists or Islamist-Reformists, could see the real problems of “”‘s Charlatanism. We and many others never ever have not been a member of these sort of stupid websites. In the past years just some Freshman Believers worked with “”, and now in these months, only a bunch of total Kos-Khol (asshole) work with it. In fact, websites like “”, or “” not only censor the majority’s voice systematically, but they are the voice of stupid Monarchists, stupid Rajavists, and other reactionary Iranians. In the best case, they are Freshman Believer‘s websites (Of course “” is traitor’s website). The only thing that you can not see in these Iranian websites, is the people’s voice, the majority’s voice. Iranians need a real people website. This website could organize the people for toppling the Mullah’s regime. There is many details about this website, like how people make content, how people put comment, etc that we could write about it in the future. But now the first question and issue is that : Do the 4 million Iranian expats, who live in the US and Europe, have 4 wise people (not Freshman Believer) ?!!

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