Gay Parade and Gay Rights

June 30, 2011

These day, i.e. June and July months, are the season of Gay Pride Parade. The Gay people is a tiny minority in the world, maybe less than %2, who have been suppressed in the past, but now they enjoy positive discrimination. The story of Gays is really complicated, especially in Iran and in the West. Some gays who attend Gay Pride Parade are indifferent to what happens in the world and seems like a bunch of psychotic, ignorant, narrow-minded, and insensitive s-e-x object, who are obsessed by s-e-x and s-e-x-u-al things. They disgraced wise and healthy gays. Gay pride parades were born out of the Stonewall riots of 1969. Police officers raided a gay bar on Christopher Street in Manhattan on June 28. And after that each year Gay parades have been held in many cities and countries. Gay pride is the concept that lesbian, gay, bi-s-e-x-u-a-l, and transgender (LGBT) people should be proud of their gender identity. New York City is the birth place of the modern gay rights movement, so it hosts one of the world’s biggest and best gay pride events. A full week of activities begins with a rally and ends with a parade. The other major hosts of the big gay parade/events are Toronto, Vancouver, Melbourne, Seattle, Paris, Manchester, Montreal, etc. As you know, the use of “gay” as a reference to homos-e-x-u-ality may date as early as the late 19th century, but its use gradually increased in the 20th century. Before that, a gay woman was a prostitute, a gay man a womanizer and a gay house a brothel. In mid-20th century Britain, male homos-e-x–u-a-l-i-ty was illegal until the S-e-x-u-a-l Offences Act 1967.


Even in 1988, the British Conservative Party, who were in government at the time, enacted Section 28 which banned local authorities (including state schools) from promoting hom-o-s-e-x-u-a-l-ity or endorsing gay marriages. The earliest law against female gay appeared in France in 1270. In Spain, Italy, and the Holy Roman Empire, sodomy between women was included in acts considered unnatural and punishable by burning to death. The Spanish Inquisition begins in 1743, sodomites were stoned, castrated, and burned . Between 1540 and 1700, more than 1,500 people were prosecuted for sodomy. Oscar Wilde, the Irish author and playwright played an important role in bringing homos-e-x-u-a-l-ity into the public eye . The treatment of the Wilde case in American newspapers reflects well the American attitude towards the subject in the 1890s; although in open discussion, it could not be named . The term bi-s-e-x-u-a-l-i-ty, like the terms hetero- & homo- s-e-x-u-a-l-i-ty, was coined in the 19th century. Hom-o-s-e-x-u-a-l-ity is romantic and/or s-e-x-u-al attraction or behavior between members of the same s-e-x. And Bi-s-e-x-u-a-l-i-ty is s-e-x-u-a-l behavior or an orientation involving physical and/or romantic attraction to both males and females. People who have a distinct but not exclusive preference for one s-e-x over the other may also identify themselves as bi-s-e-x-u-al.

“Gay rights” is a complicated issue. While marriage or any kind of relationships between gays is a personal matter and a matter of basic rights,the adoption of children is a different matter. Adoption of children by LGBT people, or LGBT adoption, is an issue of active debate . Many people argue that a child has a right to be raised by a father and a mother, and legalizing LGBT adoption undermines that right. In fact, adoption of children is not a gay right, it’s a child right . Adoption by gay couples is legal in 14 countries as well as in the jurisdictions of several more. But it’s very controversial. There is agreement between the debating parties, however, that the welfare of children alone should dictate policy . Some wise people say: “Two people, male or female, could f-u-c-k each other if they want, it’s a basic right. But the nature says that gay couples can not have baby. And even if we ignore the nature law, it’s really acceptable that we think children are toy. Children rights are at least as important as Gay rights. Adoption is about children rights, not gay rights. You can f-u-c-k each other consensually, but you can not f-u-c-k a child or child’s life; it’s not your right .” Some researchers said that lesbian and gay parents are as fit and capable as heter-o-s-e-x-u-a-l parents, and their children are as psychologically healthy and well-adjusted as children reared by hetero parents. And some people say: “having gay parents is better than living in orphanage. We know that adoption is a complicated issue as a whole, and we know that many hetero parents and standard family are not healthy and their children have many problems.” But some psychologists are not agreed.


In Iran, the gay culture has a complex history. A Rape culture, that is an Arab-Turk legacy for Iranians, is called gay culture. Many believe that after Islam and when Arabs invaded Iran, the forced Hijab (Burka) and the absence of women in society, along with the traditions of Truks and Arabs created a special Gay-Sodomy culture that was a Rape culture . The majority of gay couples were master-slave couples, and the gay men were sold as slave, or s-e-x worker . In the traditions of Truks and Arabs, raping male children or “Bache Bazi” was common, and still is common in the Arab world, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. After Islam,
hom-o-s-e-x-u-ality and raping men were tolerated in numerous public places in Iran. In the early Safavid era (15011723), male houses of prostitution (Amrad- Khane) were legally recognized . After Islam, the Persian Literature became a “Hom-o-s-e-x-u-a-l-ity’s Literature”, and poetic romance with boys and men, not girls and women, is an undeniable fact. The words like “Gholam, Amrad, Mokhanas, Maf-ul, Obne-i, No-khat, Shahed, etc” used for the object of sodomy. And the words like “Gholam-bareh, Bache-baz, Fael, Jamal-parast, etc used for the rapist. But sodomy, especially in the common kind of rape, was not acceptable for many Iranians. “Gholam” was a male slave, who often worked as a s-e-x worker for his master. In fact, “Gholam” was raped, sold and bought by the Islamist slaveholders for being s-e-x worker . And it was really unacceptable for Iranians. But even the natural gay people were treated like Gholam, and the people insulted and called them “Obne-i”. “Obne” was a disease of “itchy ass”, and Obne-i was a man who suffered from Obne, i.e. itchy ass ! Before Islam, Iran was more like India, and Indian and Iranian culture had many similarities in tolerating s-e-x and s-e-x-u-a-l freedom. But in 7th century, Arab Muslims conquered all of Iran, with the exception of the Elburz Mountains and the Caspian coastal plain, and for the next two centuries, Arabs ruled Iran. The sodomy/rape culture in the Abbasid era was widespread, and “Gholams”, the male slaves, started to work as s-e-x workers in Iran. [1]

In the 9th century, Ghaznavids, a Turkish Muslim dynasty, ruled Iran. They have their own sodomy/rape culture like Arabs. In the 11th century Turkic tribes began migrating to Iran, settling primarily in the northwest. The Seljuk Turks, who had converted to Sunni Islam in the 10th century, defeated local rulers and established dynasties that ruled over most of the country until the Mongol invasions in the 13th century. The “Hom-o-s-e-x-u-a-l-ity’s Literature” was formed in the Ghaznavids and Seljuks era. Many works of literature, like Ghabusnameh (11th), Divan Farokhi Sistani (12th), Suzani Samarghani’s works (12th), Sanaii’s works (12th), Obeyd Zakani’s works (14th), Saadi’s works (13th), Divan Hafiz (14th), etc, were full of gay jokes, gay poems, gay romance, etc. Obeyd, the great Iranian humorists, criticized the Turk-Arab culture of Rape and Sodomy. In some of his jokes, Obeyd says: “the man should rape and be raped, because only in this way he can become a great man !! “. or “A Christian boy became Muslim. After some days, his friends asked him about becoming Muslim and he said: “becoming Muslim means cutting the head of your d-i-c-k in the morning, and raping and sodomizing you at night ! “” The Great Persian poets, such as Sadi, Hafez, Jami, etc wrote poems replete with homoerotic allusions. Sa’di said: “Eternal bliss is in having intercourse, but the bliss is only for the person who is sodomized !!” (“Saadat abadi dar Jama kardan dan, va lik gooy Saadat kasi barad ke dahad !!”) [1]


In the West and other part of worlds, the story of the gay and sodomy culture has its own similarity and difference with Iran’s. The word “lesbian” is derived from the name of the Greek island of Lesbos, home to the 6th-century BCE poet Sappho . The adjectives deriving from her name and place of birth (Sapphic and Lesbian) came to be applied to female hom-o-s-e-x-u-a-l-ity beginning in the 19th century. Sappho’s poetry centers on passion and love for various personages and both genders. On the other hand, the Platonic Love , that is considered as a sign of gay culture in the ancient Greece, is about gay romantic love, not gay s-e-x. The earliest Western documents concerning gay relationships are derived from ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. It was said in Ancient Rome of Augustus Caesar that he was “every man’s wife and every woman’s husband”. Many forms of religions, including the Eastern faiths and Abrahamic faiths, do not support gay s-e-x . In cultures influenced by Abrahamic religions, the law and the church established sodomy as a transgression against divine law or a crime against nature. The condemnation of a-n-a-l s-e-x between males, however, predates Christian belief. The church and the pope, like the ancient time, and like Islam, executed the gay. Executions for sodomy continued in the Netherlands until 1803, and in England until 1835 . In East Asia, gay love has been referred to since the earliest recorded history.
Hom-o-s-e-x-u-a-l-i-ty in Japan, variously known as Shudo or Nanshoku has been documented for over one thousand years and was an integral part of Buddhist monastic life and the samurai tradition ! . In Islam Homo-s-e-x-u-a-l-ity is illegal, but as we said before, sodomy and raping men and women are widespread in almost all Muslim countries. The gay, can face the death penalty in Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, etc. but the majority of Mullahs and the Islamists are rapists and sodomize themselves (in Hozeh, i.e. Mullah schools) or other men, women, and children (in the prisons and other places). It’s one of the biggest paradox of the Muslim world, especially the Mullahs of Iran .


In 1977, Quebec became the first state-level jurisdiction in the world to prohibit discrimination on the grounds of s-e-x-u-al orientation. Since the 1960s, many LGBT people in the West, have developed a so-called gay culture. To many, gay culture is exemplified by the gay pride movement, with annual parades and displays of rainbow flags. But the gay community has many opponents in the West. Many conservative Americans, like conservative Iranians, call the gays “faggot”. The FBI reported that 15.6% of hate crimes against LGBT people reported to police in 2004, 61% percent of these attacks were against gay men . The 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay student, is a notorious such incident in the US. In 1977, only 55% of Americans thought that gay people should have equal rights in terms of job opportunities . And in 2007, the number has risen to 89%. But In 1997, only 27% of Americans thought that gay marriages should be legally valid. That number is 46% as of 2007 . The first country to legalize gay marriages was the Netherlands (2001), while the first marriages were performed in the Amsterdam city hall on April 1, 2001. Pope John Paul II, then head of the Roman Catholic church, criticized gay marriage, when it was introduced in the Netherlands in 2001. His successor Pope Benedict XVI has maintained opposition to the institution, considering it amongst ‘the most insidious and dangerous threats to the common good today’ . At present, gay marriages are legal nationally in 10 countries: Netherlands (2001), Belgium (2003), Canada(2005), Spain (2005), South Africa (2006), Norway (2009), Sweden (2009), and Portugal, Iceland, and Argentina (2010). In the US, although gay marriages are not recognized federally, gay couples can marry in five states (Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont) and the District of Columbia and receive state-level benefits. Gay couples in New York are able to wed, since July 24, 2011. Australia bans recognition of gay marriages. The ban is stridently supported by the Catholic Church and the two largest political parties .


The scientists say: “Some animal species also exhibit b-i-s-e-x-u-al behavior. Examples of mammals include the bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee), orca, and bottlenose dolphin. In some cases b-i-s-e-x-u-a-l-ity is actually a form of fitness favored by evolution. For example, in the absence of male whiptail lizards (Cnemidophorus), females reproduce by pairing up with each other . The hatchlings produced are all female. This all-female species has evolved from lizards with two s-e-x-es, but their eggs develop without fertilization. Female whiptail lizards can lay eggs without s-e-x. But the number of LGBT animals is as small as the number of LGBY people.” A 2002 survey in the US found that 1.8 percent of men ages 1844 considered themselves bi-s-e-x-u-al, 2.3 percent hom-o-s-e-x-u-al, and 3.9 percent as “something else”. The same study found that 2.8 percent of women ages 1844 considered themselves bi-s-e-x-u-al, 1.3 percent hom-o-s-e-x-u-al, and 3.8 percent as “something else”. The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior, published in 1993, showed that 5 percent of men and 3 percent of women consider themselves bi-s-e-x-u-al and 4 percent of men and 2 percent of women considered themselves hom-o-s-e-x-u-al. A 2007 report said that 14% of young US women identified themselves as bi-s–e-x-u-al/lesbian, with 5.6% of the men identifying as gay or bi-s-e-x-u-al. Some evolutionary psychologists have argued that same-s-e-x attraction is against evolutionary laws and natural selection, and does not have adaptive value because it has no association with potential reproductive success. But, bis-e-x-u-a-lity can be due to normal variation in brain plasticity . According to a 2008 poll, while only 6% of Britons define their s-e-x-u-a-l orientation as homo or bi-s-e-x-u-a-l, more than twice that number (13%) of Britons have had some form of s-e-x-u-a-l contact with someone of the same s-e-x.


There is opposition to pride events both within LGBT and mainstream populations . Critics charge the parades with an undue emphasis on s-e-x and fetish-related interests which they see as counter-productive to LGBT interests, and exposing the “gay community” to ridicule. The LGBT people and LGBT movement should learn from Feminism and Feminist movement in 20th century. The wise and healthy LGBT, should protest against the dreadful emphasis on s-e-x and fetish-related things. S-e-x and S-e-x-u-a-l things are only a part of human life and human matters. The human beings have many serious problems and issues, and s-e-x is only one of them. Of course, the history of world and Iran can assure us that there is not any kind of freedom, if the people have not s-e-x-u-a-l freedom. In fact, if in a society the men and women have not s-e-x-ual freedom, without any restriction, we can be sure that there is not any freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of press, and any kind of freedom in that society. But the humans should not be obsessed with s-e-x-ual things and forget other vital and important matters. Iranians inside Iran, have many dreadful issues, and gay rights is only one of them. But some ignorant non-Iranians think that the gay rights is the first and last issue in Iran. The s-e-x-ual freedom is more important than gay rights in Iran. More than 90% of Iranian men and women are not gay, but they are suppressed and have not any kind of s-e-x-ual freedom. The younger generation of Iranians can accept the gay rights, but just after solving the s-e-x-ual freedom’s problem of the ordinary people. The gay rights is important, but not more than women rights, the child rights, the civil rights, the human rights, the s-e-x-u-al freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of thought, etc, and it’s so obvious that at the present time, and at first, Iranians should fight for these basic and vital rights.

for more Information:

[1] “Shahed-Bazi dar Adabiat Farsi” (“Gay Love in Persian Literacy”‘), by Dr. Sirous Shamisa, 1381 (2002).

Gaddafi and International Criminal Court

June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011, the international criminal court (ICC) issued arrest warrants for Muammar Gaddafi and his son Saif al-Islam over crimes against humanity during anti-regime protests. Wild celebrations erupted in Libya as the news spread through the country. “I’m happy, more than happy,” said a Misrata businessman. “We knew he was a criminal, now all the world knows he is a criminal.” But the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrants are not serious. A similiar warrant was issued in March 2009 for the arrest of Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, over serious crimes in Darfur . But Omar al-Bashir is free, and in the recent days, he was in Tehran and met with Khamenei, that ICC should issue arrest warrants for him and his son too.

We know that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, is well connected in the UK and had been seen as a possible interlocutor with the west, has also vowed to “live or die” in Libya. We know that, Gaddafi tries to bribe the West , and Nato operations in Libya are so weak, unacceptable and a sign of Western hypocrisy. Who know that the life and the money of the poor Libyans are spent on the Libyan war, but the Western hypocrite politicians and journalists pretend that the Nato operations are done for the sake of God ! We know that Libya is the neighbor of the Europe, especially France and Italy.

The ICC had to issue arrest warrants for Omar al-Bashir and Gaddafi. The ICC should issue arrest warrants for Khamenei and his son, Mojtaba, and also for Bastard Assad, very soon. But the ICC should take its arrest warrants very serious, and the brutal savage dictators should be arrested and tried for “crimes against humanity”. But now they are free and enjoy political supports. Why Omar al-Bashir has not been arrested after 10 years, and still kill the Sudanese? The ICC’s arrest warrants should have a meaning and a serious effect.

June 2009: First weeks after Coup

June 29, 2011

In June 2009, and in the first weeks after the Mullah’s coup, the Islamic regime was on the edge of downfall. The biggest lie about 2009 protests is that the protests were not widespread and were limited to Tehran. Of course Tehran, with 14 million population, is the biggest city of the Middle East, and is bigger than many countries of the region ! In fact, Tehran is a big country for itself ! bigger than I-s-r-e-a-l, Libya, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, etc. But in the first months of the protests, Iran rose up, not Tehran, but unfortunately without any plan and leadership. There were many protests in all major cities, like Isfahan, Shiraz, Rasht, Yazd, Kermanshah, Babol, Yasouj, etc. Many people were killed in these cities. There are many footages of Basiji raid in Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Yasouj, etc. It’s an undeniable fact.


It was 4pm at Motahari street in Tehran, June 13, 2009, that the people started their mass protests and the Khamenei’s dogs/thugs shot at the people and brutality beat them with baton, club, chain, etc. After that the people started to set the trash cans, buses, etc, on fire. After that the protests started in other cities, and Iran and Tehran were a sheer hell for the Mullahs. On June 14, 2009, at Motahari street, Kargar street, Valiasr street, Fatemi street, Azadi street, Vanak Square, Valiasr Square, Hafte-tir Square, Enghelab Square, Tajrish Square, etc in Tehran, and In Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Rasht, Babol, Kurdistan cities, etc the people were protesting like other parts of Iran and Tehran, and seeing a typical scene :”Khamenei’s thugs/dogs started to run towards the people. Some people escaped and some others ran towards them and threw stones.” Many people were killed by Khamenei’s dogs/thugs in the streets. On June 15, 2009, the mass demonstration in the Azadi street, with more than 3 million people, proved one thing: “Mullahs’ downfall is near”. Many people, at least more than 30 people, were killed on June 15, 2009. From June 16 to June 19, the people were in the streets, and all major cities of Iran saw what was called “revolution”. If the stupid Mousavi and his team were not too stupid, and tried to organize the people, then in the first week Khamenei had accepted his defeat. But Mousavi showed that he is not the man of fundamental change. He was only an Islamist veteran .


So, in this way, on June 19, 2009, Khamenei said (in his notorious Friday speech) : “About the issue of elections, the main issue of the country, there are three issues. One will be for the political leaders, our president, activists, western counties and leaders of the media. The elections of the 12 June was proof of participation of the people. It was a show of their love for their regime [!!!]. We can’t find other countries with such a level of democracy [!!!] … There were claims of fraud before the election … All of the candidates are part of this system and regime, all four candidates support the regime … The issue is inside the system. The dispute is not against the revolution [!!!]. The dispute was among candidates [!!!] Rumors spread that were not true, and gave a bad image to the previous government. Calling the president a liar is good? The president who is trusted by people [!!!] was accused of lying [Mousavi called AN a liar] they insulted the president, said he was superstitious [Now Khamenei and his thugs said Mr. shit is superstitious !] … I have known Mr. Rafsanjani for a long time … Mr. Rafsanjani is my dear and old friend, for more than 50 years … he spent all his money on the revolution [!!] … But I do have some difference with him, and my viewpoint is more closer to Mr. shit … The Islamic republic is not cheating against others [!!] There is no cheating inside the election system [!!] it is well controlled [!!] There may been mistakes, but 11 million [fake votes] is not possible [!!]… The candidates should be careful about what they say and do … Some diplomats from the west are showing their real face and that they are enemies. The worst are the British [i.e. his master, his dear old friend. But he is allowed to use the British tactics for deceiving the naive people, the tactics of “Jange Zargary” (fake fights) ] … The street is the place of living and trading. Why are you taking to the streets? Street demonstrations are a target for terrorist plots. Who would be responsible if something happened? The people that go to the streets are responsible of any event and what would happen [!!] … Rioting after the election is not a good way. It questions the election [!!] If they continue, the consequences will be their responsibility [!!!]”


After June 19, 2009, the widespread use of anit-Khamenei chants started. On June 19, 2009, Mousavi did not called on his supporters to stage protests, but the people pledged to gather in Tehran and other cities, on Saturday afternoon … The people, not Mousavi and Islamists, were calling for protesters to take to the streets at 4pm. They said: “Khamenei, the direct responsibility for any damage to people’s lives or property from now on lies with you”. And some people told each other: “Don’t forget that the British FM said: ‘we don’t want to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries … the election is a internal matter and we respect the legal president’ It shows us the real face of the British politicians … The British bastards want to support their puppet, Khamenei” On June 20, 2009, millions of brave Iranians went to the streets and fought against Khamenei’s thugs/dogs with bare hands. On June 20, 2009, at least more than 50 people were killed, including Neda Agha Soltan. The bloody Saturday, came after the bloody Monday and the bloody first week. From June 21 to June 28, the people were on the streets, but the stupid Mousavi and his stupid team did not try to organize the people. In fact, they had not any plan, and the people were killed in the streets without any plan and without any outcome.


The powerful mass protests continued for more than two months. Last year, the Sepahi and Basiji thugs confessed that from June 12 to August 15, they had the most dreadful situation in the past 30 years, and their Islamic regime was on the edge of downfall. And only God -with the help of Mousavi, the Islamist-Reformists, and the Western supporters of Khamenei- saved the Islamic regime from fall. It was a miracle for the Islamists, but an apparent betrayal for the people. What Iranians saw in the first two months after the coup, was unbelievable for many people. They saw how savage and brutal are the Islamists. They saw that the Islamists could rape men and women for staying in power. They saw that how charlatan and how hypocrite are the West and the Western politicians, who are the real supporter of the Islamists in Iran. They saw how charlatan and how hypocrite are the Western media, from BBC and VOA to Guardian and Washington Post. They saw how stupid and bastard are the
Islamist-Reformists, who fights only for their own benefit.
After that the people started to choose their own path, and then before and after the Ashoura Day, the people and the Islamists were on two different sides. After the Ashoura Day, the majority of people said goodbye to the Green Movement, and the green movement died for many people. But only in 2011, the official death of Green Movement announced that all the people accepted that the Green movement died. After that a new movement, a people movement for toppling the Islamic regime, was born.

Persian Foods, Iranian Cuisine

June 28, 2011

Iran or Persia, as one of the ancient civilizations of the world, has its own cuisine. In fact, Iranian/Persian cuisine is one of the oldest and richest cuisines in the world, and is typically vastly different from what is found in other part of the Middle East. Many Persian words about food and drinks are used in other languages, including English language; the words like Candy (Persian root “Qand”), Sugar (Shekar), Lemon (Limu), Pistachio (Pistah), Gizzard (Jigar), Spinach, Caviar, Julep (Gulab), Syrup (Shireh), Sherbet or sorbet or Syrup (form Persian roots “Shireh” (Syrup) and “Shir” (milk). It’s close to other Persian words like Shirin/Shirini (sweet), “Shekar” (sugar), Shahd (sappy), “Sharab” (wine), etc and then was imported into Arabic language), Carafe (Qarabeh [Tong]), Pilaf (Polow), Kebab or Kabob, Sumac, Calabash (Kharbuzeh), Orange (Narang), Alcohol, Sherry (Shirazi [wine]), etc . But the Persian cuisine is not widely recognized, and the main reason is very clear : the Mullahs . In fact, everything in Iran is political, even foods ! The world knows that Iran or Persia is not part of the global community, only because of the Mullahs. But after toppling the Mullahs in Iran, the world would hear a lot about Persian cuisine. Iranian/Persian cuisine has lots of similarity to Turkish and Greek cuisines in some dishes due to cultural contacts with Greeks and Turks. In fact, Greeks learned many things from Iranians in the ancient time, and vice versa. And in the modern time, Turks learned many things from Iranians, and vice versa. In the previous posts, we introduced some traditional Iranian foods like Nan Sangak, Kale Pache, and Abgousht or Dizi and some traditional and special foods for Nowruz, like Sabzi Polo, Ajil, and Cholo Kabab . But the list of traditional and special Iranian foods is very long. Each part or province of Iran has its own list of special foods. It’s so obvious that each ancient civilization should be like this, and its list of special foods should be very long. In this article, we try to list some of the main Iranian foods and then later, in the other articles, we would write more about each of them.

The traditional drink accompanying Iranian dishes is “Doogh“, a combination of yogurt, still or carbonated water, and dried mint. As we said before, “Sherbet” (Sorbet or Syrup) is a Persian word that is used in other language, including English language. So, it’s so obvious that Iranian drinks/sherbets have many special types, such as: Khak shir (herbal drink), Tokhme Sharbati (herbal drink), different kinds of Araghijat (different kinds of herbal drinks), Aab Zereshk (barberry juice), Aab Anaar (pomegranate juice), Sekanjebin, Aab Hendevaneh (watermelon juice), and many others. Iranian dessert dishes range from Bastani-e Za-ferani (Persian ice cream that serves with saffron) to Faludeh (a frozen sorbet made with thin starch noodles and rosewater). In Persian language “Bastani” means “Ice cream”, and Persian ice creams is flavored with saffron, rosewater, etc. There are also many types of Iranian sweets, and non-Iranian sweets that have an Iranian twist, such as the addition of saffron, pistachios, and walnuts. As we said before, Candy (Persian root “Qand”), Sugar (Shekar), etc are Persian words, so it’s obvious that Iranians should have many special types of sweets or Shirini . The traditional Iranian sweets are: Shirini Berenji (a type of rice cookie), Shirini Nokhodchi (clover-shaped chickpea flour cookies), Gaz (special sweet of Esfahan), Sohan (Honey Toffee), Baghlava, Basloogh, Kolouche (a large cookie usually with a walnut or fig filling), Shirini Keshmeshi (raisin and saffron cookies), Noghl (sugar-coated almonds), Nabaat (sugar-candy), Zulbia, Bamieh, Gush-e Fil (Zulbia have been popular in other parts of the world at least since early medieval times ), etc. In fact, each province of Iran, has dozens of special sherbets and sweets, and listing all of them is very hard.

Iranian breads are special and flat breads. There are four major Iranian breads : Nan Sangak (that is considered as the national bread), Nan Lavash (thin, flaky and round or oval, and is also the oldest known bread in the Middle East and Central Asia), Nan Taftoon (Thin, but thicker than Lavash, soft and round.), and Nan Barbari (thick and oval-shaped, also known as Tabrizi Bread, for its origins in and links to the city of Tabriz). In Iran, there are said to be more than forty types of wheat breads from very dark to very light. Iranian bread is the main part of Iranian breakfast. In Iran, breakfast is called Sobhaneh or Nashtayi . The basic traditional Iranian breakfast consists of a variety of Iranian breads, Paneer (White cheese), Kheme or Sarshir (whipped heavy cream), and a variety of fruit jams and spreads. Other popular traditional breakfasts include Haleem or Halim (wheatmeal served plain or more commonly with shredded lamb or turkey -similar to Western oatmeal in some respects; see below picture), Adasi (a delicious boiled lentil; see below picture), and Kale Pache (Kaleh Pacheh) .


Iranian Polow/Polo (rice) is very famous and very old. It is believed that rice (berenj in Persian) was brought to Iran from the Indian subcontinent in ancient times . Polo is often eaten by Khoresht (stews). Polo Khoresht has many different kinds like: Geymeh, Gormeh Sabzi, Fesnjan, Baghali Polo, Zereshk Polo, Sabzi Polo, etc. Sometimes Polo is eaten without Khoresht, like: Loubi Polo, Adas Polo, Dami or Dam-Pokhtak, Shirin Polo, Albaloo Polo, etc. One of the oldest recipes, which can trace its existence back to the time of Persian empire, is khoresht Fesenjan, consisting of duck or sometimes chicken in a rich pomegranate-and-walnut sauce that yields a distinctive brown color, most often served with white rice . The eggplant (aubergine) is “the potato of Iran”, and many foods are made by eggplant. Iranians call eggplant “Morghe Siah Bijoon”, that means “Black inanimate Chicken ” ! Iranians are fond of fresh green salads dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, etc. Vegetables such as spinach, green beans, broad beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, Sabzi ( herbs like basil, cilantro, fenugreek greens, tarragon, Persian watercress or Shaahi, etc), spring onions, etc are one of the main part of the Iranian/Persian foods.

Now lets take a look at two ancient and famous Iranian foods: Aash, and Dolmeh.

Aash (Iranian Soup)

Aash is a special kind of soup, and can be called “Persian soup”. In fact, Ash is similar to soup but thicker, which is usually served hot. Aash has many different kinds, like Aash Reshte, Aash-e Sholeh-Ghalamkar, Aash Jo, Aash Anar, Aash Alou, Aash Mast, Aash Torsh, Aash Isfanaj, etc. Depending on the type of Aash, it could contain different types of grain, legumes (chick peas, black-eye beans, lentils), vegetables, herbs (parsley, spinach, dill, spring onion ends, coriander, dried mint), onions, oil, meat, garlic, Reshteh (noodle) and spices, such as salt, pepper, turmeric, saffron, etc. Depending on the ingredients, it can be considered a full meal. The most common Aash is Aash Reshteh .


Aash Reshteh’s ingredients are: Reshteh (noodle; special Iranian noodle), Sabzi Aash (i.e special herbs for Aash, that include: parsley, cilantro, spinach, green onions, etc), chickpeas, red beans or red kidney beans, lentils (optional), onion and garlic, and
Kashk (whey; special Iranian whey) . Iranians eat Aash with a lot of Kashk. In fact, they add some Kashk to their Aash when eating it. Nanaa Dagh (the sautéed mint, onions, and garlic) and Kashk are used for decorating Aash. A good Aash should be very thick, or as Iranians say “Jaa-Oftadeh”, i.e. cooking a good Aash is very time consuming, and at least 2 or 3 hours is needed for cooking a good Aash.



Aash is a especial food for many occasion, from feast/ceremony to picnic and outdoor activities, like Charshabeh Soori , 13-Bedar , outdoor or indoor parties, Ramedan (a month of Islamic fast), Travel (before, after, or during travel), etc.

Dolme / Dolmeh

The term Dolma describes any vegetable stuffed with rice or a rice-and meat mixture. In fact, Dolmeh is an stuffing/mixture inside a vegetable, like grape leave, bell pepper, tomato, eggplant, etc . The main part of Dolme is the stuffing/mixture, that is a combination of onion, rice, yellow split peas, ground beef, herbs (parsley, cilantro, green onions, dill, Tarragon, mint, etc). Then the (emptied) vegetables are stuffed with the cooked stuffing/mixture, and will be boiled in water.


Dolmeh Barge Mo (Stuffed Grape Leaves) is the most common of Persian Dolmeh . There are a variety of ways to make the mixture that is wrapped with the grape leaves. In fact, some of the stuffing/mixture is placed on the leaf and then the leaf is wrapped.


For more Information:

[1] A Collection of Aash recipes (different kinds of Aash) [2] an Aash Reshte Recipe (a special recipe, different from the typical one)
[3] Dolme Recipe
[4] A collection of Persian Recipes
[5] Another Collection of Persian Recipes

How Iran Changed: from 1905 to 2010

June 27, 2011

In the past 100 years, Iran has changed a lot. The official and unofficial statistics and data, besides what the old people said about the past 100 years, can create a big picture of how Iran changed in the past years. We have used the statistics and date of the UN, (UNHDR, Unisef, etc), World Bank, Iran Amar (Statistics) Center, Journalistic data/statistics, Well-known writers/intellects’ data and estimations, etc for drawing an acceptable big picture. This big picture, is a pig picture, not precise and detailed picture, but can show us how Iran has reached to its current situation. The five important milestones in Iran’s history are: (1) 1905: near “the Constitutional Revolution” (2) 1953: after the Oil Nationalization Movement, and before the CIA-MI6 coup in Iran (3)1978: near the Islamic Revolution (4) 1997: near the Islamic Reform Movement (4) 2010: After the Khamenei’s coup, and before the Iranian Revolution for establishing a “Secular and Democratic Republic”:

1905 1953 1978 1997 2010
Population (million) 10 20 35 65 75
Literacy rate (T) 1% 10% 40% 80% 85%
Literacy rate (F) ~ 0% 1% 15% 70% 85%
Literacy rate (Y) 1% 10% 50% 85% 95%
Middle Class (R) ~0% ~5% 15% 55% 70%
Poor/Low Class (R) 95% 85% 75% 35% 20%
Urban Population (R) 5% 15% 30% 60% 75%
near Poverty Line (R) 95% 85% 70% 50% 50%
University-educated Adults 0% 1% 3% 10% 30%
University Students sH tT hT 3~4 million 4~5 million
Inflation rate 2~3 % 5% 20% 40%
Dollar Exchange rate ~ 2 ~ 5 70 8000 12000
40 liter Petrol (price) $1 $4 $35
Number of Cars 0 tT hT 6~7 million ~20 million
Average Salary $100 $200 $2000 $4500 $12K
Average Price (Car) $1500 $6000 $15K
Average Price (House) $13K $50K $500K
Islamists’ Population (R) 99% 90% 80% 40% 10%
Monarchists’ Population (R) 80% 60% 20% 2% 1%
under Mullahs’ influence (R) 99% 95% 90% 20% 5%
Life Expectancy (year) 40 45 55 65 70
Employed Women (R) 0% ~1% ~5% 35% 60%
University Educated Girls (R) 0% ~1% ~5% 65% 75%
Infant mortality rate 30% 15% 2% 0.006% 0.003%
Fertility (children/family)+ 12 10 6 3 1.5
Television audiences (R) 0% ~0% 20% 90% 99%
Liar/Hypocrite Adults (R) 90% 90% 85% 90% 90%
Embezzler/Corrupt Adult (R) 70% 70% 70% 70% 75%
Jealous Adults (R) 90% 90% 85% 90% 90%
Drug addicts/users (R) 75% 65% 30% 25% 25%
Nosy Adults (R) 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%
Flatterer Adults (R) 90% 80% 80% 80% 80%
Fake Intellectuals (R) 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%
Charlatan Journalists (R) 80% 90% 90% 90% 95%
Music listeners/lovers (R) 1% 5% 35% 70% 90%
having Boy/Girlfriend (R) ~0% ~1% ~5% 20% 80%
Marriage age (year) 15 ~17 21 26 30
Marriage age (F) (year) 11 14 16 22 27
Divorce rate (R) ~1% ~2% ~6% 30% 60%
Child Literacy rate (T) ~1% 5% 65% 95% 99%
Child Literacy rate (F) ~0% 1% 35% 95% 99%
Atheists (R) 0% ~0% 1% 5% 10%
Agnostics (R) ~0% 1% 3% 10% 20%
Religious Fanatics (R) 99% 90% 75% 25% 5%
Cinema Goers (R)* 0% 10% 35% 10% 1%
National Films’ lovers (R)* 0% 35% 20% 10% 1%
Film lovers (R) 0% 10% 20% 50% 80%
Travelers to Mecca (P/A) 90%/ ~0% 90%/1% 90%/2% 50%/5% 30%/ 3%
Travelers to Iraq (P/A) 90%/ ~0% 90%/ 1% 90% /5% 50%/ 0% 25%/ 3%
Travelers to NIC (P/A) 0%/ 0% 0%/ 0% 5%/ ~0% 50%/ 1% 90%/ 5%
Internet users (R) 1% 70%
Tel /Cell phone users (R) 1% 50% 90%
Satellite TV users (R) 0% 10% 80%
Access to Electricity (R) 1% 25% 80% 95%
Visa-Free counties ++ ~70 ~5 ~10

R = rate, F= female, Y= Youth, T= Total, sH= some Hundreds, tT= tens of Thousands, hT= hundreds of Thousands, NIC= Non-Islamic Countries, P/A= Potential rate/ Actual rate (i.e. the potential rate of the people who love to travel to X, and the actual rate of the people who succeed in travel to X. In the recent decades, the visa and getting visa is a serious obstacle for Iranian travelers)

(+) : the average number of children per family (*): After the Islamic revolution, especially in the 1980s and in the recent years, the number of Iranian cinema goers have decreased seriously, and the reason is so obvious: “Islamic censorship and low quality movies” (++) : The number of countries that Iranian can go without visa. In 1978, Iranians could go to the Europe and many other countries without visa, and getting visa of almost all counties was very very easy. But in the recent years/decades, the Iranian passport is among the most disgraced and discredited passports.

In the above table ‘Adults’ means the people aged 25 and over.

Shame on Nikahang Kosar

June 27, 2011

In the recent days, the stupid Nikahang Kosar, an Iranian
journalist/cartoonist who live in the US and Canada, had an interview with Reza Pahlavi, shazdeh bouzineh (the baboon prince; the prince of baboons!), who is leader of the ultra-stupid Monarchists. In fact, Nikahang and his stupid website,, has become a propaganda machine for the reactionary Monarchist. Shame on you, stupid Nikahang. Shame on you man. Shame on you. The stupid Nikahang Kosar can only show us how Iranians become dumb outside Iran. Nikahang Kosar was one of the Islamist-Reformist Iranian Journalists that attended the stupid “Secular-Monarchist” conference in Toronto. He has fled to Canada as an Islamist-Reformist, but recently has become a Monarchist; Such a backward progress ! . The stupid Nikahang was a stupid Muslim/Islamist and is really full of shitty paradoxes, and now he and his stupid website,, have become Shazdeh’s mercenary. Now he tries to be Khayemal and kiss and lick Shazdeh’s ass. But If he wanted to kiss and lick a dictator’s ass, it was better that he kissed and licked the Mullahs’ ass and remained in Iran, and stopped ‘Chos Naleh’ (pathetic moaning) about Ghame Ghorbat (home sick) . It’s very shameful and pathetic that he got political asylum and went to Canada, but there he became a mercenary/Monarchist. Shame on him and all Iranian expats, who are like Nikahang and have become a mercenary after leaving Iran. The ordinary Iranians have a funny old saying that is used for stupid Nikahang Kosar and his Monarchist friends in the USA: “Agar Boye Kabab Shenidid, Bedoonid Kabab Nist, Darim Khar Dagh Mikonim” that means “If you smell the delicious smell of Kebab, you should know that it’s not Kebab, we are branding the donkeys; We are branding the ultra-stupid Iranian expats with the donkey’s logo !; We are trying to find the ultra-stupid people, and that’s all !” In the recent days, the story of Nikahang Kosar and Alireza Nourizadeh showed that all the Iranian journalists who have fled to the West, are a bunch of Khoskhol (asshole/cunt). Now it’s better understood why we said: Shame on Iranian Journalists; Shame on them all .

100% Price Increase in Public Transport

June 26, 2011

In the recent days, the price of public transport, including metro and bus, increased by 100% in Tehran. The dreadful price increases in the public transport -from 1000 Rials to 2000 Rials, from 1750 Rirals to 3000 Rials, etc – has a funny story. Some months ago, before cutting subsidies, the Mullah said: “We cut the subsidies on gasoline for developing the public transport, for making a cheaper and better public transport.” But now the people have understood that the Mullahs have cut the subsidies on gasoline, foods, vital services, etc only for stuffing more money in their pockets. In fact, the subsidies, like the oil money, are in the Mullahs’ pocket now. In the past years the Mullahs increased the public transport’s price every now and than. In the early 1990s, the price of bus ticket was 10 Rials . Then the Mullahs increased it from 10 Rials to 50 Rials. In those days, the people set some buses on fire and protested, and some protesters were killed by the Mullahs in Tehran and other cities. Then the Mullahs changed their tactic. They fixed the ticket’s price, but the bus drivers got two or three or four tickets from the passengers ! After some years, the Mullahs increased the ticket’s price from 50 Rials to 100 Rials, and after a while, from 100 Rials to 200 Rials ; But they used the tactic of two or three ticket, as before ! In the recent years, they said: “Our buses have no facility, no air condition, no curtain, nothing, and in the summers (+105F /+40C) and in the winters ( 20F/ -5C) the passengers have many problems. We should increase the quality of the buses, and of course, the price of our new service !”. They used many of the old f-u-c-k-ing buses and some new ones for their new service, that its price was 1000 Rials , without any ticket. Gradually the old service, the ticket-based with 200 Rials ticket, became extinct. Now many buses have no air condition, and no facility, as usual, but the price has increased 1000%, i.e. from 200 Rials to 2000 Rials! . In fact, in less than 18 years, the price has increased 20000% !!, from 10 Rials to 2000 Rials !! It’s the meaning of the Mullah Miracle.

Now the Mullahs have removed subsidies on basic foods (bread, milk, flour, wheat, etc), fuel, public transport, utility (Water, electricity, gas, etc), vital services (post, transport, etc), and everything. And in this way, they really have dug their own grave. As Iranians say, these days are “Aramesh Qabl as Tufan” i.e. “the calm before the storm “. The people are really angry. The economic climate is really stormy. The Islamic-Reformists have been dead and buried because of their betrayals. The Big Bang is near. The people should only prepare and organize themselves. Their urgent need is Alternative groups and a strong media/website for the silent majority . The people should know that the vultures, i.e. the reactionary Iranians (Monarchists, Rajavists, etc) and their Western supporters have lurked behind the walls .The vultures stalking their prey, and the people should be very careful. If the people, the silent majority, have their own media and their own voice, then the vultures should go and f-u-c-k themselves and their Western supporters/masters . The vultures will succeed in hijacking the Iranian revolution, only if the people, the silent majority, have not their own media and their own voice. The Iranians should take the urgent needs, i.e. making the alternative groups and the people media, very serious. The vultures’ media and websites, such as BBC Persian, VOA Farsi,, etc, should be boycotted and the people media/websites should be created. After that, the vultures and their Western supporters will have only one way : “They should f-u-c-k and eat each other; It’s the ancient tradition of the vultures and the politicians !”

Death in Mullah Prisons

June 26, 2011

As we said before, its so tragic that a person dies in the Khameneis prisons, but the Islamist-Reformists, i.e. the great bastards, try to pretend that the tragic death of Hoda Saber is the first death in the Khameneis prisons (of course it’s the first death of Islamists). . In the recent days, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has published a report about Death in Mullah Prisons . It shows us that Hoda Saber is only one of the victims of the Islamic regime’s brutality, a regime that is the Islamist-Reformists’ beloved regime. Hoda Saber and his stupid leader, Ezzat Sahabi, and all Islamist-Reformists, betrayed the people’s blood and the people’s movement after the Ashora Day. And now, they are dying in Iran, but their death is so tragic and pathetic. Apparently they want to be a historical lesson for all traitors and mercenaries in Iran. Here are excerpts of the report:

Since 2003, 17 political prisoners and prisoners of conscience have died while in custody in Iranian prisons allegedly due to torture, medical neglect, and misconduct of prison authorities . Six of the prisoners were detained and died after the 2009 election and the ensuing crackdown on government critics and political opponents. … The Campaign believes the number of deaths caused by official wrongdoing would be greater than the 17 published in the report if undocumented cases and the cases of ordinary non-political inmates were accounted for … Below is a summary of the cases … (1) Zahra Kazemi, photojournalist , was arrested on 23 June 2003 for taking photographs outside of Evin Prison in Tehran … On 27 June 2003, Kazemi was taken to the hospital after slipping into a coma. She died in the hospital on 10 July 2003 … A special fact-finding committee, appointed by Khatami, implicated Tehrans Prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi in the death of Kazemi. … Finally the four lawyers who represented Kazemis family were threatened and eventually arrested and imprisoned on unfounded charges … (2) Akbar Mohammadi, political activist , was arrested for the first time on 9 July 1999 and released on medical furlough. He was re-arrested on 11 June 2004. He launched a hunger strike, and died while in prison on 30 July 2006. Witnesses present at Mohammadis burial said he had signs of injuries on his face, head, and body. Khalil Bahramian, one of Mohammadis lawyers, was later prosecuted on charges of insults and libel in a suit filed against him by officials at Evin Prison. (3) Valiollah Feyz Mahdavi, political prisoner , was arrested in September 2001 and sentenced to death on the charge of attempting to plant a bomb. Mahdavi began a hunger strike on 26 August 2006 to protest his case. He died in prison in September 2006 … Mahdavis body was never delivered to his family and security forces carried out his burial. (4) Zahra Baniyaghoub, student/physician, was arrested on 12 October 2007 and died in prison on 14 October 2007. Baniyaghoub and her fiancé were arrested by Morality Police in the city of Hamadan. Baniyaghoubs father arrived at the Morality Police headquarters in Hamadan to pick her up, but was told she had committed suicide thirty minutes earlier using pieces of fabric from a banner. Baniyaghoubs brother later said he spoke with her only fifteen minutes prior to the announced time of death, and that she was calm and peaceful, awaiting their fathers arrival to take her home. Baniyaghoubs family members who attended her burial reported that she was still bleeding from her nose and ear. (5) Ebrahim Lotfallahi, student activist, was arrested on 6 January 2008, and nine days later, on 15 January 2008, his family was informed of his death. ”


“(6) Amir Hossein Heshmat Saran, political activist , was arrested in 2004 on the charge of establishing the Iranian National Unity Front organization. A few days before 4 March 2009, Saran became ill, and other inmates took him to the infirmary twice. Sarans wife said that, He must have received medical aid earlier, but he was brought to the hospital when he was practically dead. She added that she heard from his cellmates that the night before, Saran was beaten severely by prison guards. Prior to his death. (7) Omidreza Mirsayafi, blogger , was sentenced to prison in November 2008 on charges of insulting religious leaders and engaging in propaganda against the Islamic Republic. He died in March 2009. On 18 March 2009, Mirsayafi was diagnosed with very low blood pressure and was transferred to the prison infirmary. Authorities declared the cause of his death to be a drug overdose. However, his brother stated that Mirsayafis body showed evidence of a broken skull, bruised back, and bloody nose and ears. The authorities prevented an autopsy. (8),(9),(10),(11) Amir Javadifar, Mohsen Rouhoulamini, Mohammad Kamrani, and Ramin Aghazadeh Ghahremani, all protestors , were arrested by security forces on 9 July 2009 during a post-election protest, and sent to Kahrizak Detention Center. According to the report of a parliamentary committee, these individuals faced poor prison conditions, lack of medical attention, and torture. (Many analysts believed that the number of victims of Kahrizak is really much more than these 4 victims. (12) Mohsen Dogmechi, a former political prisoner (13) Hassan Nahid, communications engineer , was arrested in 2004 and sentenced to prison for revealing classified evidence. Nahid died in prison in April 2011. He had suffered from health complications and was diagnosed with cancer. However, not only was he denied medical aid, authorities also added an additional three years to his prison sentence for failure to pay a fine that was part of his original. (14) Hoda Saber, journalist and political activist (15) Kaveh Azizpour, a Kurdish political activist , was arrested in 2006. In late April 2008, authorities transferred him to a hospital while he was in a coma and he died 20 days later on 17 May 2008. Azizpours relatives have said that in the second year of his sentence, he had two brain surgeries after suffering from a stroke as a result of torture. (16) Hashem Ramezani, a Kurdish citizen , was arrested by authorities in January 2009. Four days later, his family was called to appear at the Intelligence Office in the city of Orumiyeh to claim his body. They were further asked to not speak publicly about his death at the Intelligence Detention Center in Orumiyeh and to bury him immediately. (17) Abdulreza Rajabi, a member MEK , was arrested by authorities in 2001 and sentenced to life in prison. On 28 October 2008, Rajabi was transferred from Evin Prison to Gohardasht Prison. He died the same night.”

“In addition to political prisoners, there were several other cases of prisoner deaths among ordinary non-political prisoners: Mohammad Rajabi Sani was arrested on 30 September 2004 following a street fight, and transferred to Ghezel Hessar Prison. Authorities transferred him to Rajaee Hospital in the city of Karaj a few days later, saying he had lost brain function in prison. Sani, who was prescribed heavy medication for psychological disorders he developed while serving in the Iran-Iraq War, was denied his medication and refused access to a doctor. Believing that Sani was faking his illness, prison personnel allegedly attacked and beat him and transferred him to a hospital only after he slipped into a coma … Several other suspicious deaths of ordinary non-political prisoners have also been publicly reported. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran continues its efforts to gain more information about these cases, including nine deaths among female inmates between November 2005 and June 2009 inside Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, where the women either died under suspicious circumstances or had allegedly been murdered in prison. Fereshteh Famil, Hanieh Hadian, Arezoo Abdi, Fereshteh Rajabzadeh, Mina Maleki, Katrin Safa, Shirin Zoghi, Hedieh Moayedi, and Mahnaz Akbari are some of these victims “.

US sanctions against ordinary Iranians

June 25, 2011

The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions against Iran’s national airline, Iran Air, barring Americans from doing business with it. In fact, the stupid American politicians impose sanctions against the ordinary Iranians, not the Mullahs. Iran Air has been under US sanctions since 1995 that have prevented any sale of Boeing or Airbus aircraft or spare parts to it, and as a result it has become one of the most dilapidated airlines in the world, and many ordinary Iranians have been killed in the aviation accidents. But it’s not the whole story. While the motherf-u-c-k-er American bastards impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, they allow the Khamenei’s TV to work in Washington (for the first time in the past 30 years), and Khamenei’s TV can easily work inside the US. . The new sanctions “may have an impact on Iranian people (but) the Iranian people are not the target of these actions,” the U.S. official told reporters. Shame on you, the hypocrite American bastards. Do we forget how VOA supported the Mullah regime in 2009? Do we forget Obama’s secret letters to Khemenei Do we forget how VOA covered the Iranian protests in 2009? Do we forget how the CIA agents, like the American baboon, support the Mullah regime? The stupid Western sanctions only hurt the ordinary Iranians. In July 2010, the European Union banned most of Iran Air’s planes from its airspace. The stupid and hypocrite EU and US have banned most of ordinary Iranians from traveling to the West, while the Mullahs and their families can easily go to the West, for living and/or spending the embezzled money.


“Rockets or missiles have been transported via Iran Air passenger aircraft, and IRGC (Sepah) officers occasionally take control over Iran Air flights carrying special IRGC-related cargo,” the Treasury Department said in a statement. “Preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons is a top U.S. government priority” the American bastards added. Yes, who cares to human rights and killing the innocent people. You, the Western politicians, have so stupid and charlatan. You can not see even your own long term benefits. The Passenger aircrafts and the ordinary Iranians are so dangerous for you, but the Mullahs, their family, Khemenei’s TV, etc are your friends and and you and your IMF (International Monetary Fund) love the Mullahs . It’s so tragic that the ordinary Iranians should pay the price of the Western hypocrisy and their fake war with the Mullahs. The hypocrite West impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, while the Mullah Mafia work with the Western Bastards inside the US and Europe. Have we forgotten how Americans work with the Khamenei’s dogs at Harvard University, or with a terrorist at Princeton University, or with Khamenei’s TV at Washington, or with Khmenei’s family at Canada, or with Rafsanjani’s son at Oxford University, etc ? No, the Western hypocrisy only can deceive the lunatic lefts and the naive people, i.e. some one like Noam Chomsky.

Shame on Obama. Shame on American politicians. Shame on all Western supporters of Mullahs, who work with Mullah Mafia, but impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians. Shame on the lunatic lefts and their stupid leader Noam Chomsky, who are blind and can not see The Western Paradox , especially the Apparent Paradox of the West

British Media, British Censorship

June 25, 2011

Finally after more than 50 days, the Guardian published parts of Mahmoudian’s letter, on June 24, 2011. As we said before, Mahmoudian published a letter about rape and sodomy in Iran’s prisons, in the early May . As we said before, the Guardian and British Media’s reactions to the Spanish and Greek protests, were like their reactions to Iranian protests, and could be called “British Censorship”. They ignore and censor the main events and the main news, and then after some months, publish some stupid reports about them. It’s British Censorship. Of course, all Western mass media suffer from censorship, but the story of British media and British Censorship is very funny. So, if you want to have the latest news of Iran, Spain, Greece, and the whole world, you can read the Guardian and watch the BBC. In this way, you can be sure that you know nothing about what really happens in the world .

June 2011: Islamists in deep Shit

June 24, 2011

In these days, some people ask: “What’s happened in these days? What’s happened to the Iranian movement? What’s happened to the Islamists? etc” June 2011, i.e. 2 years after the coup, almost all Iranians inside Iran, even the most stupid people, are sure of one thing: “All Islamists of Iran are in deep Shit”. The Islamists, i.e. Khamenei’s dogs/thugs and Islamist-Reformists (Islamist-Nationalists, Khatamists, Rafsanjani’s mercenaries, etc), are really in deep shit, and the people don’t give a shit about them and what they do. In these days, all the people, even the most stupid people, have understood one thing: ‘ The Islamist-Reformists were dead and buried in Iran’ After the stupid, pointless, and senseless call for a silent demonstration on June 12, the people sent a very big “Bilakh” (a very big “No”, or a big middle finger) for the Islamist-Reformists, by rejecting the call. In fact, only some thousands accepted the call; But the Islamist bastards were too stupid and did not understand the people message, and again called for a demonstration on June 15 and June 16. This time the people sent the biggest “Bilakh” (the biggest middle finger) for the Islamist-Reformists, and only some hundreds accepted the call. And in the recent days, some of them, that are in the prisons, went on hunger strike and the stupid bastards called for a protest on the roof tops, but this time the people sent the biggest possible “Bilakh” (the biggest possible middle finger) for the Islamist-Reformists, and only a dozen accepted the call. In fact, it clearly proved that the Islamist-Reformists, i.e. the mercenaries, traitors, and bastards, were dead and buried in Iran (if Mr. shit had called for any protesting rally in June 2011, more people attended the rally !!) . It’s the best possible news for the Iranians. And it completed what the people had done with the Islamist-Reformists in 2003, after their stupid sit-down strike in the Majlis 6th. We would write more about it later. From1997 to 2003, and then from 2003 to 2011, the Islamist-Reformists proved one thing: “The Islamic regime is unchangeable, and they are the regime’s mercenaries”


But the death of Islamist-Reformists in Iran is the worst possible news for the Mullahs and all Islamists in Iran. The Mullahs, and their leader, Khamenei, want to get rid of Mr. shit, and then deceive the people by their old dirty tricks. But the people, the majority of Iranians, peed and crapped on the head of all Islamists in Iran, and said “Khar Khodetudin” that means “You are the donkey; you are the most stupid people, not us”. In these days, Khamenei’s regime is really fighting for survival. They have arrested one of the assistance of Mr. shit and Mashaee (Malekzadeh) and prepared for arresting or killing Mashaee and then Mr. shit. In these days, Khamenei and all his dogs/thugs treat Mr. shit like shit ! But all Iranians know that Khamenei and his dogs are fighting for their own survival. They want to say that Mr. shit is the bad guy. But the people know who is the real bad guy. They know that all the Mullahs and Islamists are criminals and Khamenei is their leader. Khamenei and his Western supporters, especial British Mullah Makers, have tried to say that Mr. shit is the bad guy. As we said before -a lot of times in the articles of March and April (check the archive)- the British media tried to distorted the facts about what Iranians want. They stupidly said that the Iranians chant against Mr. shit, not Khamenei, and it was a big lie. In fact, the British Mullah Makers and all Western supporters of Khamenei try use their media, their propaganda machine, to help Khamenei and his regime to victimize Mr. shit and save the Islamic regime from the imminent fall. But Iranians say: “Khar Khodetudin” that means “You are the donkey; you are the most stupid people, not us”

Now even the most stupid people know that what the baby Godzilla said was a shit, and nothing happened in Khordad . Now even the most stupid people are sure that the baby Godzilla, Khazali, and all Islamist-Reformists, i.e. the traitors and mercenaries, are like “Madhi”. Now, it has become clear that all baby Godzillas are worried about the imminent fall of their beloved Islamic regime. Now, even the most stupid people are sure that Khamenei wants to get rid of Mr. shit and after that Khamenei would say: “I was wrong about Mr. shit. He was a CIA agent. He was a killer and a rapist. He killed and tortured you, not me. He f-uc-k-e-d your life, not me. He f-u-c-k-ed your economics, not me. He cut your subsidies, not me. Mr. shit is the bad guy, and he stole your votes and killed you in the streets. I am innocent and I apologize for my mistake about Mr. shit. I ate shit, I ate extra shit, please forgive me“. But who cares about Mr. shit. All Iranians know that who is the main responsible of all the disasters. Now the Iranians say to Khameni: “Yes, you ate extra shit in the past years, but now if you eat the biggest shit of the world, i.e. Mr. shit, and jail or kill him, it changes nothing, and we know that you are the master and commander of all Islamist rapists and killers. We know that your secret agents and your mercenaries, i.e. the Islamist-Reformists, were dead and buried in Iran. We express our condolence to you.”

Known Victims of Mullah’s Coup

June 24, 2011

The world knows Neda Agha-Soltan, who was killed on June 20, 2009 by Basiji thugs. But the world doesn’t know that Khamenei thugs/dogs said: “The bodies of those killed in the clashes or as a result of torture and beatings after being taken into custody are given to family members on condition that they do not publicize the cases”. On June 20, 2009 afternoon, Neda Agha-Soltan was in Kargar Avenue. She was accompanied by her music teacher and friend, Hamid Panahi. She stopped her car some distance from the main protests and got out on foot to escape the heat. She was observing the sporadic protests in the area when she was shot in the chest. Her last words were, “I’m burning, I’m burning!”. Arash Hejazi said nearby members of the crowd pulled a man from his motorcycle while shouting: “We got him, we got him,” disarmed him, obtained his identity card and identified him as a member of the Basij militia. The Basiji killer identified as Abbas Kargar Javid, was shouting, ‘I didn’t want to kill her.’ The modern and civilized Iranian protesters let him go and did not kill him, but took many photographs of him. .


But the majority of martyrs were not as lucky as Neda Agha-Soltan, and even now no one knows them. They are martyrs that their stories are at least as tragic as the story of poor Neda, 26, that was not a pro-Mousavi protesters, and we know that at least 20 to 50 of them, including Neda, were killed on June 20, 2009 . They were like Neda, and even did not voted for Mousavi. Neda and many martyrs were members of group A of Iranian eligible voters, who almost always boycott the election . But Neda and 90% of group A, were among the Iranian protesters who wanted to get rid of the Islamic regime. The world only knows Neda, and unfortunately the majority of martyrs have remained unknown. The world knows Sohrab Arabi,19, who was killed on June 15, 2009 by Basiji thugs. In fact, only on June 15, 2009, more than 30 people were killed in Azadi Street, and Sohrab Arabi was one of them.. For weeks, his poor mother did not know that her son was killed. At first, Khamenei’s thugs told Sohrab’s mother that he was arrested. But finally she found that her beloved son was killed. Aarabi died of a gun-shut wounds to his chest but it is not clear if he was first injured and died later or he died on the street on 15 June. The world knows Neda and Sohrab, but know nothing about more than 250 known martyrs that their names are collected.


Many people think that almost all martyrs were killed in Tehran, but it’s wrong and many martyrs were killed in other cities of Iran, martyrs like: Hossein Akhtar Zand, Arman Estakhripour, Amir Eslamian, Naser Amirnejad, Jafar Boroayeh, Mehrdad Heidari, Hossein Tahmasebi , and many others . The world doesn’t know anything about female martyrs like Behzad Ghahramani, Mina Ehterami, Neda Asadi, Fatemeh Barati, Somayyeh Jafargholi, Fatemeh Rajabpour who killed with her mother Ms. Borouman, Maryam Mehraaein, Behzad Mohajer , Parisa Kolli , and many others . The world know nothing about thousands of unknown arrested protesters, too. We know that ten thousands of men and women were arrested in 2009. The world should know that Kahmenei’s prisons that had more than 150,000 prisoners before 2009 coup and were totally full, but after the coup Khamenei’s prisons had more than 250,000 prisoners and many of them slept in the prisons yards! or held in the secret and unknown new detentions! We should not forget that the majority of victims of Khamenei’s coup were unknown victims.

The tragic story of Taraneh Mousavi was only one of the most tragic stories of the female victims. The Basiji thugs raped her, killed her and burned her. Taraneh was reportedly arrested on June 28, 2009. Then some witnesses said that she had been treated at Karaj’s Khomeini Hospital. One of the nurses confirmed that an unconscious girl matching Taranehs description, who was brutally raped , had been brought in by plain clothes forces and had been removed again after a couple of hours. This girls particulars hadnt been entered in the hospital records. On July 17, her mother was informed “that a burned corpse matching Taranehs description had been found in the desert between Karaj and Qazvin”. Kahmenei’s security forces contacted Taraneh’s old mother warning her not to publicize Taraneh’s story. After some months, the stupid Islamic regime said that her story is a hoax, and some stupid people believed it. But her story was not a hoax. In 2009, more than 100 men and women reported that they were raped by Basiji thugs, and it’s so obvious that at least the same number of victims were raped and then were killed/burned by Basiji thugs. And Taraneh Mousavi was only one of them . Many females victims of rape in the Khamenei’s prisons are unknown, and its reason is so obvious. In Iran, talking about rape still is deeply embarrassing for the victim of rape.

The history will not forget and forgive, Abbas motherf-u-c-k-er Abdi, a shameless bastard who betrayed the people’s blood and said : “we had only 40 to 50 killed people in 2009 protests” . The history will not forget and forgive Khatami and his stupid followers and all Rafsanjani’s mercenaries and all other traitors who betrayed the people’s movement, especially after the Ashoura Day.

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Saudi Women and Iranian Women

June 23, 2011

The lunatic lefts and many other people around the world, know nothing about the real differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia. As we said before, Noam Chomsky and his followers are really stupid, and can not understand that: Iranians are much more modern than Arabs of Saudi Arabi, but Irans regime is more brutal and reactionary than Saudi Arabias regime . A Saudi woman, who writes in Saudiwoman’s blog , can show us the meaning of these differences. She seems like the Islamist-Reformists in Iran. In fact, the majority of open-minded Saudi people, in the best case are like the stupid Iranian Islamist-Reformists. “ Saudi girls just wanna have fun ” is one of Saudiwoman’s informative posts. Look at the below picture, and how the poor young Saudi women, try to be goofy and play with their eyes, i.e. the only visible part of their body. The poor Saudi women are imprisoned within the burka/abaya, but they don’t protest against Hijab. The majority of Saudi women have accepted the Islamic Hijab and support the Islamic laws. But in Iran the social situation is quite different. In fact, not only the burka/abaya has been extinct in Iran, but the majority of Iranian women fight against forced Hijab


Some comments in Saudiwoman’s blog are interesting: “Hijab is supposed to dignify a woman. These girls are just making fools of themselves and of hijab and Islam !!. I am not against having fun but … I am an American Muslim and I realize that my restrictions are my salvation !! (Shame on you stupid Americans!!) … Do we not see that Lebanons prosperity is fueled by s-e-x-u-a-lly frustrated Saudi men who go to Lebanon to have s-e-x with women … The Saudi men go out of the country to have s-e-x, drink alcohol ! and do drugs! … Its hard to understand the motive behind the article. If the idea being proposed here is that people involved in adultery should not be punished, that idea is not acceptable. If the point is that the Islamic laws and punishment is too harsh, although I am a woman, I dont think it is too harsh . It is the way Islam has asked to do so … Covering women head to toe in black is sickening. That’s why sodomy is so rife in Muslim Arabic Countries … Saudi Muslims are so reactionary” But as we said before, the majority of Iranians and Iranian Women are really different and hate the reactionary Islamic laws. Iranian Women’s Activists are really brave and modern. And the Islamic regime tries to brutally suppress the majority of Iranian young women, who try to be happy and fight against the reactionary Islamic laws, including Hijab.


In the recent weeks, the world heard more about “Saudi Women’s Driving Ban“, and a new campaign for defending this basic right. In fact, in the Arab Spring, while many Arabs protest against their dictators, the Saudi Arabs only protest against the most reactionary laws of their reactionary society. And it’s very meaningful. When Saudi “Commission for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue” (it’s a very familiar name for Iranians) arrested Manal Al-Sherif, after driving a car in Khobar and publishing a video about it, (King) Abdullah in an interview with Barbara Walters, said that women driving is a societal issue. Abdullah said that only Saudi society could determine the appropriate time when women can drive cars. He said he believed that time was soon! It’s like a joke, but it’s really right. Women driving, and women rights, is a societal issue in Saudi Arabia. When in 2011, the Saudi women start to fight against the most stupid ban in the world, i.e. “Saudi Women’s Driving Ban”, it shows us how reactionary is the Saudi society. The good question is: ‘ When will Saudi women protest against Hijab or Islamic veil?’ maybe in 2111 !! The below pictures can show us the difference between Iranian and Saudi societies.


The structure of Saudi Society, like other Arab-Muslim countries, is extremely unhealthy and reactionary. The literacy rate of Saudi women is very law, near %50. Some comments below the Saudiwoman’s posts are very interesting: “Im a Saudi girl and I hate Saudi men, their giving me the nausea. They say: “Don’t look to any people, Don’t do this. Don’t do that” Theyre the biggest hypocrite in the earth. They don’t want girls to success and having jobs, they hate seeing us happy …. I really want to see more outdoor activities, I want to see Saudi girls in the Olympics … May Saudi Arabia be ruled by women one day, and may they clad the men in burkas and beat them all day long while they enjoy their freedom! Revenge is sweet! … Women in our community and countries dont even go out hiking, running, or bicycling as it is viewed as immodest. … Mullahs are sodomizing boys, the internet is used almost exclusively for p-o-r-n-o-graphy … Remember the case of a sentence of 40 lashes was handed out to a 75-year-old woman in Saudi Arabia! The woman, who was also sentenced to four months imprisonment, was found guilty of being in the company of two men, who were not her relatives … Today 80% of engineers in Saudi Arabia are foreigners and the competency of the 20% who are Saudis is questionable … Seeing the poor Saudi young women in burka/abaya, is very sickening. ”


Saudiwoman writes: “The punishments that are most newsworthy when it comes to Saudi Arabia, are the ones given to people guilty of Khilwa [Khalwat] (unrelated man and woman [friends!] alone together) and extramarital s-e-x. A punishment for Khilwa is common and weve all come across muttawas trolling coffee shops and restaurants searching for pairs who seem too happy to be related. But what happens after they are caught? the man and woman are separated at the spot and questioned to see if their stories correspond … finally he (and she) will most likely be sentenced a number of lashes across the back !! Extramarital s-e-x on the other hand is extremely serious (“Sangsar” that means “stoning to death !!”) Infidelity is an automatic death sentence !! Singles are imprisoned and whipped !!” It’s the reality of savage Muslims. And it’s what the Mullahs have imported to Iran from Saudi Arabia : “Brutality and Barbarism”. But the main point is that the majority of Saudi people accept this Islamic shit, but the majority of Iranians reject it and fight against it .


Polygamy is legal and widespread in Saudi Arabia . The Saudiwoman write: “man might take on a second wife and not see his first except twice a month to pay the bills. And the woman stays on and is patient because thats what a good woman does. In Saudi Arabia the husband divorce his wife even without letting her know ! In his own time the husband can go to the courts and obtain a document of his decision and send a copy to the ex-wife !!. Alimony and child custody is not a big deal either and definitely not mandated ! . Several women I personally know have never gotten any financial support from their ex-husbands. The women could not divorce their husband! except three cases: proof that the husband is a drug addict, has AIDS or being a daughter of a VIP! Otherwise the process is stressful, and lead to her never seeing her children again! In one case the judge and his assistants demanded from the wife that she detail her husbands performance in bed !! Another woman had to pay her dowry back in full after more than a decade of marriage and four children !” All of these shits are the result of Islamic laws. But Iranian women and men protest against the Mullahs and their Islamic laws.


The Mullahs wanted to make another Saudi Arabia in Iran. But Iranian society rejected it. Polygamy is legal in Iran, but it’s not an accepted social norm in Iran . Just Mullahs and Muslim fanatics, i.e. less that 5% of Iranians, accept this shit. In fact, Iranians and Iranian culture have not accepted many of Arabian-Islamic customs. And the Mullahs could not change the situation . Divorce process in Iran is not like Saudi Arabia. The Mullahs and their Islamic laws have f-u-c-ked the women’s right, but even in these conditions, the man could not divorce a woman like Saudi Arabia. The Divorce process in Iran is too long, near one year to two years, and alimony, dowry, and child custody is a very big deal. Many men are imprisoned for dowry or alimony. In the recent years, ,many young Iranian women make use of a facility named “the Conditions before Marriage”, that is an Islamic facility for silencing Iranian women’s activists. In fact, the women can ask for all they want before the marriage, like divorce’s right, custody’s right, outdoor work’s right, study’s right, housing’s right, etc, and in this way, the women would gain their basic rights.


As we said before, the Mullah’s regime in Iran is really more savage than Saudi’s regime. But it’s the Iranian people and their culture that are much more modern than Saudi Arabia’s. The stupid Iranian Muslim fanatics are a tiny minority inside Iran, while the stupid Saudi Muslim fanatics are the majority inside Saudi Arabia. The stupid Muslim fanatics in Iran and Saudi Arabia are alike, and both of them have the same strategy. And a Saudi Muslim fanatic’s comment in Saudiwoman’s blog describes it in this way: “Comment on negative aspects has no use; It is just hanging out dirty laundry for the world to see . It’s not productive to the Saudi society”. But we know that a healthy society should “hang out dirty laundry for the world to see “, otherwise the dirty laundry will choke the society and its citizens. The stupid Muslim fanatics in Saudi Arabia don’t know anything about the reality of Islam. As a funny comment in Saudiwoman’s blog says: “To most Saudi (and non-Saudi) Muslims, the Quran is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click I agree. But they should try to read the whole story and then click “I agree”.

Maziar Bahari’s Story

June 22, 2011

Maziar Bahari has written a book about his story in 2009, and now in the US, he talks about his book. On June 21, 2009, about 10 days after the coup, Newsweek correspondent Maziar Bahari was arrested by Khamenei’s dogs. They accused Bahari, who had covered Iran for Newsweek for more than a decade, of being a spy for the CIA, Mossad, MI6, and Newsweek !! Maziar Bahari is a naive Iranian journalist, but he is not a spy. In fact, he is too naive to be spy ! But Maziar Bahari’s story is very interesting and informative, and is a part of the story of the Iranian movement in 2009. Now lets take a look at Bahari’s story and what he said about his story in some articles like this one . His naive view and analysis of the regime, people’s movement, etc are so funny, but despite these stupidities (that have been omitted from our summary), his story has many good and interesting points. Here are a summary of Maziar Bahari’s story in 2009:

“They released me on bail. Before I was released, they asked me to sign a paper saying when I leave Iran, I’m going to cooperate with the government and I’m going to spy for the government . They gave me an e-mail address … they kept on threatening me through my family members and sometimes they even called me in London … On the first day when they arrested me, they told me that they knew I was working for four different intelligence agencies: the CIA, Mossad, MI6 and Newsweek ! … The morning in June 2009, when they came for me, I was in the delicate space between sleep and wakefulness … “Mazi jaan, wake up,” my mother said. “There are four gentlemen here. They say they are from the prosecutors’ office. They want to take you away.” I opened my eyes. It was a few minutes before 8 a.m., and my mother was standing beside my bed -her small 83-year-old frame protecting me from the four men behind her. I sleep without clothes, and in my half-awake state, my first thought wasn’t that I was in danger, but that I was naked in a shrine. I felt ashamed and reached down to make sure the sheets were covering my body … They circled the room, surveying everything. I had been spending most of my time over the last two years with my fiancée, Paola, in London. We had got engaged six months earlier, and been preparing for our wedding and the birth of our child in four months time, and I had never really settled in at my mother’s house. … Heaps of books sat on the floor beside stacks of videos and DVDs and an untidy pile of laundry. “If you want, I can organize things and you can come back tomorrow ,” I said with a sorry smile. “Zerto pert nakon, stop talking shit ,” Rosewater said sharply. “Sit down and shut up. One more word, and I’ll beat you so badly, I’ll make your mother mourn for you ” … Dont worry,”‘ he told my mother with a smile as they led me away. Hes going to be our guest . There were five cars waiting outside, all unmarked. No one wore uniforms or showed badges. I was ordered to take off my glasses and don my blindfold. I took a last look around. We were on Kurdistan Highway driving north”

” ‘Welcome to Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo, or whatever it is you Americans build ‘, a guard said to me after we arrived. He spoke with an Azerbaijani accent, and sounded older. Im not American, my brother, I said with a smile. You work for them, so youre one of them, he said. … I was taken to my cell … he said: What our brothers after the revolution have masterminded is how to break a mans soul without using much violence against his body. As I stepped into my cell I wondered how violent was without much violence. … A guard woke me and told me that after morning prayers I would meet again with my specialist, which is what the prison guards were told to call the interrogators. This would be my third session in 24 hours … “This is the beginning of the end of the Islamic Republic as we know it , I told my editors at NEWSWEEK in a hastily written e-mail from Tehran on the night of June 20, 2009 … My words would come back to haunt me. The morning after I sent that e-mail, I was arrested and sent to Tehrans notorious Evin Prison, where I spent the next 118 days. My interrogator read me a Persian translation of that private message while I sat blindfolded in a dark room. He punched my head, kicked my back, and slapped my face and neck repeatedly while he demanded an explanation for how I had dared compare Khamenei to a decadent tyrant like the Shah . … Mr. Rosewater called Jewish and Zionist elements. In his lexicon, Jewish persons were rare. There were only elements. I dont know if Mr. Rosewater had ever seen a Jewish person in his life. I think not. He had never been to the US either. But he believed that he knew everything there was to know about such people and such places, and his faith in his facts was unshakable … Everything was an education inside Evin -from the questions Mr. Rosewater asked, to what answers made him beat me, to physical details. … Mr. Rosewater was to be my nemesis for 118 days, 12 hours, and 54 minutes. He never told me his name. I saw his face only twice. The first time was when he led the team that arrested me. This prison can be the end of the line for you if you dont cooperate were his welcoming words. The second and last time was after I was freed -and warned by him never to speak of what had happened to me in jail. If I disobeyed, he said, I would be hunted down. !! We can put people in a bag no matter where in the world they are, he said menacingly. No one can escape from us.

“Mr. Rosewater was complaining about my written answers to questions about different individuals. Mr. Bahari, your answers are very general. We hope that you can give us more detailed answers, he said … We have interesting video footage of you . That may persuade you to be more cooperative. I could not imagine what that might be … I saw the flicker of a laptop monitor under my blindfold … then I heard the voice of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show … Only a few weeks earlier, Jason Jones, a correspondent for Stewarts satirical news program, interviewed me in a Tehran coffee shop, pretending to be a thick-skulled American. He dressed like some character out of a B movie about mercenaries in the Middle East -with a checkered Palestinian kaffiyeh around his neck and dark sunglasses . The interview was very short. The interrogators werent interested in what I was saying. They were fixated on Jason. Why is this American dressed like a spy ? asked the new man. He is pretending to be a spy. Its part of a comedy show I answered. Tell the truth! Mr. Rosewater shouted. What is so funny about sitting in a coffee shop with a kaffiyeh and sunglasses? Its just a joke. Nothing serious. Its stupid. … I hope you are not suggesting that he is a real spy . … Can you tell us why an American journalist pretending to be a spy has chosen you to interview? asked the man with the creases. He took my left ear in his hand and started to squeeze it as if he were wringing out a lemon … The fun is over! he said. He pushed me several times so hard that I almost fell on the ground. He then grabbed my arm and started to drag me along rapidly. He was breathing heavily and kept on repeating, Islamic kindness is over. You little spy, we will show you what we can do with you. Youre going to see what we are capable of . He shoved me into a room. Salaam, Mr. Bahari, he said. Do you know why you are here? His voice sounded familiar, like that of a well-known regime propagandist who has a show on the state TV . He definitely did not want to be recognized … Are you interested in a deal, Mr. Bahari … The next morning I was brought to Haj Aghas office. Cameras had been set up on tripods. Mr. Rosewater sat behind a curtain and fed questions to reporters from three state-run media outlets …After the confession, Haj Agha had promised, I would be freed soon. But the next time I saw the burly Mr. Rosewater, he closed the door to the interrogation room and for the first time started to beat me


The beatings would continue from that moment until late September . Mr. Rosewater didnt beat me while asking me questions. He beat me before or after, simply to show he was in control … Weirdly, after long interrogation sessions Mr. Rosewater would sometimes start to open up. He would appear to grow weary of screaming and hitting me, kicking me, whipping me with his belt, and he would start rambling like a drunk confessing to the bartender after last call. Many of my friends have had to divorce their wives he told me one night. We have to work late shifts … Not many women accept that. … I was blindfolded as we drove. Mr. Rosewater slapped the back of my head. You want to be free, dont you? Yes, I said quietly. So, all you have to do is repeat what Haj Agha taught you about velvet revolutions, in a press conference . He smacked my legs until they stung … Waiting at the courthouse that morning, I had no idea that in another room more than 100 bedraggled prisoners -many of them leading reformist figures and former government ministers- were sitting in the dock as a prosecutor read out a long, outlandish account of their roles in the supposed velvet revolution. Two of them -former vice president Mohammad Ali Abtahi and former deputy interior minister Mohammad Atrianfar- were later brought out to confess their roles to state-media reporters . My turn came after lunch. We ate chicken kebabs and drank Dough … Early on, Mr. Rosewater had demanded my e-mail and Facebook passwords, so he had a very long list of contacts to grill me about, one by one … Mr. Rosewater was a young man, perhaps in his mid-30s …Once he asked me how I knew one lady friend: We met at a party, I said. A s-e-x party? I was taken aback. I dont know what a s-e-x party is, I said hesitantly. Ive never been to one. Yeah, right, he said sarcastically. He was convinced that any party where women went unveiled had to be depraved. His professors, he said, had taught him about free love in the West … One morning in September, the friendliest of the prison guards -a man with whom I exchanged obscene jokes !!- opened my cell door and said, Mr. Hillary Clinton, you can go have hava khori now. I was mystified. Why Hillary Clinton? I asked him. She talked about you last night, he said, referring to comments the U.S. secretary of state had made to her Canadian counterpart. This meant there was international pressure to free me. In September, I began to see signs that the Guards were under pressure to free me . First they allowed me to call my mother, then to share an iftar dinner with her during Ramadan. Then they let me call Paola -to warn her to stop giving interviews. (Bless her, she knew that the message meant she should do more ) … Eleven days before my release, I was moved out of solitary confinement and into a cell with four leading reformists, including Atrianfar. We had TV.”

In the days leading up to my release from Evin he had forced me to sign documents saying I would cooperate with the brothers in the Revolutionary Guards once outside the country. Hed given me a list of names to report on, including most of my Iranian friends in London and other Western cities. Hed given me the e-mail address to use. The night before I left the country, he asked to meet me at a hotel in downtown Tehran. His glare was just as menacing as on the day he arrested me … We made awkward small talk. He had brought a colleague with him, an older man whose voice I had heard occasionally during interrogations. We hope to have constructive cooperation with you in the future, the man said soothingly. I smiled and nodded politely. Mr. Rosewater was more blunt as he reminded me that the Guards could find me anywhere in the world. Remember the bag, Mr. Bahari. Remember the bag were his last words … I would later discover that I had been picked up by the intelligence division of the Sepah (IRGC) … During my imprisonment, my interrogator made me cry again and again that I had been mistaken about Khamenei -and actually, I meant it. (I was too naive)

Unknown Victims of Khamenei’s Coup

June 21, 2011

The world only knows Neda Agha Soltan, and knows nothing about the unknown victims of Khamenei’s coup. The world doesn’t know that in 2009 Khamenei thugs/dogs said: “The bodies of those killed in the clashes or as a result of torture and beatings after being taken into custody are given to family members on condition that they do not publicize the cases”. The world doesn’t know that hundreds of unknown victims were secretly buried in Tehrans Behesht-i Zahra Cemetery. The world should know that ten thousands of men and women were arrested in 2009. The people reports said that Kahmenei’s prisons had more than 150,000 prisoners before 2009 coup and were totally full, but after the coup the number of prisoners reached to 250,000 and many of prisoners slept in the prisons yards! or were held in the secret and unknown detention. The majority of victims of Khamenie’s coup were unknown victims . In 2009, the
Islamist-Reformists’ websites, that now try to make a secret deal with Khamenei, said: Many burial permits have been issued for unknown martyrs, and the graves have no names “. They added: “There are many accounts by people who have seen protesters shot, but they do not know the protesters and cannot provide verifiable information … The unknown individuals who are arrested in protests are in a far worse situation, because their family members often don’t even know what has happened to them. We need to warn family members that their children could have a similar fate to that of Sohrab Arabi’s (or Sina Arami’s) .”


The majority of victims of Khamenei’s coup are unknown victims. Some weeks ago, an Unknown Iranian said that his father was gassed to death in 2009. And another Iranian said that his father was killed in 2009, because of the tear gas. As we said before the Mullah’s tear gas is fear gas, a poison gas . The wife of Hassanpour, a martyr of Ashoura Day’s Massacre, said that she knows many unknown victims that their families are frighten and prefer to be silent . Unfortunately many people don’t know anything about the “Shahrestani” martyrs, i.e. the martyrs that are not Tehrani, and were killed in the other cities of Iran. In the first months of the protests, many protesters were killed in Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Ahvaz, Mashhad, cities of Kurdestan Province, etc. The number of victims in Shiraz and Isfahan was really larger, and many of the victims were brutally killed .

Some stupid Iranian expats, and especially the Rafsanjani’s mercenaries, tried to say that almost all martyrs were killed in Tehran, but it’s a big lie. In the first month of the protests, all major cities of Iran were on fire. In fact, in the first two weeks of the protests, the Islamic regime was on the edge of downfall. But the stupid Mousavi and all ultra-stupid Islamist-Reformists, i.e. the great bastards, saved their beloved Islamic regime and betrayed the people . The stupid tactics of Khamenei were not complicated. They wanted to cause delay in the protests and buy time for themselves; They wanted to discourage and disappoint the people; They wanted to intimidate the people; They wanted to prevent the people from remaining in the streets . And in all these plans and tactics they had two major aids: (1) “The Islamist-Reformists (Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries)” (2) “The Western Media, especially BBC Persian, and VOA Farsi” And in this way, hundreds of known martyrs and thousands of unknown martyrs were killed, without any outcome, without any achievement. The Islamist-Reformists are really criminal and should try for betraying the people’s blood.


The world knows nothing about the hundreds of unknown martyrs that were buried in mass or unknown graves. Do you know how many people were killed only in the first two weeks of Iranian protests? It’s certainly true that some dozens were killed in almost each day . The story of the first two months was not much better than the two first weeks’, and the story of the first six months, especially the Ashoura Day’s Massacre, was very tragic. When a bastard like Abbas Abdi says: “Only 40 to 50 people were killed in the protests”, you should know that he is absolutely right, but he has just forgotten to mention the time, and he had to say: “Only 40 to 50 people were killed on Ashoura Day”, “Only 40 to 50 people were killed on June 14”, “Only 40 to 50 people were killed in June 15″, etc. Hundreds of unknown martyrs were secretly buried in Tehrans Behesht-i Zahra Cemetery, according to a report by the Islamist-Reformist website. The website said, We found out that many burial permits were issued for those who were illegally interred from cemetery employees. Their graves, unlike those of ordinary people, bear no names.”


The story of unknown prisoners are like unknown martyrs’. Many people only know famous prisoners, that the majority of them are the stupid Islamist-Reformists. The unknown prisoners pay the highest price without any outcome, while the known prisoners gain a reputation and become hero for some stupid people . One of these stupid fake hero was Mohammad Nourizad, an ex-Khemenei’s dog in Keyhan, who showed his true color in the recent weeks. The unknown prisoners, that ten thousands of them were arrested during the protests, are much more important than dozens of known prisoners who enjoy all kind of supports. The unknown prisoners are the real heroes of the Iranian movement. The known prisoners who have betrayed the people and their movement, are only a bunch of stupid bastards, who only work for their own benefits. Some of them are really traitor and mercenary

The history will not forget and forgive, Abbas motherf-u-c-k-er Abdi, a shameless bastard who betrayed the people’s blood and said : “we had only 40 to 50 killed people in (2009) protests” . The history will not forget and forgive Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries and all other traitors who betrayed the people’s movement, especially after the Ashoura Day.

Mullahs and International Bludgeon Award

June 21, 2011

Ayatollah Mohseni Ejei, Prosecutor of Mullah’s regime, was chosen as the winner of the International Bludgeon Award of the Womans Link worldwide as the most anti-woman judge in the world . In their announcement, the organization who awards the number one pro-women and anti-women judges in the world every year, said: the Bludgeon went to a decision of the Supreme Court of Iran … This decision was nominated by Shadi Sadr from Justice for Iran”. “On June 2, 2011, in a ceremony in Madrid, the jury awarded Mohseni Ejei to be the winner of the International Bludgeon award of this year.

Mohseni Ejei was born in 1956 in Ejeyeh of Isfahan Province. After the revolution, for 14 years he held different judicial and intelligence related posts. Some of his posts include: head of the selection office of the ministry of Intelligence between 1984-1985 , representative of the Judiciary in the ministry of Intelligence from the second half of 1985 to 1988 , head of the Special Court for Economic issues in 1989 and 1990, representative of the Judiciary in the Ministry of Intelligence and some protection offices between 1991 and 1994, prosecutor of the Special Court for the Clergy between 1985 and 1987. Further, according to testimony of political prisoners, he was a member of a committee known as Death Committee by whose decision thousands of political prisoners were killed in 1988. Akbar Ganji said that Eje’i issued the fatwa for assassination of some modern thinkers and writers during the chain murders . In the recent years, he was the representative of the judiciary in the committee to supervise published press, a committee who issued the closure order for hundreds of newspapers and magazines.

Mullah Mohseni Ejei should be chosen as the winner of some other International Awards, like : – The winner of the International Wolf’s Tooth Award (because he officially bit a Reformist (SaharKhiz) in an official meeting) – The winner of the International Holy Assassin Award (because he issued many fatwas for assassination) -The winner of the International Newspapers’ killer Award (because he closed many newspapers in Iran)

IMF = Lovers of the Mullahs

June 20, 2011

International Monetary Fund (IMF) loves the Mullahs. In the recent days, the Western media said: “Economists have reacted with scepticism to an IMF statement that praises the economic policies of Mullah’s president, Mr. shit” The IMF said it has revised its previous figures on Iran’s economy after a brief visit to the country [!!], expressing admiration for some of the dreadful plans (cutting subsidies and plundering national wealth by the corrupt Mullahs) introduced by Khamenei and Mr. shit. A mission led by Dominique Guillaume, a deputy division chief at the IMF, which traveled to Iran for two weeks in May and June this year, concluded that the Mullahs had been successful ‘in reducing inequalities, improving living standards and supporting domestic demand’ [!!!] .” It’s not a joke, it’s what the IMF, the Mullah’s lovers, has said.

Some Iranian economists said: “The IMF has completely contradicted its own previous views and has ignored independent views such as those expressed by the World Energy Outlook. In Iran, independent economists have been silenced and some, such as Saeed Laylaz and Fariborz Raeis-Dana, have been detained ” The world and all Iranians and non-Iranians should know that IMF and the Western Capitalism are the real lovers of the Mullahs. The Mullahs are Islamic Capitalists , who plunder the people money and the national wealth in a very harsh way. It’s so obvious that IMF, the Western Capitalists should support the Mullahs, the Islamic Capitalists. But some stupid Western intellects, stupidly think that the Mullahs and IMF are enemy of each other, or the Mullahs are independent and fight against IMF and Capitalism !! They are really untlra-stupid.

The IMF previously predicted that Iran’s economy would suffer zero growth in 2011, like 2010 and 2009 that Iran suffered zero growth , but now says: “the positive growth momentum continued in 2010/11” !! It also said inflation had been brought down from 25.4% to 12.4% !!!, bastard liars. The Mullah state-run media said the IMF had “corrected” itself . Yes, IMF corrected itself, after being bribed. Some Western media said: “Independent experts raised doubts over the IMF’s latest conclusions and questioned its support for Mr. shit’s policy of removing subsidies on fuel, food and other daily essentials, implemented last December … The IMF has long advocated the abolition of food and energy subsidies in Iran. Yet, what is hard to digest is the basis for its suggestions about improvements in living standards and greater equality due to this program … official data about Iran’s economy such as inflation and unemployment rates are not correct, and often disputed both internally and externally .” In fact, the Mullahs are expert in forgery and making fake graphs and fake data.

The special relationship between the Mullahs and IMF is very interesting. When the stupid Islamist-Reformists held the power in the government and the parliament, and wanted to implement some IMF’s plans in a long term program. Those plans were not so bad -for instance, they said that the price of a battle of gasoline should not be equal to the price of a battle of water, and the unbalanced prices should be improved- but the Khmenei’s thugs/dogs, including Mr. shit, said that we should reject all IMF’s plans and IMF is a very dangerous tool of the imperialism. When the people boycotted the stupid Islamist-Reformists in the 6th Majlis (Parliament), Khamenei’s dogs/thugs went to the 7th Majlish and said: “We don’t need any plan for cutting subsidies. We have Gas and Oil resources and the Iranians should enjoy their oil money; We should fixed all prices and don’t change them in any long term or short term plan” But now when the Khamenei’s dogs/thugs hold the monopoly power, the situation has changed.

In 2005 election, the Khamenei’s puppet, Mr. shit said: “The oil money is the people money, and we should give the people their share of the oil money”, but now in 2011, not only the oil money is in the Mullahs’ pockets, but the Mullahs said that IMF is our best friend and we should implement all IMF’s plans. Khamenei and Mr. shit f-u-c-k-ed the Iran’s economy from 2005 to 2010, and then they implemented the stupid IMF’s plan for cutting all subsidies, i.e.. the plan that they were disagreed with a very weaker version of it in the past years . The stupid Islamist-Reformists wanted to cut subsidies in 10 to 20 years, but Khamenei and Mr. shit said: “we have the oil and we are not follower of IMF”. Now Khamenei and Mr. shit have cut the subsidies in one night !!, and fucked all aspects of Iranians life, more than before. Now IMF has become a very close friend for the hypocrite Mullahs, who think that the people are as blind and stupid as them.

Shame on IMF, and Shame on all stupid Western Intellects who defend the Mullah regime in the name of the independence. They are really unltra-stupid.

The Islamic Republic of Rapists

June 20, 2011

In the recent days, the people reporters reported some brutal cases of rape. The story of Islamic regime is the darkest black comedy in the history of Iran. The Mullahs and their Basiji thugs/dogs, who arrested young women for Hijab, raped hundreds of Iranian men and women in 2009. Since then, the people call the Islamic regime “The Islamic Republic of Rapists”. In fact, we could call the Mullah Age “The Age of the Islamist Rapists “. As we said before, in 2009 the majority of Iranians understood that the Mullahs’ legacy is ‘Rape for all’ , while before that, they thought the Mullah’s legacy is ‘Hijab for all’ . Indeed, in 2009 they understood that Hijab and Rape are two side of the same coin in the Mullah’s regime. In 2009, the young Iranians learned and read more about the tragic stories of rapes and tortures in the 30 years of the Islamic regime. They understood that the Islamists want to stay in power at any price, even by raping men and women. They understood that the Islamists have many s-e-x-u-al complexes and obsessions, and they suffer from some sort of Oedipus complex, that we call it ‘Basiji complex’ ! .


The Basiji and Mullah rapists, have Basiji complex. They rape the women and men in all places, but they arrest and torture bad Hijab women ! and their judiciary system punishes the victim of rape, not the rapists. In the recent days, the people reporters said that more than 10 Basiji rapists in Khomeini-Shahr (the city of Khomeini !) raped more than 5 women in a garden . Apparently a dozen men and women, family and friends, had a private party in the garden. They were like many young Iranians and wanted to had joy without Islamic Hijab. They were like many young Iranians and wanted to protest against the reactionary Islam and Muslims and f-u-c-k the Mullahs and their regime by being happy. But after some hours, a dozen Basiji Rapists came and said that they are “Moral Police” and the poor youth had to know that dance and joy is a great sin in Islam. So they arrested the poor youths, the sinners. Then they locked all men in a room at the back of the garden. And after that they came and raped the poor girls !, even a young pregnant woman that his husband was in the locked room ! Now the rapists are free !, but the Mullahs have arrested the poor victims, and a people reporter, who reported the rape ! It’s the meaning of Mullah’s Islam. In the Mullah’s Islam seeing women’s hair, dancing, drinking, seeing women’s body, touching any part of the women’s body, etc are a great sin, but raping the prisoners, and raping the young women in the private party are not sin, but it’s a part of the Islamic duties !! In 1980s, the Mullahs arrested the young girls of the opposition groups, and then executed them in the prisons. But before the execution, the Basiji and Sepahi rapists that were prison guards, raped the virgin girls. These systematical rapes, that could be called “Holy Rape”, had an Islamic reason: “the Mullahs believed that if a girl died while she is a virgin, then she goes to the heaven; But the opponents of the Mullahs had to go to the hell, so the Mullahs ordered that the Basiji rapists raped the poor girls before the execution .” We would write more about it later.


The Basiji and Mullah rapists, rape the women and men in all places. In the recent days, After the Khomenei-shahr’s scandal, the people reporters reported that more than 10 Basiji Rapists raped a poor woman in Kashmar. The Mullah of Kashmar, the head of Khamenei’s thug in Kashmar, said: “We don’t arrest the rapists, because there is not any complaint [!!], and no one has complained of the rapists“. It’s not a joke, it’s what the Mullah rapist said. But now, after some days and when the Mullahs saw the people’s backlash, the Mullah of Kashmar says: “The woman, the victim of rape, has complained and we have arrested both the women (i.e. the victim of rape !!), and the rapists !! ” And it’s not a joke, too. Before her arrest, the poor woman said: “My husband is a drug addict … I have two children and many problems … Some time ago, I met a decent man and he helped me a lot … Some days ago, we were in his car and talked to each other … But suddenly 5 to 6 Basijis came … they had motorcycle … They beat my friend (the man) … And then all of them raped me in front of each other … after that they called their friends, and then a bunch of their friends came and raped me again ” It’s the real story of Islam and Muslims in Iran. The Basiji rapists, i.e. the Khamenei’s dogs/thugs raped men and women, but the Mullahs arrested the victims of rape and punished them. The Mullahs could stone the poor woman, the victim of rape, because their Islamic laws say: ‘A woman that has a husband and a boyfriend at the same time, should be stoned to death. But a man not only can have 4 wives, but he can have many girlfriends that are called ‘concubine (Siqeh)’ ! or ‘female slave (Kaniz)’. The female slaves could be the arrested women, i.e. the poor victims of rape or Bad Hijab women !!


The Basiji and Mullah rapists, rape the women and men in all places. Today, the people reporters said that a dozen of Basiji thugs have raped two young women, two female doctors/students, in Golestan. In the recent weeks, we also had a news about a female student in Mashhad, who was raped by Basiji students. And some years ago, in Zanjan university, a Basiji professor, wanted to rape a famale student in his room ! This is the real meaning of Mullah’s Islam, the religion of rape, torture and kill. Now the Mullahs say: “If the victims of rape had Hijab, the rapists did not rape them !!!” And the stupid Mullahs in the Mullah’s judiciary system say: “We should not focus on the current cases of rape. There are hundreds of the same cases, the rape cases, and the judiciary system handles them in the silence ” It’s a good confession. There are thousands of the reported rape cases, and millions of the unreported rape cases in Iran, and no one know nothing about the poor victims of Islamic rape in Iran . The majority of rapists are Basiji and Islamist rapists. But we should not forget that the Mullahs and their Islam have polluted many people, especially the youths. Because of the Hijab and the Islamic laws, the young men and young women are obsessed about each other, and they suffer from many mental diseases, and their minds have been polluted. This is the legacy of Islamists in Iran. Of course many young and educated Iranians try to be free and have fun and joy and f-u-c-k all kind of Mullah’s laws, but the Mullahs arrest and threaten them just for Hijab or for attending a party, etc. And as you saw, after the arrest, the Mullahs and Basiji rapists, rape the arrested people ! It’s the darkest black comedy in the whole world.

Shame on the stupid Islamist-Reformists, who want to save the Islamic regime of rapists. Shame on Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries, and all Iranian fake intellects and shameless journalists, who betrayed the people and still are jerk and asshole. Shame on the stupid Iranian expats, who are so stupid and so reactionary (Unfortunately the majority of Iranian expats are reactionary, ignorant, or coward). All of Them are the main responsible of the death of 2009 movement and discouraging and disappointing the people. All of Them are the main responsible of the current f-u-c-k-i-ng situation in Iran, Shame on them all .

About Vancouver Riot & Kiss

June 19, 2011

The identity and story of the kissing couple of Vancouver revealed. The Australian man, 29, says he was just trying to calm his Canadian girlfriend down after they both had been hit by Vancouver police. And some people say: “He tried to help her”. But some people ask: “Just looking at the photos, why is his arm halfway down her skirt and between her legs ?”


And some people answer: “Because he’s Australian. Maybe he thinks that she is a sheep !!” But some others say: “What rubbish, look at his leg! He’s not in a position of picking her up. This is typical of the morons in Vancouver … I think its evidence that men are really nice, the women has taken a nasty fall and the man is attempting to take her mind off it by trying to give her joy through manual stimulation. Im glad to see times have changed, twenty years ago I did a similar thing when a women slipped in McDonalds and I got 18 months …This seems like a modern day version of Blow Up; although I’m sure a 1000 times more interesting than that film”.


His mother told NineMSN: “I knew it was him because he doesn’t have a lot of clothes with him and he always puts on the same thing.” Apparently the mother is as cool as the son. The stupid story of the kissing couple that now have got global publicity, can be the story of some Hollywood movies like: “How to Calm down a Girl in 10 Seconds“, “Vancouver, I Love you“, “The King of Riot”, “S-e-x, Riot, and Video tape”, “How to Help Girls in a Riot“, “The Purple Panties of Vancouver“, “A Streetcar Named Canadian Riot”, “Canadian Pie: Vancouver Riot”, “Canadian Riot & the Art of Love”, “Harold & Kumar go to Vancouver”, “The Curious Case of Canadian Riot”.

Mullah Nasreddin’s Jokes

June 19, 2011

Mullah (Molla) Nasreddin is a Persian character who appears in thousands of stories, always witty, sometimes wise, even philosophic, sometimes the instigator of practical jokes on others and often a fool or the butt of a joke. Stories relating to Mollah Nasreddin are generally humorous, but in the subtle humor there is always a lesson to be learned. Mullah Nasreddin is a satirical Sufi figure who is believed to have lived around 13th century. Nasreddin was a wise man, remembered for his funny stories. Sufism is an Iranian sect of Islam, that values inner quality above external piety. The people of Bukhara (Part of Persia/Iran that now is in Uzbekistan) claim him to be a native of that city, but the Turks have tried to make him a denizen of Turkey ! The Turks are really shameless. In the recent years, they claim that the great Persian Poet, Jalal al-Din Rumi (Molavi) was a Turk !! There is no doubt that Rumi is a Persian. All his works is in Persian, all his family lived in Persia, etc but the Turks say his a Turk ! Some funny Iranians say: “If Rumi was a Turk, then Shakespeare was a Turk, too”. The case of Mullah (Molla) Nasreddin is like the case of Rumi. The great satirical works of great Persian Poets and writers like Rumi, Sa’di, Obeid, etc around 12th to 14th century, can show us the roots of Nasreddin. Now Mullah Nasruddin is an international character and his tales are from many ages and many cultures. There are Persian, Persian subcultures (Kurdish, and all former parts of Persia like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc) Turkish, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Greek, Serbian, etc sources for Nasruddin tales. He is known as Nasrudin, Joha, Hojas, Jiha, Juha, Khodja, Molla, Apendi, Afandi, etc. 19961997 was declared International Nasreddin Year by UNESCO. Now lets take a look at some Mullah Nasreddin’s jokes.

Once Mullah was invited to deliver a sermon. When he got on the pulpit, he asked, Do you know what I am going to say? The audience replied “no”, so he announced, I have no desire to speak to people who don’t even know what I will be talking about! and left.

The people felt embarrassed and called him back again the next day. This time, when he asked the same question, the people replied yes. So Nasreddin said, Well, since you already know what I am going to say, I won’t waste any more of your time! and left

Now the people were really perplexed. They decided to try one more time and once again invited the Mulla to speak the following week. Once again he asked the same question – Do you know what I am going to say? Now the people were prepared and so half of them answered “yes” while the other half replied “no”. So Nasreddin said Let the half who know what I am going to say, tell it to the half who don’t, and left

A neighbour asked Mullah : “Mullah, I want to borrow your donkey.” “I am sorry,” said the Mullah, “but I have already lent it out.”
As soon as he had spoken, the donkey brayed. The sound came from Nasrudin’s stable. “But Mullah, I can hear the donkey, in there!” As he shut the door in the man’s face, Nasrudin said, with dignity, “A man who believes the word of a donkey in preference to my word does not deserve to be lent anything.”

Nasreddin was walking in the Bazaar with a large group of followers. Whatever Nasreddin did, his followers immediately copied. Every few steps Nasreddin would stop and shake his hands in the air, touch his feet and jump up yelling “Hu Hu Hu!”. So his followers would also stop and do exactly the same thing. One of the merchants, who knew Nasreddin, quietly asked him: “What are you doing my old friend? Why are these people imitating you?” “I have become a Sufi Sheikh,” replied Nasreddin. “These are my Murids (spiritual seekers); I am helping them reach enlightenment!” “How do you know when they reach enlightenment?”
“Thats the easy part! Every morning I count them. The ones who have left have reached enlightenment!”

Some one said: “Nasrudin, your donkey has been lost.” he said: “Thank goodness I was not on the donkey at the time, or I would be lost too.”

Mullah said: “I can see in the dark.” the people said:”That may be so, Mullah. But if it is true, why do you sometimes carry a candle at night?” he said: “To prevent other people form bumping into me.”

A man called, wanting to borrow a rope.”You cannot have it,” said Nasrudin. “Why not?” “Because it is in use.” “But I can see it just lying there, on the ground.” “That’s right: that’s its use.”

One of the neighbors found Nasreddin scattering crumbs all around his house. “Why are you doing that?” he asked.
“I’m keeping the tigers away,” replied Nasreddin. “But there aren’t any tigers around here,” said the neighbor. “That’s right,” said Nasreddin. “You see how well it works?”

The donkey of Mollah is missing and he asks a man if he has seen it. He says the donkey has changed and has become the judge of the town. Mollah says: I believe you since when I was teaching my students, the donkey would shake his ears and listen attentively.

One day someone asked Mollah, “What are the best qualities of mankind?” “Well,” he replied, “a philosopher once told me that there are two. He had forgotten the one, but he told me the other. But to tell you the truth, I’ve since forgotten that one, too.”

In the old days, men were permitted to have more than one wife. Mollah himself took a second wife who was younger than the first one. One evening he came home to find them quarreling about which of them Molla loved more. At first, Mollah told them he loved them both, but neither of them were satisfied with his answer. Then the older one asked, “Well, just suppose the three of us were in a boat, and it started to sink. Which of us would you try to save?” Mollah thought for a moment, and then said to his older wife, “My dear, you know how to swim, don’t you?”

One day the King invited Mollah to his palace for dinner. The royal chef prepared, among others, a cabbage recipe for the occasion. After the dinner, the King asked, “How did you like the cabbage?” “It was very delicious,” complimented Mollah. “I thought it tasted awful,” said the King. “You’re right,” added Mollah, “it was very bland.” “But you just said it tasted ‘delicious,'” the King noted. “Yes, but I’m the servant of His Majesty, not of the cabbage,” he replied

Greek Protests, Greek Revolution

June 18, 2011

The Western mass media’s censorship is not merely for Spaniards. The systematical censorship hurts Greek protesters, too. In the recent days, finally after about a month, some Western media covered the Greek protests. The Greek Indignants have remained in the Athens’ main square since 25 May, when the new wave of the Greek protests began . The first wave, in 2010, was the largest Greek protest since the massive demonstrations which brought down the dictatorship in 1974. But the Greek protests/revolution were really bloody, and at least a dozen were killed in Greece, the heart of Europe. In the recent weeks, after the Spanish “15-M” movement , On May 25, 2011, the Indignant Citizens Movement , also called the Greek revolution , started demonstrating in many cities across Greece, and the demonstrations are ongoing. This second wave of massive demonstrations is different from the demonstrations of May 2010, in that it is not organized by any political party, nor does it supports any, and it is more peaceful. Sparked by the 2011 Spanish Protests, these demonstrations were organized entirely using social networking sites. But the main weak point of the Greek protesters is like the main weak point of the Spanish protesters: ‘ The majority of the sources, the articles, the news, and the blogs/websites about the protests are in local language, not in English.’


The main root of Greek protests, like Spanish protests, is
economical-Political. The protesters at Athens’ central Syntagma Square, shouting Thieves, Thieves and waving banners at politicians inside the nearby parliament building. Some Western Media said: “Tax increases announced last week -on everything from property to restaurant bills- in addition to the sale of state assets and closure of public utilities, have sparked outrage at a time when seven out of 10 pensioners are forced to live on 700 a month and civil servants, the bulk of the Greek labour force, have had a 20% pay cut. With the employed at 16%, 42% of whom are aged between 20 and 35, the measures have sent thousands of Greeks who would normally never protest converging on city squares” In fact, in response to the first wave of spending cuts and tax increases, the nation-wide strikes began in May 2010. Airplane, train, and ferry traffic, schools, some hospitals, and many private businesses were closed. Hundred thousands of the people marched through Athens. As protests gained momentum, a large group tried to storm the parliament building in Syntagma Square in Athens . The protesters shouted to MPs : “Thieves, Thieves”. In fact, the the Greek people think that the corrupt Greek politicians are the main responsible of the today’s problems in Greece. Some Western media say: “The widespread corruption, inflated government payrolls and vanishing productivity that accumulated during those years, along with huge amounts of public and private debt, were the target of Papandreous reform campaign, a man who had only recently seemed a refreshing change from the previous generation of Greek leaders, distancing himself from the state-controlled economics of his father [!!], Andreas, who ruled in the 1990s”


“We are facing a dead-end, the possibility of bankruptcy any day. The austerity measures are very difficult to accept. But some measures are fair; we were living in a bubble, spending money we didnt own . Other measures are not just. We should be totally opposed to privatization of certain industries” a Greek protester said. Now, in the recent days, George Papandreou, the socialist prime minister, announced he would seek a vote of confidence on a new government after offering to resign and broker a new national unity coalition with opposition conservatives. Now the Western media say: “Following the fall of the Irish and Portuguese governments in recent months after driving their countries into bankruptcy, it appeared that the eurozone’s worst crisis was claiming another scalp. Despite the heightening sense of urgency, EU governments, the ECB, and the European Commission remained gridlocked over how to respond to the debt emergency, which pushed Greece closer to sovereign default and Europe towards a fresh banking crisis ” Now, the austerity program has hurt economic growth in Greece, and sent unemployment up sharply. The five-year austerity plan is expected to face a vote in Parliament in before the end of the month. Now many ask :”The euro zone is going to collapse ?” Who knows, but the Maastricht treaty explicitly prohibits a eurozone country from leaving the euro.


In Athens, some demonstrators threw rocks, bottles, and pieces of marble at the police. Numerous trash bins were lit on fire. Shouts of “murderers” and “burn the parliament” were heard across the city. Across Athens, at least 12 people were injured, and more than 70 people were detained for questioning. The Greek protests are the most violent protests in the Europe, and the brutality of the Greek police are so embarrassing for the whole Europe and its ancient heart, Greece. A Greek protester said: “Opinion polls tell up to 50 percent of people do not want to vote in the next election. People are saying we are sick of it, sick of a very corrupt and self-serving political system. People are extremely angry. These are not just leftists protesting. They are pensioners, housewives who have never been interested in politics, teenagers. They call themselves the indignants, after the Spanish. I have seen the price of consumer products increase by 20 to 30% . People are struggling to pay bills and are on edge. Greek families are very tight and parents are very involved in their childrens lives. Their hopes and visions for their childrens futures have been swept away in less than two years. They cant help their 20 year-olds find jobs, because 50 year-olds arent sure they can keep their own” Many of the protesters were elderly, giving some of their younger counterparts pause for thought. When you see people in their 70s and 80s, 75-year-old people and they are yelling, what do you expect for tomorrow? I am 21. You cant expect anything , said Apoltolis Andreou, an economics student. If they told our parents 20 years ago that we were going to be like this … they would be crazy. We know that the situation in Iran, is really much more worse than the Greece’s.

One of the rare English websites of the Greek protesters is:

When Iranians Boycott Celebrities

June 18, 2011

The state TV, the Khamenei propaganda machine, aired a program about a movie called “Thesis”, that is about the coup or the huge election fraud of 2009. In the recent weeks, some Iranian bloggers launched a campaign for boycotting the cast and crew of the stupid Movie. As we said before, many of Iranian celebrities are mercenary and Khayemal (who kiss the dictator’s balls or ass). The stupid Khamenei propaganda machine spent the people’s money, the oil money, on making this movie, but many actors rejected their generous offers only because they were frightened of the people backlash, and just a bunch of rats worked for them.


But who is these rats? Are they Basiji or Islamist? No, they are just opportunist and Khayemal. They are not believer; They are just ass-licker, and it really shows us the depth of the Islamists’ bankruptcy in Iran. When the supporters of a system are only a bunch of opportunists and ass-licker, then we can be sure about the imminent fall of the system . The Mullah regime even has not a dozen supporters among the artists. The rats that work with Mullahs are hypocrite charlatans, who want to make a deal with the Mullahs to ignore their non-Islamic behaviors. The rats don’t care about Mullahs, Islam and Muslims. They only disgrace themselves and the Islamic regime, and are a sign of the imminent fall of the Islamic regime. The celebrities that work with the Mullahs, become notorious and the people boycott them. The story of the singers and athletes who licked the dictator’s ass, is another version of the Iranian ‘Crime and Punishment’

A Riot of the Canadian Kind

June 17, 2011

Violence erupted in Vancouver on Wednesday night after the city’s ice hockey team, the Canucks’ 4-0 defeat to the Boston Bruins in game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup finals. Many said that it was the worst riot ever seen in the history of Vancouver. Vancouver Canucks expected to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in its 40 year history. Angry, drunken Vancouver Canucks fans took to the streets, setting cars and rubbish bins ablaze, smashing windows, etc. But at least two of them knew how to riot after a painful loss to a U.S. hockey team. A Canadian photographer took a very interesting photo, that can show us many things about a riot of the Canadian kind. “There were these two people on the ground in this empty street. Initially I thought one of them was hurt .” He took a few shots and then the moment was lost


The Western media said: “Canada-based photojournalist Richard Lam took the photograph. “At that point, the riot police charged right towards us. After I stopped running, I noticed in the space behind the line of police that two people were lying in the street with the riot police and a raging fire just beyond them. I knew I had captured a ‘moment’ when I snapped the still forms against the backdrop of such chaos but it wasn’t until later when I returned to the rink to file my photos that my editor pointed out that the two people were not hurt, but kissing .” he said. They were in no-mans land … There were a lot of crazy people out there he added.”


Angry, drunken Vancouver Canucks fans took to the streets, setting cars and rubbish bins ablaze, smashing windows, showering giant TV screens with beer bottles, dancing atop overturned vehicles and looting shops. Two police cars were trashed. Officials in Vancouver said almost 150 people required hospital treatment and almost 100 were arrested during the riot. Police Chief said 15 cars were burned, including two police cars. He said officers identified some in the crowd as the same people who smashed windows and caused trouble through the same streets the day after the 2010 Winter Olympics opened in 2010. “These were people who came equipped with masks, goggles and gasoline. They had a plan.” he said. “The 1994 riots spanned six hours while this week’s was brought under control in three” he added.


Is the riot a political or social riot? No. The Canadian riot seems like a blind riot of mobs. If the Canadians wanted to change their government or their situation, they had to do it in the May election. Last month, Harper was re-elected for a third time, and it was really meaningful. When Syrians, Libyans, Iranians, Spaniards, Greeks, etc have real protests, Canadians re-elect Harper and have a caricature of a real protest, a blind riot of drunken mobs, and a blind riot of kiss, blood, fire and hug ! The riot shows that the myths about the Canadians are only myths

Guardian Reporters: Stupid or Charlatan ?

June 17, 2011

Yesterday, one of the Guardian reporters wrote about a Basiji blogger. The report, “The day after..”, was about a Basiji website that wrote about the impact of an Iranian nuclear test, and it propagated by an IRGC-sponsored aggregator, on the Gerdab website that run by the Sepah (IRGC or Revolutionary Guards). Apparentely Saeed Kamali Dehghan, an Iranian reporter of the Guardian, has worked with Julian Borger, the stupid author of the report. Since 2009 until now, the Guardian reporters, including Dehghan, showed us how stupid and charlatan they are.

The stupid Julian Borger asked a Basiji rapist who posted a comment under his article: “What about the reposting by Gerdab. Is that also non-noteworthy? How is Gerdab seen within Iran? ” It shows that Borger and Dehghan, are either stupid or charlatan. How can they work there for the Guardian, while they are too stupid and too ignorant? Some Iranians said: “Who cares about Gerdab, idiot. Who even knows Gerdab? Who knows that Gerdab is a news website? Of course except you, the British bastards, and your Basiji friends in Qom” In fact, the stupid Guardian report advertised for an unknown Basiji blog, and introduced its Basiji writer with a translation of his own sentences: “I want to say that we exist too [!], on the eve of the second anniversary of the election [the coup /the huge election fraud] …We, the supporters of the Islamic Republic, we exist on-line too [!!!] [And your British friends advertise for you, the Basiji rapists] … Many of us, including me, do not agree with what some people in the establishment did during or after the election [!!!]. and we distance ourselves from them [!!!]. But all of us [, including the British friends of the Mullahs in the Guardian, the BBC, etc ] have rallied around the Islamic Republic to defend it [!!!!]

Shame on you, the stupid British Mullah Makers, that advertise for Basiji killers and Basiji rapists. You, the stupid British Mullah Makers, think that the young Iranians are as stupid as you or their parents. No, they know you well. The young educated Iranian intellects know the British media very well. They know the depth of stupidity and charlatanism of the British media. The Guardian and the BBC are the icons of Western media Charlatanism in 2009 and 2011. Now many of Iranians and non-Iranians know the Guardian and the BBC, and their tactics. Now many people know that the British media are real friends of Basijis and Mullahs. Shame on you, the Guardian, that advertised for Basiji killers and Basiji rapists.

Are There Funny Women?

June 16, 2011

“Are there funny women? Yes. Are there many funny women? No !” It’s what many people think, but it’s not true. The number of funny women at least is equal to the number of the funny men. Are there many funny men? it’s dependent on your views about being funny and funny people and your experiences. Without doubt, the number of the people that love hearing a joke and care about humor, is really large but the majority of them are women, not men ! We know that the men use the humor as a tool for attracting or deceiving the women ! Of course the number of female comedians and female humorists is less than the men, and it’s a funny paradox. In fact, this paradox have made doubts about the real number of funny women. But one of the funniest comedian and humorists, who is much more funnier than many funny men, is a woman: “Tina Fay“. After graduating from the University of Virginia in 1992, Fey moved to Chicago to take classes at the improvisational comedy group The Second City, where she became a featured player in 1994.


Three years later, Fey became a writer for the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) . She was promoted to the position of head writer in 1999. She is SNL’s first-ever female head writer. The following year, Fey was added to the cast of SNL. After leaving SNL in 2006, she created her own television series called 30 Rock, a situation comedy loosely based on her experiences at SNL . In the series, Fey portrays the head writer of a fictional sketch comedy series. In 2004, Fey made her film debut as writer and co-star of the teen comedy Mean Girls, one of the best comedy films of 2000s . In 2009, Fey won an Emmy Award for her satirical portrayal of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a guest appearance on SNL. Tina Fay can be enough for proving this matter that the women could be the best comedians or humorists. As we said before the writer of the masterpiece “Kurt Vonneguts Commencement Address at MIT”, was not Vonneguts, it’s Mary Schmich, a funny woman


Some westerners’ comments about the issue of funny women and men are interesting: “I have worked in workplaces that are female dominated, and male dominated, and telling jokes and making each other laugh is far more commonplace in male workplaces. I imagine there are deep-rooted cultural reasons for this … My wife will read my horror, sci-fi, action thrillers, and Fantasy books. I’d rather chew on a shotgun than read her chick lit … I laughed quite a lot through Baby Mama and Mean Girls. both excellent films (Tina Fay’s movies) … we are a lot of funny women like Julia Davis, the cast of Ab Fab, Tina Fay, Shappi Khorsandi, Katherine Parkinson, Sally Philips, Amelia Bullmore, Janeane Garofalo, Jamie Lee Curtis, Daisy Donovan, Renee Zellweger, etc … I love “Bridget Jones Diary” and Renee Zellweger … I love “There’s Something About Mary” and Cameron Diaz … Vicky Cristina Barcelona was a funny film with strong female leads … I love “The Sweetest Thing” and Cameron Diaz, she was funny”