Mullahs Plan to Unplug Internet !

May 31, 2011

Recently, the Wall Street Journal had a report that said: Iran vows to unplug internet . The report said: “Iran is taking steps toward an aggressive new form of censorship: a so-called national Internet that could, in effect, disconnect Iranian cyberspace from the rest of the world . The leadership in Iran sees the project as a way to end the fight for control of the Internet, according to observers of Iranian policy inside and outside the country. Iran, already among the most sophisticated nations in online censoring , also promotes its national Internet as a cost-saving measure for consumers and as a way to uphold Islamic moral codes … It’s part of a broader effort to confront what the regime now considers a major threat: an online invasion of Western ideas, culture and influence, primarily originating from the U.S. Khamenei and other top officials have called this emerging conflict the “soft war”… On Friday, new reports emerged in the local press that Iran also intends to roll out its own computer operating system in coming months to replace Microsoft Corp.’s Windows … Iran’s national Internet will be “a genuinely halal network !!, aimed at Muslims on an ethical and moral level ,” Ali Aghamohammadi, Iran’s head of economic affairs, said. Halal means compliant with Islamic law … Aghamohammadi said the new network would at first operate in parallel to the normal Internet -banks, government ministries and large companies would continue to have access to the regular Internet. Eventually, he said, the national network could replace the global Internet in Iran, as well as in other Muslim countries … Few think that Iran could completely cut its links to the wider Internet. But it could move toward a dual-Internet structure used in a few other countries with repressive regimes


The report added: “Myanmar said last October that public Internet connections would run through a separate system controlled and monitored by a new government company, accessing theoretically just Myanmar content . It’s introducing alternatives to popular websites including an email service, called Ymail, as a replacement for Google Inc.’s Gmail. … Cuba, too, has what amounts to two Internets (network) -one that connects to the outside world for tourists and government officials, and the other a closed and monitored network, with limited access, for public use. North Korea is taking its first tentative steps into cyberspace with a similar dual network, though with far fewer people on a much more rudimentary system… Though estimates vary, about 11 of every 100 Iranians are online (and about 70 of every 100 Iranians have access to the Internet, but they are offline; Because of the slow internet speed they can be online for a limited time each day), according to ITU, among the highest percentages among comparable countries in the region… “The regime no longer fears a physical attack from the West !! (they are sure of their secret deals !!) ” said Mahmood Enayat, at the University of Pennsylvania. “It still thinks the West wants to take over Iran, but through the Internet.” … Iran got connected to the Internet in the early 1990s, making it the first Muslim nation in the Middle East online … Young, educated and largely centered in cities, Iranians embraced the new technology … In 2003, officials announced plans to block more than 15,000 websites… and the regime began arresting bloggers …Until around 2007, the country had relied on filtering gear from U.S. companies !! , obtained through third countries and sometimes involving pirated versions, including Secure Computing Corp.’s SmartFilter , as well as products from Juniper Networks Inc. and Fortinet Inc …The Mullah’s government in 2008 allocated $1 billion to continue building the needed infrastructure . for what they called “The national Internet” … According to one former engineer at DCI, the government Internet company, during the 2009 protests he would block some prohibited websites only partially -letting traffic through to the outside world … The Revolutionary Guard (Sepah), a powerful branch of the Iranian security forces, has taken the lead in the virtual fight. In late 2009, the Guard acquired (Sepah) a majority stake of the state telecom monopoly that owns DCI. That put all of Iran’s communications networks under Revolutionary Guard control. The Sepah has created a “Cyber Army” as part of an effort to train more than 250,000 computer hackers .”

It’s very funny that the Mullahs and Sarkozy work together! G8 and Sarkozy want to civilized the Internet, and the Mullahs want to unplug the internet, and solve their problem, by removing the whole problem. Wasting some billion dollar of our oil money, was not enough and the Mullahs could not prevent Iranians from accessing the internet. Now they want to unplug the internet ! Sarkozy should learn from the Mullahs. Some westerners say: “Don’t worry Iranians, the west is trying to disconnect the internet and kill online content as well”. And some others say: “The Mull worried about the next Stuxnet worm !” But some Iranians say: “Oh no, don’t be stupid … the Mullahs are worried about the Stokefire worm, i.e. the people’s worm that would threw them in the trash can of the history !” The history tells us the truth. The Mullahs had the same stupid plans for Satellite dishes, Video films, Music instruments, and all other new technologies in the past decades. Have Iranians forgotten the Mullah’s tragedy of banning Video films and Music instruments in 1980s? or the tragedy of banning Satellite dishes in 1990s and in 2000s? ‘The History repeats itself; first time as tragedy, second time as comedy (farce)”

Oriana Fallaci Interview with Khomeini, 3

May 31, 2011

Oriana Fallaci, 19292006, the Italian journalist and political interviewer, had an interview with Khomeini in 1979 . We have published the English translation of this long interview in series of three parts, and here are the third and last part:

Imam, but as you can equate a beast of Savak and a citizen exercising his sexual freedom? Take the case of the young man who was shot yesterday for sodomy … We must eliminate corruption . What about the case of a pregnant young woman a few weeks ago was shot for adultery. Pregnant? Lies. Lies such as the breasts cut for women . In Islam, these things do not happen [!!!]. You do not shoot pregnant women. They are not lies, Imam. All the newspapers have spoken about it, and there was also debate on television because her lover had given only a hundred lashes. If so it means that she deserved punishment [!!!!]. How should I know. The woman has done something serious, ask at the forum who judges. And then you talk about these things. I’m tired [!!!]. They are not important things [!!!!] . Let’s talk about the Kurds who were shot because they want independence. These Kurds are shot are not the Kurdish people. That are subversive act against the people and the Revolution like the one that was shot yesterday and had killed thirteen people. And when they are arrested, such as the five this morning, for distributing communist leaflets? If arrested them means that they deserved [!!!!] , which were common in the service of foreign communists who are acting as false for America and for the Shah. I’m tired [!!!]. OK … if the Shah to return the money, you stop hunt him down? For the money, yes, if you really gave it back, yes, in that sense, the bill would be paid. For the betrayal of his country and Islam, but no. How can you forgive the massacre of 15 Kordad (1963) [!!!] , the massacre of sixteen years ago, and the massacre of Black Friday, a year ago, how can you forgive all the dead left behind? Only if I could resurrect the dead forgive contenting myself to get back the money stolen from the people he and his family. … His son Reza, for example. I have nothing against him. He can come back to Iran, and live like a normal citizen. … And Farah Diba? For her, the court will decide. And Ashraf? Ashraf is like Shah, a traitor like him … Imam, Have you ever felt pity, and understanding for someone? And have you ever cried in these months? I cry, I laugh, I suffer: You thinks that I am not a human being? I have granted amnesty to policemen, gendarmes, a number of people. I think I have shown mercy. But for those that have been discussed there is no forgiveness, no mercy. This is enough. I’m tired [!!!], stop. Please, Imam: I have to ask many more things. This “chador” for example, that they put me to come to you. That you imposes it on women, tell me, why force them to hide under clothing bundles as awkward and absurd with which you can not work or move?


“Women who have made the Revolution were and are women with the Islamic dress, not like you and your makeup.The women who showing the neck, hair, and shapes, did not fight the Shah [!] . They never did any good ones [!]. Never know to be useful: not socially or politically, or professionally. This is because, uncovering, distracting the men and disturb them [!!] . Then distract and disturb the other women. Not true, Imam. Anyway, I am not referring only to a garment, but what it represents: that segregation in which women were dismissed after the Revolution . The very fact that they can not study at university with men, for example, or work with men and do not swim in the sea or pool with men. They must dive to part with the “chador”. By the way, how do you swim with the “chador”? All this does not concern you. Our customs do not concern you. If you do not like Islamic dress, is not obliged to carry it [!!!]. Because Islamic dress is for young beautiful women [!!!] and decent man [!!]. Very nice. And, because I say so, I take off this stupid rag immediately from the Middle Ages. That’s it. But tell me: a woman like me who has always lived among men showing the neck and ears and hair, which has been at war and has stayed with the soldiers at the front, do you think is an immoral woman, a very unrespectable old woman? I do not judge cases, we can not know if your life is moral or immoral, whether or not they perform well with soldiers at war. But I know that in my long life I have had confirmation of what I said. If there were this garment, women could not work in a useful and healthy. And even the men. Our laws are good laws [!!!] . Including the law that allows a man to take four wives, Imam? The law of four wives is a very progressive law [!!!] and was written for the sake of women since women outnumber men [!!!], more women than men are born, wars kill more men than women. A woman needs a man, and what we do as the world there are more women than men? You prefer that women become prostitutes or instead they marry a man with multiple wives? [!!!] Does not seem fair that single women become prostitutes because they lack men [!!!]. And I say, even in difficult conditions that Islam requires a man with two or three or four wives, equal treatment and equal affection and the same time, this law is better than monogamy. But these laws or customs that date back fourteen hundred years ago, Imam Khomeini! Do not you think that the world, meanwhile, has gone on? In compliance with those laws, You have even revived the prohibition of music and alcohol. Explain to me: Why drink a glass of wine or beer when you are thirsty is a sin? And why music is a sin? Our priests drink and sing. This means that even the Pope, the Pope is a sinner? The rules of your priests do not interest me. Islam forbids alcohol and nothing else. The bans because they absolutely lose my mind and prevent you from thinking in a healthy way. Music also tarnishes the mind, it carries within it the same pleasures and ecstasy drug. Your music, I mean. Usually it does not exalt the spirit, it falls asleep. It distracts our young people who are poisoned and do not care more for their country.

Even the music of Bach, Beethoven, Verdi? Who are these names I do not know [!!!!]. If you do not tarnish the mind will not be prohibited. Some of your music are not prohibited, for example marches and hymns for marching. We want music that exalt us like the gears that move the young people do rather than paralyze them, causing them to worry about their country. [!!!] Imam Khomeini, you always expressed in very harsh terms to the West. You see us as champions of all ugliness, of every wickedness. Yet the West has accepted you in exile and many of your colleagues have studied in the West . Do not you think that there is something good about us? There is something there. But when we were bitten by the snake also fear a string that looks like a snake from a distance. And we have too much bite. And for too long. Yes, we have received so badly by the West, so much suffering, and now we have very reason to fear the West, to prevent our young people to get closer to the West and gain further influence by the West [!!] . No, I do not like that our young people go to study in the West where they are corrupted by alcohol [!!!], which prevents them from useful thinking and instead they think about music, drugs, and women face and women body [!!!!]. … Yes, Imam, but also the plane on which you returned to your homeland is a product of the West. The phone you communicate with from Qom, even the TV which you address the country so often, this air conditioner that allows you to sit in a cool place in the desert heat. If we are so corrupt, so corrupt, why you use our tools of evil? Because these are the good things of the West [!!]. And we have no fear [!!] and we use it. We are not afraid of your science and your technology, we fear your ideas and your morals [!!]. This means that you fear us politically, socially [!!]. And we want that the country is ours, we want not to interfere in our politics and our economy and our customs and our business. That’s enough. I’m tired [!!] One last question, Imam. These days I spent in Iran I saw very unhappy, very disorder, much chaos. The Revolution has not brought good results you had promised. The country is in deep waters and there are those who see dark, very dark future for Iran . What do you say? This is the answer: we are a child of six months. Our revolution has only six months. … And what do you want from a six month old child? … We need time …. Who call themselves communists or democrats, do not give us time. They are the ones that attack us and bring around talking about civil wars and coups that will not happen because the people are united. ”

That six months child, was a monster child, a baby Godzilla ! And now this monster is 33, but at the end of his f-u-c-k-ing life. It’s a historical joke that in 1979 and the whole 1980s, the Islamic regime shot and executed the young men for sodomy, but in 2009 and 2010, the young men were sodomized in the Islamic regime’s prisons. The Basiji rapsits, i.e. Khomeini’s children, raped men and women in the prisons and called it “a necessary Islamic duty” It’s the black comedy of the history. You know, the stupid Shah did not have to arrest and exile Khomeini to France. Instead, he had to use the Mullah’s tactics. He had to sodomize Khomeini in Qom, and then released him ! Then Khomeini’s followers left their “faggot leader”! very soon. Our situation in Iran is really comic-tragic. Khomeini and Islamists executed many young virgin or pregnant women, and then simply said “they deserved punishment”. In fact, it’s an Islamic principle and rule that says: “If the Islamic regime arrested any one, and then killed them, and raped them; it means that they deserved ” Oh, how stupid were Iranians! How stupid were the older generations of Iranians, who were blind and could not see how stupid is Khoneimi. But the price of this stupidity was very very high. Iranians have a funny old saying that says: “Choub to Kounet Mikonanad” which literally means “They put a stick in your ass !!” In fact, the Mullahs put a very long stick in the stupid Iranians’ ass ! But unfortunately it is not only an imaginary metaphor. It really happened. In 2009 and 2010, the Basiji rapists, the Khomeini’s dogs, put their batons in the protesters’ ass, and really proved that the Mullahs put a very long stick in the people’s ass ! So don’t be stupid, young Iranians and all human beings. If you were stupid and were deceived by the Islamists again, then they would put a very long stick in your ass !