Absolute Nightmare for Mullahs …

This month is Khordad, The third month of the Iranian calendar , and the second anniversary of Khamenei’s military coup. Two years passed, very quickly. Ten thousands of Iranians were killed, raped, and tortured without any serious and sensible outcome. Now it’s so obvious that who is the main responsible of this great debacle : “the Islamist Baboons, aka the
Islamist-Reformists, i.e. Khatamistsa and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries”. In the age of Internet and digital media, the people don’t forget their history very easily, as before. Now Iranians can read all Mousavi’s statements, and all shameful articles of the Islamist-Reformists in the past two years, especially after the Ashoura Day. Now Iranians can see how Mousavi and Islamist-Reformists went from “we don’t give up to Khamenei and his demands” (Khordad 1388, first mousavi’s statements) and “We need a referendum” (Khatami Tir 1388) to “Oh, Great leader, Khamenei, please forgive us and the people” (Khordad 1390, last Khatami’s bullshits!). Of course, it was so obvious, from the first weeks of the Green Movement, that the Islamist-Reformists don’t want to finish the job and solve the problem. They could make use of efficient non-violent protests like “sit-down strike”, “daily protests and staying in the streets”, “mass and general strike”, etc but they refused. Now all Iranians, even the most stupid ones, know the reason : “the Islamist-Reformists did not want to topple their beloved Islamic regime; They want to keep it safe”.



Iranians inside Iran, know how the Khamenei’s regime was on the edge of toppling in Khordad 88 (June 2009). The regime was shocked by the mass protests. But the Islamist-Reformists saved them. They did not ask the people to remain in the streets until the people won a victory. It was an obvious solution, and did not need Egypt’s experience). They delayed the mass daily protests and efficient non-violent protests, like mass and general strike, until the Ashoura Day, when they revealed their intentions. Before the Ashoura day, Mousavi and other Islamist-Refomists shut their f-u-c-k-ing month and did not call for any demonstration and any protest. But the people organized themselves, and went in to the streets in the Ashoura Day. It shocked both Islamist-Reformists and Khamenei . They saw that the people don’t care about Mousavi and his statements. The people went to the streets and did not wait for Mousavi. It was a clear sign for all analysts, who have an eye, en ear, and a brain. “The people want to topple the Islamic regime “. The Mullah’s regime brutally killed the people, they throw the people down from the bridges, they crushed the people under their vehicles’ tires, they shot at the people and massacre them But after Ashoura Day’s Massacre, the traitors and mercenaries began to discouraging the people. Masoud motherf-u-c-k-er Behound wrote: “I’m worried. I’m really worried. I did not want to see another revolution in my life … What I saw in the Ashoura Day was signs of another revolution in Iran … we don’t need another revolution … the people should go back to their homes … We know how we could fight for our values, so please listen to us … We are not traitors, we will not betray to the martyrs’ blood, but it’s not the proper time for protesting … protesting in the streets is not our solution.



Ezzatollah motherf-u-c-k-er Sahabi wrote: ” We should not chant against Khamenei … we should not chant against the Islamic Republic … we should chant only against Mr. shit … The Ashoura day was a revolutionary day, but the people should not lose their patience … this regime would kill one million people if they think the people want to topple them … we should be killed and tortured without asking for a revolution … we should advertise the fact that Mr. shit is the main problem of Iran, not Khamenei … We should not chant against Khamenei ” And Ebrahim motherfucker Nabavi wrote: “After Ashoura day, some Iranians say that we need mass and general strike, or sit-down strike, but Mousavi say that Iranians should go back to their homes, and the street protests is enough … some Iranians say we need revolution and radical change, but Mousavi and Islamist-Reformist say that we don’t need any radical change or revolution … the revolution is dead, as far as I know, the modern world reject the revolution, and we will not see another revolution in the world … the green movement needs a brake pedal … we should wait for a negotiation time, a deal time, a proper time, and if we wait, then in the near future Mousavi and Khamenei will sit down at the negotiating table … Mousavi’s statement is the beginning of our victory … In the near future Mousavi will go to Khamenei’s office and say “I’m ready for negotiation” … we should wait and don’t lose our patience


Now even the most stupid Iranians know the truth, and know who is the traitor and mercenary. Now even the most stupid Iranians know that the Big Brother is Khamenei and the Big Trouble is Islamic Constitution. And it’s a good news for Iranian movement. Mousavi once said: “The younger generation find their own leader and their own groups, and these new leaders and groups will not be like us, the Islamist-Reformists. They don’t ask for superficial change, they ask for radical change. They are not like us, and don’t like the Islamic regime, as we like it. If we disappoint the people, they will find their own leader and their own groups ” It’s certainly true. And it really scares Khamenei and Islamist-Reformists. Now the younger generation of Iranians say: “The game is over. We are not like our stupid parents. We are you nightmare, stupid Islamists.” In fact, the young Iranians thinkers and intellects say to the Mullah’s regime and Islamists: “We are your nightmare, not the hypocrite bastards, Rafsanjani’s merceranies and Khatamists. We are your nightmare, not the stupid hypocrite fake intellectuals; We are your nightmare, not the ultra-stupid bastards Monarchists; We are your nightmare, not the ultra-stupid terrorist Rajavists; We are your nightmare, not the ultra-stupid older generation of Iranians. We are your nightmare, the young generation of Iranians, who try to know the world and the history; We are your nightmare, the young generation of Iranians, who hate the Mullahs and the Mullah’s Islam. We are your nightmare, the young generation of Iranians, who want to put an end to the Islamic Middle Age in Iran. We are your nightmare, the young generation of Iranians, who want to put an end to Islamic and non-Islamic Monarchy and dictatorship in Iran. We are your nightmare, the young generation of Iranians, who want to be global thinkers and global activists. We are your nightmare, idiots. We are your nightmare.

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