Nasrin Sotoudeh: Love in Handcuffs

May 29, 2011

Today, Nasrin Sotoudeh, a women’s activist and a lawyer who is in Khamenei’s jail, was brought to the Islamic court with handcuffs. She met with her husband after a long time; After a lot of hunger strike; after a lot of torture and abuse; And after a lot of sad things. but …


But love is still alive, even with handcuffs, even in handcuffs. This picture shows many things, really many things. It’s one of the historical documents in these historical days.

For seeing more picture of Nasrin Sotoudeh in handcuffs, Check here, ‘Campaign for Equality’, a website of Iranian women’s activists

Spanish Police vs Spanish Protesters

May 29, 2011

The Spanish Police use disproportionate force against peaceful protesters in Barcelona . But the shameful headline of the Guardian says: “Spanish protesters clash with police over clean-up !!” And some Brits and Spanish protesters say: “Crap headline. Wake up Guardian. You’re such a bunch of wimps. Spend less effort congratulating yourself for existing for 190 years. Shame on you Guardian for taking so long to report this dramatic incident and not even making it headlines. You’re nothing more than sock puppets and it is getting clearer day by day. We’ve seen the video and it’s clearly a case of ‘police brutally attack peaceful protesters’. How does The Guardian get away with passing itself off as being in some way ‘radical’ when it constantly insults our intelligence with this kind of blatant pro-establishment spin? Great work Guardian. Poor coverage, no analysis, dreadful and completely misleading headline. The Guardian should be ashamed of its self for this reporting, you’ve kept quiet this long and this is what you give us. You’ve shown your true colours. Not buying you again.” We, in Iran, knew The Guardian’s true color in 2009, and 2010, when they told big lies about Iranian protesters and did not cover us in Iran. But many Western intellects think there is a big difference between the Guardian and other Western media !!. They should feel ashamed now. Open your eyes, if you are not blind. Don’t you see how bastard and hypocrite they are?


The Spanish police clashed with Spanish Protesters who have camped out in Spanish squares for the past 2 weeks, for the first time on Friday after authorities dismantled a camp in the centre of Barcelona. Police cleared the square by using batons, reportedly injuring more than 120 people and arresting a dozen. In May 21, Around 30,000 people, according to the police, crowded Puerta del Sol and the neighboring streets despite the prohibition. And after the election day, the Indignados that had gathered at Puerta del Sol announced they had voted to stay at least another week. Police officers in riot gear were accompanying workers tasked with cleaning up the nearly two-week old camp at Plaza de Catalunya and police used force when protesters would not evacuate the camp as requested. TV images showed officers beating the demonstrators and dragging them on the ground. Some wound up with bloodied hands and heads, or broken limbs


The Municipal workers took away tents, mattresses, tarpaulins, computers and materials used to build the camp. A Spanish protester said: “A return to Franco’s grey uniformed police: seated, pacific demonstrators were truncheoned and pepper-gassed all “to clean the square” Obviously the real motive is to remove the uncomfortable demanders of “Real Democracy” from view . I had witnessed the protestors themselves sweeping the square in organized groups last week”


One of the funny and interesting matter about the young Spanish protesters is: “Spanish boys and girls working and sleeping together in the streets!”. It’s a very good chance and opportunity, and the young Spaniards should grasp the opportunity ! and go in millions to the streets for having fun and protesting. But only ten thousands of young Spaniards go to the streets now. If the Iranian boys and girls have the same opportunity, i.e. if they could work and sleep together in the streets, then you can be sure that 4 or 5 million young Iranians would be in the main squares all days and all nights !!


Many say: “Spain’s election results may lead to a more unpopular government”. And it’s a global problem, especially a big problem in the west. Choosing between a limited circle of corrupt politicians is a vicious circle . The two or three party system in the US, Spain, UK, France, Italy, and almost all other countries is a very serious problem. The vicious circle should be broken, by the people. Some Spaniards said: “We’re angry here in Spain, get up off your butts the rest of Europe


And one important matter: the Spaniards should make some good websites in English, for their movement. Their main websites, like or are only in Spanish. why ? When the mass media don’t cover you, then you should do it for yourself. I think many young Spaniards know English, so write in English for f-u-c-k-s sake ! In this way you could gain the support of Europeans, Americans, Iranians, and other people and nations. And then the Europe will wake up and rise up. The English resources about the Spanish movement/revolution are quite rare Instead of sleeping together all day or all night !, some Spanish boys and girls should create good website in English, with a good collections of all protesters’ blogs, all pictures, all articles, etc, and cover the Spanish protests properly. Sleep together, OK, but work together, too ! Work together a little for your movement !